Are People Struggling With Work Stress, How to Resolve ?

Coping with Stress at Work

I read an article in the news today about how people are coping with stress at work? Its all around us, go in the bars after a working day or on the train on the home, hell I’ve even heard the cashiers at the local supermarket complain about their jobs to one and other while serving customers!! I am sure thy would not do this if they were not fired up over something. basically somewhere, someone is stressed enough not to worry where the vent their frustration.

Is it healthy? Of course not! getting to and from work in the rush hour where ever you are in the world is stressful enough!

Reports out today in the UK suggest that the number of men is larger than women who could suffer from mental health issues brought on by stress at work.

Figures released today from a survey conducted by the charity “Mind” that is a charity for Mental health suggests that results from the survey undertaken for stress at work shows 32% of men explained their work was to blame for poor mental health, compared to just 14% of women who said the same.

The survey asked 15000 people about their state of mind and what could be affecting their mental health and well being across 30 companies including Pepsi Landrover.



Working from home



another key finding was the fact that men answered regularly that they would not do anything about it when a problem arose with just 29% of men taking time of work to deal with issues compared to 43% of women.

The survey also found that more women thought issues at home had an equal impact on their mental health as well as issues at work however they were also more likely to ask their superiors for assistance when issues arose.

The theory as to why men do not come forward is very similar to getting them to go the doctors when they are ill. Is it a macho thing in the work environment or in the Gym? probably! Society suggests that a man must show toughness and strength so perhaps that’s why or another reason is laziness?

I used to be the same until a few years ago when I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression that had built up over a number of years. I seeked help and although it was a long recovery, I got there in the end but I felt it but I still felt I showed weakness up until the point of talking to the doctor.

I am older and wiser now ! I am a passionate advocate of mens mental health and getting them to speak up and I now view it as a sign of strength that I am unashamed to speak my feelings as it can save your live or change your life, for me it done both.

I thank the BBC News for highlighting this survey for “mind”

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2 thoughts to “Are People Struggling With Work Stress, How to Resolve ?”

  1. Most definetly !

    There’s so much demand than there used to be with the pressures of financial commitments and uncertainly. I constantly worry about my paying my mortgage, not seeing my kids properly during the week and tbe cost of childcare etc

    Don’t get me started on Brexit!!!

    1. Hi Sarah

      Thank you for sharing your worries with me and I totally sympathize with you. Work related stress is growing and too many people are living to work and not vice versa. I hope you are able to find a solution to your problems as we need to have a balance in our lives hence the creation of this website. Working from home I understand is not an option for everyone however online wealth can create a second income to ease your worries.

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