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Alexa Traffic Rank Checker – Is It Worth The Money?

Alexa Traffic Rank Checker – Is It Worth The Money?

There is a lot of misinformation floating around the Internet in regards to how Alexa tracks traffic, how Alexa rankings work and how they impact your SEO rankings (or don’t).  I want to add some clarity to this situation so within this upcoming thread I am going to be walking you through Alexa, how it works, and help you decide whether or not it serves any importance towards your online campaigns and success.

So if you are ready, I am going to get right into the inner workings of Alexa.

How Does Alexa Rankings Work?

Increasing Traffic
Forecasting your rankings

It’s all about the algorithms which Alexa traffic is calculated by, it is that straight forward. The way this done is by installing the Alexa toolbar you your desktop and traffic is monitored over a period of 3 months then based on how much web traffic it registers over the time period, however it can only record data from other users that also have Alexa toolbars intalled on there desktops!

Is This a Reliable way To Get Accurate Results?

How can it be?

That is my question and I am sure it is a question that many experienced website operators will ask. It cannot give you an accurate account of web traffic to your website as it is restricted and relies on other members having their toolbar installed on their desktops.

So in essence Alexa only has a view of a very small window to actually monitor  data for your site and this will give them a very small ration of members toolbar’s compared to the actual internet population as only a small number of web users will have Alexa toolbar installed and many of these may not even be active. Also it needs to be taken into account how many of Alexa’s customers are actually internet professionals tracking their own data and not potential customers ?

I have to chuckle to myself as Alexa’s toolbar is also recognised as Adware by anit virus programs such as MacAfee and Symnatec views it as Trackware. The reason being is in the way it operates as it tracks and stores a users web activities so rest assured ALL your web activity is being recorded and stored which is something we pay anti virus software companies to prevent, in my view this is rather useless data as it is not relevant to why a person would subscribe in the first place.

I do not believe the way Alexa obtain their date is a reliable source.

Anti Virus Security

What is Alexa Traffic Rank Increases?

Alexa as explained uses algorytms to record data in their unique way. The trafic is measured in parameters such as how many people a website may reach and page views.

So How would one increase their Alexa Rankings? At first thought most of us would say the best way would be to increase website traffic towards your rankings.

This believe it or not is Wrong !!

An increase in web traffic does not actually result in a higher ranking within Alexia!

Easy tests will show that the Alexa traffic rank checker is not a worthwhile site to waste your money on.

You can test this out for yourself by comparing two different independant websites and reviewing the results between the pair of them.

In a Test that a colleague undertook we recorded that website 1 received over 21,000 visits per day from a unique source and website 2 received under 2000 yet the results on Alexa ranked website 2 as getting twice as much traffic as Website 1. Explain that one!!! This to me just proves this site is not worth subscribing to.

The most common sense way to increase your ranking would be to increase your traffic but with this site the way it works is only to use their own toolbar so you will only increase an Alexa rank by getting other toolbar members to visit!

They have very few data sources to obtain accurate data. Infact pubilcly they have the same access to web data as we do. The only person who has TOTAL access to a websites data is the owner !

If you would like to find out an easier way to find out your website ranks in Google, then there are tools out there with the correct diagnostics for SEO as they can search Google’s search results and analyse your correct web ranking in Google and workout what page your site appears on using various keyword searches. This is the best way to find your ranking.

For this I recommend you read my review on a website called for this purpose.
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Does Alexa Ranking Tool Have An SEO Service?

There seems to be a very strong argument once research has actually been done as to how Alexa operates but also as to resaon why we need it Alexa or any ranking site that is promising a massive transformation. Again I do have to Chuckle when people brag about their Alexa score relating to how great their website is performing in Google.

What I would like to clear up however is that Alexa rank has no link to SEO or if a website is indexed. If you are told it does as a reason for joining then I stronly suggest you decline their offer.

 “The best investment you can make is in yourself!”

You will also discover that Alexa offers a service for Web Analytics toolkits for $149 per month. Why you would want to sign up this is a mystery to me as you can do the same for free with Google Analytics and Google webmaster tool,  so you will be paying a large some of money weach month you can obtain for yourself and as you are the site owner you will actually get more data!

In hindsight then I am here thrying to safe you getting ripped off with an effective waste of time web tool that you just don’t need. You will not get efficent results or feedback to track your traffic and the indicator for SEO is non existent However if you do wish to have help with your SEO then the best thing you can do is Invest in yourself and learn about it by educating your mind. There are services out there that offer this and you will learn to write content with keywords imbedded to help boost your google rankings the correct way. If you want to get started with Real education the pro’s use then find out more here !: TELL ME MORE



Alexa price subscriptions
Price of membership


As you can see from the monthly subsription prices I realy wonder how they can justify the prices, My two reccemendations for keytword search and rankings aswell as SEO education will cost way less than their suggested package shown in the image above.

I hope I have given you another perspective and perhaps saved you a little money. I would be interested in any Alexia stories you may have and also any questions you have then please drop me a line.

Thanks Darren









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  1. This is a very helpful post. I knew more about Alexa ranking and its working processes. I will implement your suggestions and will observe the result.

    Keep sharing.


  2. Thankyou for this eye opening review, I didn’t realise that Alexa is limited to whoever has it installed on their tool bar.

    I’ll definetly checkout jaaxy !

    1. Hi Tom

      Yes Jaaxy is so much more than a keyword research site as there is so many more resources on there that covers the whole of the internet and all the search engines.

      You do not have download anything either.

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