How to Add And Use Images On Your Website

How to Add And Use Images On Your Website

Using and adding Images on your Website

people are very visual and are attracted to images, if Like me you are a visual learner then even instructions with photo shots is beneficial to that person.

Reading a webpage with just a written article can make people lose focus on your topic you are writing about so images and subheadings for that matter are ideal for breaking the writing up and making it less dull. It will keep the person reading more stimulated to read to the end of your post, blog or article.Image coming soon

Having Visual content as well as written content will enhance the readers experience of your website but its no good just posting any photo as it should have something to do with the niche of your website or webpage and not just to fill the page space for the sake of it, You are far more likely to keep your audience engaged with stimulating visual content as well as written.

In order to choose a correct image you must first ask yourself what are the benefits of this image and how will it help the user identify and understand the topic your writing about, Will it have emotional appeal or does it show your audience an action of a product your selling in use?

It is also very useful and ideal as research has shown that people are included in your images as it can drive the audience to your goal.

people will tend to fixate on a face of a person in a photo if they are facing forward so it is best to choose an image of a person looking at a product from your niche as the person reading your article will tend to look at the product the model in the image is looking at so let the model guide them to your product!

It is also important to check you are not using images that are copyright has these will be removed from your website however if you can not use your own images then there are plenty of free image websites for you to search through to find your ideal photo to use.

Free Image sources

You may find that photos have a link attached saying Royalty-free or RF for short which will refer to the right for you to use the image as there is no copyright material or intellectual property conflicting the need to pay royalties or license fees to purchase the photo.

Many people search through photos on Google images thinking that as it is in the Public Domain they are free to use but unfortunately this is not the case. Google will direct you to images related to your search topic but they can be RF or copyrighted so before you use them you will need to check. To be on the safe side it is always best to use the image free websites if you cannot find confirmation that you can use one of these photos on the Google search engine.

To identify an owner of an image on Google images you need to identify the owner and identify what rights are needed for you to approach and ask permission from the owner to use his or her photo. You will probably be able to use a photograph by negotiating a price to purchase but make sure you get that permission in writing and not just a receipt for the photo.

You will find that a lot of copyrighted photos or images will be watermarked by the owner especially photographers so you will know instantly that a fee will be required for you to publish their photo or image.

It is not as difficult as it sounds as there are thousands of images and photos out there for you to choose from free of charge and I have yet to pay for a one and chances are neither will you!


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