SEO keywords

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO)

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is the process describing the visibility of a website in a search engine such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo which count as 3 of the most popular search engines.  SEO is important as the higher your website or webpage within your site is ranked on a search engine then the more chance you have of getting people to visit and that then the higher chance you have of converting them into customers.

SEO will target different kinds of searches such as

  • image search,
  • video search,
  • academic search,
  • news search,
  •  industry-specific search engines.

The SEO process is different from a local search engine optimization as a local one will focus on optimizing a business’s presence online in order for that sites web pages to be displayed by search engines when a web user uses a local search to find products or services within that websites fields whereas an  SEO search engine will focus on national searches instead.

SEO considers how search engines work for a marketing strategy to look at what people search for and identifies keywoSEO search engine Optimisationrds typed into a search engine by their targeted audience.

To optimizing a website to increase its audience will involve editing and adding good content regularly and using coding such as HTML as this will help to improve and increase its ranking, It is important to create content using specific keywords in posts to help eradicate any obstacles for the indexing on search engines.


5 things you need to know about SEO:

  1. Social links may boost your search rank but this has not been certified. There are a lot of marketers out there that believe that viral posts on sites such as Twitter that are linked to your website do have a major impact on search engines
  2. Do Social Media profiles rank in search engines? While social media shares probably do not influence a search engine with regards to your website however your social profiles definitely do. I had a business once that it’s Facebook business page ranked higher than its actual website!
  3. Did you know that Social media channels are used as search engines as well! Some people don’t even use the major ones such as Google and Bing, Social media works by content marketing related posts or by using hashtags to group together posts and pages on the same topics.
  4. Don’t forget Bing! Google is the most used search engine out there while Bing is the second most used. Bing’s  algorithm incorporates social signals into their search results and they are steadily growing within the market so it is important to include this search engine in your SEO’s
  5. If it’s not being used now it doesn’t mean it won’t be used in the future! Google states that Social signals are not making an impact in search rank as yet but as with anything that may well change so it is important as you see to optimize different search engines to gain exposure for your website.

Getting Indexed

Search engines such as Google use rather complex mathematical algorithms to anticipate what websites a person is searching for when using a search engine. basically the easiest way to describe the indexing process is when adding webpages into a search engine, it will crawl and index your pages depending on which mete-tag is linked to the page ( Indexed or no index) If you have a no index tag then this means that the specific webpage page will not be added into the web search’s index however every WordPress post and page created for the web is actually now indexed.

It is well known that leading search engines use crawlers to find pages for their algorithmic search results. Also, you will find that Pages that are indexed from other search engine’s will not need to be submitted again as they are found automatically by the search engine you are using.

Search engine crawlers can look at a number of different factors when crawling a site however not every page is likely to be indexed by search engines. When a page is being crawled in some instances the distance of pages from the root directory of a website may also be taking into account whether or not pages get crawled at all. I wonder how many of us think about this when typing away on google when looking for that specific website!

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