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Apple And The Trillion Dollar Race

The Trillion Dollar Race – Apple, Amazon and Alphabet

So in the news today I came across this very interesting article, with financial reports due to be released today in America there is high expectations that we will be seeing the first Trillion Dollar Company in America. This milestone has never been reached as yet so what an achievement for whoever it is.

The Front Runners


Apple could be worthy winners however this will probably depend on how sales have gone on the new iphone X. The sales forthis latest model with need to be very strong and if the are you could see Apples value scream towards the Trillion Dollar post!

Iphone X
Apple I phone

As the I phone X is more expensive than other models such as the Iphone 8 series It is doubtful that sales need to break the sales records to achieve this. The I phone X is sold at $999 so the margin in expense can accomodate lower sales figures.

Sources had said though that Apple could cut production targets for the I phone X by half which will not be music to the ears of their investors although forecasts suggest that even if sales are average then Apple is still looking at making revenue growth of more than 10%. If this is true then they will still be on course to break that Magic Trillion Dollar mark.


Apple are facing some stiff competition from Amazon however as this company keeps growing and growing as indicated buy their share value that rose by more than 50% in 2017 which helped make Chief Executive Jeff Bezos the Worlds Richest Man, Sorry Bill!

The staggering growth was helped by Amazon Launching Amazon Web Services their new Cloud business but 2017 also saw Amazon launch in the Whole Foods industry, they even went as far as to open a concept retail store! This gave Amazon’s shares a spike.

The only downside to Amazon’s remarkable growth is Their Prime TV service, the reason for this is their consumer battle with Netflix. ~Amazon are due to invest $4 billion into this business to create more content.

Amazon will also continue to invest in its Alexa assistant. They have a staff of 5000 who continue to develop technology in order for it to compete with it’s rival;  Google’s assistant system.

Part of Amazon’s business model to aid growth is to re invest it’s profits into it’s infrastructure and there are no plans to slow down either as they plan to open fulfillment centers in markets all over the world.

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So what about Alphabet? who are they? They are actually the parent company of Google and are expected to report a 20% increase in revenue compared to February 2017. This is mostly generated form advertising and you Tube.

In Order for Alphabet to break the Trillion dollar mark they will need to look at other area of income rather than just advertising. With the launch of Google Home Assistant and their new Phone the Pixel 2 last year, Google Made a large marketing campaign for these products so we will see if this has had the desired effect in this race.


How They Stand

As it stands at the moment before figures are released Apple are the closest Company to the Key target of a Trillion Dollars followed by Alphabet and then Amazon:

Apple –      value $860 billion

Alphabet – value $817 billion

Amazon –  value $700 billion

Looking at the 3 companies values as of February 2017 I would think that Apple are the favorites what with the launches of the Iphone 8 series and I phone X, along with the new launches will see new accessories sold along with the new phones that customers buy which will boost sales.

Judging by the rate of growth hat Amazon are producing and the amount they invest into their infrastructure I dare say it will not be long before they grow bigger than their two rivals. I believe this as they have more innovation and more areas to target other than the tech world.

what ever it will be interesting to here the results.

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