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What is a Word Press web Site?

Word Press Websites

So what is a word press website?

A word press website is, in fact, an open source website creation application that is written in PHP coding which is a programming language created for web development. For the nontechnical among us, it is best described as probably the easiest and I would say likely the best blogging and website content management system (or CMS) you can use in the present day, it is certainly the most popular method of website development programs.

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Word Press is normally already available on a web hosting server service like or a network host like, both use a web template system from a processor. there are 49000 plugins available to help increase the quality of your word press website so there are plenty of chances to improve the function of your website and to customize your website further to meet your specific needs. The plugins are very versatile ranging from analytics of audiences through your website right through to widgets and management features of content to various users.

Other features that are really useful with this type of website is the ability to be very search engine friendly and you can edit your pages in HTML. It is also ideal as a very clean permalink structure. A permalink is a URL that is intended to remain the same for a very long time, You can also use added filters.

There are an estimated 73 million word Press Websites in use on the internet because of its user-friendly features. It is also free to install so you just have to pay a yearly subscription for your domain name and a small monthly web hosting fee.

I never knew how to set a website up in January but thanks to a few online tutorials on word press I found it a very simple process and now I post nearly every day on my websites I have created, that is how simple it is! If I can do it so can you!!

The word press system is viewed as a blogging program by some people but today’s Word Press is very versatile  content management service or CMS for short so far from just a blogging website you can now create powerful websites which are also mobile-friendly hence it’s growth and lets face it 73 million people can’t be wrong!! Many Top brand companies such as Facebook and E-bay use word press sites among others.

Word Press Security

As with all website programs Security is a key factor and word press sites are no different. It is estimated that Google takes approx 20,000 websites offline each week for malware viruses and up to 50,000 for phishing so please take security seriously. The good news is that word press websites are very secure as there are many developers globally monitoring the core software regularly. It is important to make sure you keep anti-virus programs updated and to check weekly for those updates on your word press dashboard as these will help protect and keep your site secure. There are new viruses created each week so it is up to you to keep up to date as a hacked website could cripple your business with lost revenue and also put your client’s identity at risk if their private details are compromised.

The most common security breach for hackers is your passwords so make sure you use good strong passwords and change them on a regular basis. Another idea for you to do is for you also add security questions that only you know the answer to and also not to give anyone access to the admin account.

A really good web hosting site I use is for the main reason is all updates and audits are run on a daily basis and also very strong passwords are created for you. I now have 2 websites running with this web host and it is the easiest and most user-friendly host I have experienced. The Dashboard is easy to access and navigate and the analytics are broken down into an understandable view for beginners especially.


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