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Cheap Online Shopping with Bizrate

About Bizrate

If you are after cheap online shopping, Then you will see that Bizrate assists online shoppers with help to find the best value for all the products they are looking to buy online. Bizrate lets the shopper give their own unique opinions on their experiences with different online retailers The platform also provides retailers with a venue to find new audiences as well as discover insights on how to get the best customer service to all their customers.  shopping online

Sourcing with Bizrate

Bizrate has become a trusted online shopping resource that continues to link shoppers with over a million products, brands, with a single click of the mouse.

You can search for virtually every product, store, brand, and deal on the web at that moment from the biggest names you know to the smaller stores waiting for your discovery.

As an affiliate marketer Bizrate can give you a massive information resource with customer reviews on products and also sourcing new affiliate programs. The network opportunities are massive from that point of view.

You have a platform where you can compare prices in your niche on products, prices, and the store information. Once you have the store you can visit their websites to see if they have the affiliate programs for you to join.

Each store listing gives you access to that companies ratings and reviews that you require to decide if you want to apply to promote their products and from a buyers point to decide if you want to buy from them!

Using Bizrate from a shoppers or affiliate marketing side has advantages for both. With 6000 retailers around the world, there is ample opportunity to help you find what you are looking for.

Affiliate Marketing

If you are not familiar with Affiliate marketing, I will give you a brief explanation,

Affiliate marketing is where you promote products and advertise them to attract traffic to your client’s website. Once sales are made by a visitor to your website who has connected to a website you are linked to then you earn a commision.

its a little like drop shipping although more lucrative and less stressful. To learn more about affiliate marketing check out my article here: What is Affiliate Marketing

there is an art to it and it takes time to build but once it does you can earn a second income or even a passive income. I learnt everything from scratch through an online university, I suggest you take advantage of the FREE 7 day ALL access trial to see if you like it. It’s changed my life so if you want to check out my take on it do so here!


See How I Work from Home and How I Learnt With Wealthy Affiliate


About Bizrate

Right! back to Bizrate! If you are trying to look for a product or get the best deal then I suggest you look on this website as chances are you will find it cheaper here than any search you do. Thsts not guaranteed but highly likely. If you are shopping for a nice chair for example and you find it on a certain website. The same chair could quite possibly be on Bizrate and listed through the same company but at a cheaper price!


Bizrate Rewards Service

Bizrate was founded in 1996 with the aim of assisting customers to navigate the growing number of online shopping sites that continues to grow to this day,

Committed to helping customers make the best choices as they search for wanted products online.

The reviews on offer however as I said earlier are a valuable resource to competition and Affiliate Marketers. Bizrate is a part of a larger shopping network and is part of online shopping comparison sites that includes Shopzilla and Connexity.


The Good

  • massive product selection –

There are 19 categories within the main menu and under these, there are a number of sub-categories, that have a wide variety of products associated with its category to cater for Cheap online shopping requirements.

  • Ratings and reviews 

As discussed, customers can write reviews and give ratings about the retailers and give their opinions on how smooth and satisfying the buying process was.

  • branded products available

A good feature for Affiliate Marketing research that Bizrate gives is what is trending and popular in searches and purchases. This helps Marketers promote what is hot in their Niche.


  • Special Deals

A rarity to find on comparison websites is the feature of deals and promotions but that is exactly what you find here!


bizrate shopping review!


Bizrate has nearly 20 years of experience and seeks to give customers the best, and thorough experience possible, however, no service is perfect and with the sheer volume of listings, some things are not perfect.


The Bad

There are things still to work on such as:

  • Misleading rewards

A common complaint and quite a serious flaw are misleading regards such as online surveys. After extensive research on online surveys, I would not go near them as they are a total waste of time.

If a company is offering £50 worth of gifts such as vouchers for taking part in their survey, one would expect to receive £50 worth of vouchers or cash.

This just a temptation to reel you in as normally you answer one question wrong and you don’t meet the criteria and get nothing for your troubles or your gift for taking a survey.

Your gift if you complete the course is may well turn out to be a subscription to a magazine that you have no interest in but they will still charge shipping!

I do not think these adverts have any place on a shopping site and should be taken off.



If it’s variety of products you are after then they will provide all the products you require to meet your needs.

I have found the prices are more than accurate and the buying process is very easy to undertake. My suggestion is that that this site is a good choice to make your online purchases.

It is also a brilliant resource for affiliate marketers to do research on the company they are interested in promoting.

I am confident that you will enjoy the process of buying from this site.


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