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How To Publish And Create Content

How To Publish And Create Content

Free Website builders


Is it possible to build a website for free? It is and there are plenty of platforms to do so but beware of hidden charges down the line

Free web hosting sites will allow you to set up a free website without a Domain name but what they will do is set up a subdomain name linked to your website

As I mentioned earlier there is a cost to bear later on in the hidden charges, as the saying goes, if it’s too good to be true it normally is! The cost associated with not paying for a domain name can come back to haunt you as what you will save in the beginning you will pay back more during the life of your website.



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It is a well-known fact among amongst experienced webmasters that a lot of free web hosts have closed at a surprisingly frequent rate and it’s not just the small web hosting operations that close, as bigger operations have also closed too.

A most recent example of big operations closing in recent years is that of Google who closed down their Google Page Creator service and shortly after this almost in the same period AOL also followed suit and closed their member pages.

This as you can imagine leading to a huge uproar and complaints from a large number of webmasters who hosted their sites there with Google Page Creator and AOL member pages. Let’s not forget one of the most well known free web hosting platforms to close and one of the earliest might I add which is Yahoo’s Geocities which now closed too!  These are just three of the famous web hosts run by big-name corporations who turn over millions of revenue on a monthly basis globally,  I have not even mentioned the smaller operations who closed their operations down which would of effected more users.

It can be a gamble using free web hosting services as each time a free web host closes then sadly the sites they host disappear forever. If you can imagine the knock-on effect this could have on a business in lost income and lost audiences that you may have taken months or years of hard work to build gone forever, all from a flick of a switch a successful business could fold and the owners circumstances and that of employees and all their families all affected.

The webmasters of those sites don’t have the option to just transfer their sites to another web host and keep the same web address. Their web addresses, don’t and have never been owned by the actual webmasters but to the web hosting company which is the web host and so it is their property, not the webmasters.

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