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My names Darren and I am passionate about self-development and to review online business opportunities to help improve people’s circumstances and to offer my own opinion on what works and what doesn’t.

I spend my own money trying these Opportunities to give you the chance to get the best chance to find something that suits you without getting ripped off.

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My Background

I used to own Cake shops and Bistros local to where I lived, employing around 15 people locally. After some life-changing experiences, I needed to rebuild so I tried my luck with an online business as I had the experience of being an eBay power seller many years back.

The plan was to work from home and create a few income streams in the home shopping industry, however, I soon discovered times had changed! I went on to sign up for a few online offers that looked good but turned out to be either scams or too good to be true. I have tried and tested many programs online that promised to be the next best thing and well guess what! there wasn’t!

I would like to share the good opportunities and warn you of the bad ones over the next few pages and also to recommend self-development exercises and content to help create a better you. I have found reading many books on the mindsets and educating myself are starting to pay off and I so here we are!

After educating myself I have created an online income through various online streams that I will share with you.

Being from the East End of London I came up with the name of the website after the Artful Dodger ( Oliver Twist) it is also slang for “Lodger”  I want to have fun while sharing my reviews!

I hope you enjoy your visit and please drop me a line to say hi!







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