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Clixsense legit or Scam?


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Owner: Jim Grago

My Clixsense Review

I joined this program last year and thought it wasn’t that bad however the pittance you get paid per survey made me realise that it would take me many years just to make a week’s salary!


The concept of the idea is pretty good and while you can make a little revenue from advertising your business with a small outlay it was still not going to sustain a regular income.


Clixsense was launched in February 2007 and I believe it to be a legitimate business however you do have to work hard to get anything out of it and I lost interest very quickly is an online rewards website for those looking to earn extra money from all over the world and claims to have paid out £26 million to its members.


So what are the income streams on Clixsense that make it look so promising?


Paid Surveys


The surveys that looked promising can shut down without notice if your answers are not what they want as it does not meet with their criteria which I found annoying and involved a lot of time wasting which I did not appreciate as I had filled out a survey criteria form!

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The surveys can last up to 9-10 minutes and pay ranges from 36 cents to $1.25. you would have to probably site and do 10 hours’ worth of surveys and be lucky not to be thrown out of any because of criteria change in order to make between $50 and $75 a day but then I have never ever been able to complete a survey in the 3 months I tested it to be able to bring you a Clixsense review



Crowdflower is a part of Clixsense where you can complete tasks, I have one in my inbox at the moment offering $0.02 to transcribe an audio File! It promotes its Crowdsourcing service.  This enables you to work on small tasks giving the opportunity to earn some extra cash.


Clixsense job matches
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Each morning you will be sent different tasks to do and some will be offering more prices than others but yet again you will need to spend a lot of time in order to create an income and as well as that the task I spent 20 minutes doing this morning said it would not pay out as I had not done enough input although I had ticked off every request!!

Each task has a different pay level but each one is not offering more that 10 cents a task.


Clix offers


Clix offers is where you get paid to help test websites for example of the type of offers could be to listen to a radio channel through the website with Radio Loyalty sites for $0.01 for a certain amount of time and get paid to listen to your favourite radio station.

You can also receive offers in this section where you get paid in Clixcents that are worth $0.01

There are different types of offers and some pay you to download applications as well as complete paid online surveys you can also receive payment to play internet games.

All the programmes in the various sections all seem to have a similar structure to them and it is important to complete the surveys / tasks to the letter of the instructions provided. After this you submit your work, get it approved and await your fee. It is important to complete as intrusted or payment will be refused and your time wasted.


Clix Grid

Clix Grid is more or less the same however here you will be asked to review adverts for a required 5-30 seconds or more. You used to be paid on completion but now however you are entered into a draw to win up to $10. Most people are winning $0.10 to $1.00 per day, while on very rare occasions some members win more. This is a lottery and you are more than likely to not get rewarded for you time.


Clixsense Affiliate

This is the best and most lucrative way to earn commission here. You will earn a commission on signing new members however it will not make you wealthy.

You can earn $2 for every task and surveys your recruits complete after their earnings pass $5 and 20% commission on completed offers and completed tasks in Crowdflower.

it is very difficult to recruit for Clixsense as many people are already members but also it is a lot of time and effort for little remuneration unless you are a master recruiter and end up a with a thousand recruits then go for it!


I would say Clixsense is an ideal for newcomers to online work and for those who have not got the capital to invest in a start-up online business.

After everything I do enjoy play around on there for a few minutes here and there just to give myself a break from my work, it’s free to join and no one makes or pressures you into doing the offers available to you.

If you want to take a look for yourself   >>click here<<   however It is hard work for little pay but it is a Legitimate business and not a scam.


If you are looking for a legitimate business on the internet and do want to grow a business then I suggest trying Wealthy Affiliate. This is our number one recommendation to build an authentic online income.

You can check my review >>here<<

If you have any comments or experience with Clix sense comment below as I would very much like to read about it.



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2 thoughts to “Clixsense Review”

  1. I joined clixsense and got me it’s a total waste of my time.

    You get paid a pittance for visiting sites and you could spend 10 minutes on a paid survey only for you to get eliminated for a wrong answer that does not match the criteria!

    I’ve never completed a survey on there for that reason so my time was wasted.

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