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Installing a Domain and how to get Publishing

Installing a Domain and How to Get Publishing

Before you create a domain and publish you need to think about two things; You will need to create a unique domain name relating to your niche as each domain name will be registered with a domain name server or DNS for short.


Getting a domain name
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Basically, this will identify the domain with its own unique IP address, IP stands for Internet Protocol and each IP is unique to a Domain name. Each website must have a web space allocated to it so this is provided by a web server, for which many are maintained by private companies.

It is very easy to create a domain name the trick is to make sure it’s relevant to your niche and also is available to register. The majority of Web serving hosts and website creating sites such as site Rubix will have a catalog of websites and a search bar where you can type your chosen domain name into the search bar to see if it’s available. If it’s not then they should list domains similar to your idea that are available. Another way to do this is to type your chosen domain name into your URL bar, and search that way as either a website will pop up or not!

Registering your domain.

To register your Domain name you will need to find a domain name registrar and sign up your domain. To find a registrar just simply search Domain name registrar on a search engine. Normally you will have to probably pay a start-up fee and a yearly fee to keep the domain registered in your name. Once this process is complete your chosen registrar will give you access to your control panel for your website where you then will be able to start building your new website for your chosen niche. From the control panel, you can check your disk space and monthly bandwidth space. You can also upload and download the contents of the website, as well as updating the files and folders of the website.

Publishing Content

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Screen shot from Site Rubix control panel for wealthy Affiliate website

To start with you will need to choose a theme or design for your new website which you can either design yourself if you can but this option is rather difficult or like me choose a Template design provided by your web host/ registrar. The other alternative is getting someone to do it for you, there are many website builders out there but make sour you get 3 or 4 quotes first as they can be rather expensive so due diligence is recommended.

Once you have a theme chosen it’s time to create content for your audience. I would suggest you do some research and creativity in this part as you have competition and you want your website to stand out from the others and that is easier said than done.

It is also important to create fresh and frequent content to maintain your index position within the search engines such as Google which has a very large influence on webmaster companies and how websites are structured. When you are creating a page, for instance, choose a title you are writing about and use this within your content when writing it. These are called Keywords and these are very high up on the algorithm chart for search engines such as Google for indexing and ranking.  When you regularly add new content, such as blog’s or articles this helps you to optimize your post with targeted keywords that can attract visitors to your site through search engines.


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