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What is Best Affiliate Marketing or Cryptocurrency?

Affiliate Marketing or Cryptocurrency

So which do you prefer? Affiliate Marketing or Cryptocurrency? Which is best in YOUR opinion?

I will give you my opinion in this article but I will also tell you why I believe in my views to help you decide what you think is best.

If you are here trying to make up your mind as to which is best it depends on the individual. I can only explain my views but you have to make up your own mind. cryptocurrency

Over the last year or so we have seen a spike in the crypto fever, namely, bitcoin being the biggest craze. Everyone just had to buy it!  

The rise in value on bitcoin in the stock markets was unbelievable however the markets tend to ride like waves and what grows up must come down and so it gradually did and then it crashed.

In December 2017 Bitcoins price was: 1 bitcoin equalled: $19650.01 yet twelve months on that same bitcoin is worth $3396.72, That’s still not bad and if you buy now it will probably rise again but what about the people who bought this year?

unfortunately, you have lost a lot of money! 

Every bubble will eventually burst and the warning signs were there at the beginning of 2018. I actually wrote an article about it: Bitcoin Crash – The news


bitcoin prices 2018


Over the last few years, I have researched and taught myself different ways to make legitimate money online while working from home. One of the things I have learnt through the platform I received my tuition was how to recognise false opportunities that pray on peoples hope of a better life, “scams” in other words!

As I have monitored Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies throughout the year I thought the time was right to share my views with you.

I’m going to compare two industries you can operate from home – Affiliate Marketing and trading Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.


cryptocurrency versus affiliate marketing

The CRYPTOCURRENCY Opportunity or Hype?

I have been observing the cryptocurrency opportunity for the last year and I feel it is more in line with the stock market rather than similar to say Forex trading which can be very volatile.

Either way, you should always be cautious when investing especially on stocks and shares and due diligence is vital to keep you protected from con artists out there. If you are going to invest in a company then look into them!

Just because a company may have an expensive and professional looking website does not mean they are legit. I investigated such a company in November 2017. I invested £90 which I will never see again in order to review them. I was always sceptical but was will to invest this money to see for myself and to warn others if it was too good to be true for which it was. Sadly it was a business contact who recommended me who had not done their homework and everyone at the time had goldrush fever and were investing thousands of dollars and pounds into them. you can read my results here: USI TECH

Now obviously not all websites advertising are scams! There are of course companies you can join online to invest with but make sure they are governed by the registered countries financial services authoirity.

And Only ever invest 10% of what you can afford to lose!


cryptocurrency traders


You should never gamble what you can’t afford to lose so gambling 10% of what you can afford to lose will always keep from losing valuable earnings.

It think there is an opportunity to make money within Cryptocurrencies however I think the real winners who will always profit are the brokers and traders as in or lose they get their commision regardless.

For the amatuer investor will likely make a loss more often than a profit while pro traders stand a better chance of making money however I don’t thinkit will ever be a sustainable living and different income streams is likely needed as shown in 2018 peoples investments were just wiped clean of the board!

The Advantages of Affiliate Marketing

I expect your wondering why I am comparing these to industries, where is the comparison? Well, there is no comparision to make between Affiliate Marketing and Cryptocurrency!

We know Cryptocurrency is a big gamble to take on with your money and not many people profit regardless of what all these Guru’s say.

Affiliate Marketing is a tried and trusted way for an individual to earn a lot of revenue without laying down high amounts of money on a trade or on start up costs.

Spin doctors a few years back said Affiliate Marketing was dead but that was only a selling ploy to get you to do the latest craze back then. Infact you will find that Affiliate marketing is a growth industry with room for everyone due to the billions of internet users and millions of niches to buy from.

According to, this industry is now responsible for 16% of e-commerce sales and the industry is due to be worth 6.8 Billion Dollars by 2020, Thats not far off so NOW is the time to Leaern this market if you want to master Affiliate Marketing.

affiliate marketing

Get Educated

Rest assured you do not have to be an expert or have any knowledge to start affiliatemarketing and you will not be gambling with your hard earned money like you would online trading. They don’t plaster their websites with warnings for the the fun it! 

As a member of an Affiliate education platform, I never knew anything about working on line but I was handheld through ever aspect of the industry.

I had direct access to this increasingly expanding form of marketing. I was and still am an ordinary everyday person like the majority of people reading this from around the world. You now have an opportunity to earn a living working from home that is sustainable as you establish yourself online.

The Platform is called Wealthy Affiliate and not only do you receive training from scratch you learn to set up your business as you train.

Obviously, it is not free!  as you are paying for the training and then hosting your website for your affiliate marketing business, sorry you have 50 spaces for websites as well as all the resources to run your business.

Information Is NOT Free!

You also get a full premium access trial period to see it’s something you want to do. So you can try before you buy, how many websites offer that?

In my opinion, investing $49.00 USD per month into training and building of passive income is a much better investment on yourself rather than gambling on Cryptocurrency or other trading platforms.

You can also pay yearly or half yearly if you wish to comit. Your far more likely to succeed if you have laid out for advance subscriptions and it also works out cheaper for you in the long run.

You can even earn monthly recurring income by referring people with their own affiliatre program!

Wealthy Affiliate commission

If you referred 20 people and they all paid the monthly fee you would receive $470 of passive income and thats just for starters.

I think that works out to a more affordable return on your investment if you are paying the $49 a month than risking a lump some in cryptocurrencies or Forex even.

I am sure some of my audience will think differently and have other online businesses in different industries and I wish you well but if they don’t work out or prove to be too good to be true, promise me you’ll come back and give it a try even just for a trial period.

I prefer to go with a more sustainable niche and one that has growth everyday and shows it has a good track record such as affiliate marketing.

Are you Interested in know more? then sign up for free and find out!


What are your opinions on affiliate marketing vs cryptocurrency? I’d like to read about them and learn about your experiences.

If you want to keep in touch then fill out the blue form in the right-hand sidebar and get instant guidance on how to start off with Wealthy Affiliate.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article and I hope it’s helped you decide what is best Affiliate Marketing or Cryptocurrency, for your preference.



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4 thoughts to “What is Best Affiliate Marketing or Cryptocurrency?”

  1. Hi Darren, great article and nice topic. For sometime now I wanted to know about bitcoin and the digital currency, as I see a lot of hypes around it online. I never trusted them anyway, and just like you said most of it is a scam. 

    The comparison I find it injustice to the business of affiliate marketing. In one hand you invest in bitcoin and cross your fingers, on the other hand in affiliate marketing you learn and work hard on your business, then you start see the revenue. 

    In anyway, you discussed WA in a nice and appealing way and created curiosity to check it out. Well done, and good luck. 

    1. Hi

      Thank you, I’m glad you liked my post, any investment is a gamble so it’s important to know the risks and how to play the game. 

      With affiliate marketing it’s slower, reliable and sustainable. If sales are down one month you will not lose out as you have no stock or inventory to make money back on. 

  2. The cryptocurrency opportunity is definitely in line with the stock market – I invest in both. At the end of the day it is nothing like the Forex market. 

    How so?

    Well you can’t really invest in the Forex market, but it is BEST to invest in stocks and cryptocurrency markets (as opposed to day trading). 

    When you invest you simply have to hold until the price reaches the desired height, or returns to the amount you bought it for (if you’re unlucky and the price decreases straight after you purchased your trade).

    Forex is definitely out on it’s own in terms of volatility. 

    1. hi Chris 

      I agree with Forex being out there on its own and you clearly know what your doing however it’s the people who get caught up in the fever of making money and don’t know what they are doing are the ones who need to get training and educated. It’s the same people who go for the get rich quick schemes advertised on social media probably. 

      I prefer investing in shares  myself.

      Hope your doing well with it all! 

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