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Recently I had a spell working as an energy surveyor, I had to travel around the country to survey different houses. This involved staying overnight in various hotels which in some cases finding accommodation was very last minute as I never knew where the following day’s job list would take me.

I found many problems looking for last-minute hotels on different sites however one that never let me down was

What I Don’t Like

One snag that I have found with that is a minor irritation at most as it would not stop me from using the platform in the future.

What it is, is their ability to get updates on price changes, however, this is canceled out as there is such diversity in hotels, service accommodation, motels and guest houses that it outweighs what I do not like.

Another drawback to is a lack of a rewards program, however a scheme called the Genius program.

The Genius program is an exclusive program for loyal guests who are able to join after completing 5 stays within 2 years which offers you travel perks and discounts.

What I Like


It’s always good to have everything on one platform and this is what gives you user-friendly navigation. We all prefer a platform that we can find what we want straight away and have this down to perfection.


Thumbs up!!

You can make reservations for hotels, restaurants, airport transfers as well as Hotels, Flights and Car rental.

You can find accommodation well within your budget quickly and easily and has never let me down even when I have been in the middle of nowhere. provides a lot of choices packages for flights cars and accommodation and now with a rewards program included it’s the perfect place to book that weekend away or short stays if you’re like me and travel for work then it is also ideal for booking those last minute sleepovers.

The accommodation varies from top hotels to serviced accommodation so there is plenty to choose from to cater to your budget requirements.


Navigating the website

As I mentioned before is very easy to navigate with its search bar placed at the top of the page. You simply have to enter your requirements pick the dates and let the results load.

You are then shown the nearest hotels to the destination you selected. Each hotel has a star rating, review score and prices clearly visible in the selection of hotels including distance from your selected location.


There is also a very detailed filter menu running down the left-hand side underneath the search bar and map that helps you to pinpoint the exact package you require.

My verdict

I fully recommend for you to use purely for The ease of use and the amount of information you receive to help you make up your mind.

Also as a reward for signing up, I can offer you a £15 cashback offer when you start an account for your first booking.

Just open your account and go from there!

Click here to open your account:

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I would love to hear your views and experiences with which you can leave in the comment section below.


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8 thoughts to “Choosing For Your Travel”

  1. I used to use regularly when I lived in Japan. Most of the time it was quite good. Very convenient and efficient to use. The problem I had was with the accommodation being mis-advertised by some owners.

    It happened twice, once in Hawaii and another time in Mexico. In Hawaii, the problem was noise so we had to move to another hotel from the condo – ended up adding to our expense. The owner (not in Hawai at the time did apologize to us) and offer us future accommodation there free.

    It was too far and expensive to fly there a second time and we didn’t want to stay there again anyway.

    Mexico was a different story – my father fell off a damaged chair & we also wanted receipts from the owner. He insisted we pay cash that’s why we wanted receipts (we never got them).

    We got an email from saying we never showed up for our holiday – which was not true. We were there and tried to tell the company. Anyway, whatever the condo owner said to we could not leave a review after we returned from our trip to Mexico as there was no record of us visiting and using that condo.

    I think the owner in Mexico knew how to play the system and didn’t want a negative review. We were very upset we couldn’t leave a review on for the others who would visit after us. told us there was nothing they could do. I think they should have contacted us in Mexico to see if we had checked-in or not and not have taken the word of the Condo owner who obviously lied.

    Anyway, I have had some good experiences with and only three bad ones. Although I refuse to use it anymore I do think it is a pretty good site. The point I’d like to make is to be very careful to do your due diligence and speak to owners beforehand if possible.

    I think most folks probably won’t have these kinds of problems.

    Best of luck with your bookings!

    1. Hi Devan

      That’s terrible, and for it to happen twice is unacceptable, Have you tried to leave a review on trip advisor?

      I don’t think I would be brave enough to use outside of my own country as I like the peace of mind when I go on vacation and always book with a major tour operator. I guess I am paying more that way though.

      I also only ever stay in Hotel chains to be on the safe side due to perhaps not fully trusting independent businesses. That’s just my preference.

      I hope you have had better experiences on holiday since!

  2. Hi, I have known for a long time.

    I often use it to only research places to stay and get a picture of the price range at different places.

    I agree the is a good place to book especially if you want to go to crowded places during high season times.

    To be able to stay in a nice place and not having to search on spot for hours it is recommended to book in advance.

    I’m not that happy with the price policy has towards guesthouse or other place owners. I often hear that the profit possible to make using is not much in the end.

    For us, the customers it is a good thing to get bookings for low conditions.

    1. Hi Stefan have a very good research resource in order to use it for what you need. My review was on my experience with how it aided me but I have booked some very nice hotels for weekend breaks.

      That’s a good point you raise though with regards to the price policy on guest houses, As I am a customer I never really thought of the commission They would charge to advertise on their platform. However being on and other pages allow for the smaller businesses to increase their exposure I guess?

      Thank you for Commenting and raising these points.

  3. Hi Darren. I’m very familiar with, and although I haven’t booked directly with them, I have visited their site often to look for hotel deals.

    The main thing that stops me from using them is their lack of a good reward program as you mentioned, and overall I don’t feel they offer the best prices in comparison to some other sites I’ve booked from. I believe they’re a great place to book hotels, but I personally prefer to use or go directly to the hotel if they have a special offer.

    1. Hi Stephanie

      My Review was based on last minute deals mainly for people who travel with their work including myself. I found that what they offered more choices of hotels with better deals for late bookings. especially when I found myself in very rural places.

      I do like as well and I feel they offer a better quality of hotels especially in Cities.

      It is a good idea to go directly to the hotel if you have the time as I agree you can get some good deals.

      Booking.coms rewards include the genius discounts for frequent travelers where you get 10% discounts on the majority of rooms on booking.

      They also offer free airport transfers and other perks.

      At the end of the day it is about personal preference and as long as individuals are happy then so am I.

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