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Goals and motivation

Goals and motivation


Your goals come from your dreams!

Hi I thought it was about time I had a go at creating a training article so bare with me as this is my first attempt!

I thought I’d start off with a piece about your reason why and what is motivating you to start a business. Sometimes we think we know why but it’s not until we write our thoughts and feelings down we can really reflect on them.

Firstly write your goals down to make them reality in the future and include a date when you want to achieve this goal that way your holding yourself accountable to make it happen. whatever inspires you or motivates you then include it on your list.

My profile photo has my son in it for a very good reason as he is my reason “why!”

Why I do what I do so I can give him the life ( chores permitting) I want to give him, yours maybe your children, your spouse or something completely different but include a photo or a reminder in your list.

When you write your goals down you are also creating a plan and giving yourself direction.

A plan backed by action and consistency makes your dreams come true!!

Ask yourself these questions and write the answers down:

What drives you?

What is your Dream?

What is the purpose of your chosen niche?

How will your business change your life?

What will you need to give up in order to achieve your dream?

if you think of any other questions that relate to you then write them down as we are all different and we all have different ways of working things out.

once you have answered the questions you need to ask yourself, you will have a clearer route to your goals.

these are your motivational goals however you should also have a 12 month goal which you can set say in January so it ties in with the calendar year.

I’ve covered this in a blog post I have written if you care to read it then you can find it here;  Time Flies

However I want to go through it again so you can tie it in with your motivational plan. I will go through this in detail on the next page.

Once you have answered the questions above, please make sure they are close to hand to reflect on and remind you of why you are doing this as you are now accountable to yourself and anyone else you decide to tell. If your okay to share then write them in the comments below as you will be held accountable by your WA family!!

This will help create and develop a habit of taking action to answer to yourself most importantly and to others you have told. When there is no pressure to perform then laziness can easily slip in.

Next we will look at your yearly goal setting.


you got this!

Yearly goals

Setting a Yearly goal is an ideal way to keep yourself on track throughout the year so you remain on target for where your heading.

A good method to keep on track is to set the goal then set monthly weekly and daily goals to help you work towards that yearly goal:

Yearly goal – breaking down in to

Monthly goals – each Time you complete a monthly goal you are one step closer to your yearly goal.

Weekly goals – each completed weekly goal helps you to complete your monthly goal.

Daily goals – this is where all the work is done. Each little daily goal not only works towards your weekly goal but on towards your yearly.

It is much easier breaking your yearly goal down in into mini goals like this as a yearly goal could get overwhelming.

When you build a house you do it one brick at a time so treat that yearly goal as a house:

Daily goal = 1 brick

Weekly goal = row of of bricks in the wall

Monthly goal = a side of the house

Yearly goal = the completed house.

I hope using this metaphor is ok but that is how I work it out and it works for me. Just keep things simple and do not over complicate things.

on the next page I will be going into time management to help you work towards these goals.

Time Management

Time management will be crucial in order for you to cope with the task of keeping to your daily goals.

I first heard it a couple of 70/20/10 time management a few years ago from a property investor giving a talk on time management at a seminar I attended and I must say it’s served me well.

Our time is precious and I dare say most of us have other things we do other than WA as I have a business I run a bricks and mortar business outside of WA so I have to put my share of work into that as well as laying down foundations for another business aswell,

I have used the 70/20/10 method with good effect so how does it work?

its really simple !!

All 70/20/10 is you breaking your day into percentage you then spend 70% on your main project, 20% on the second and 10% on your 3rd if you have one if not use that 10% of time on admin.

That’s it!

Obviously this can be used in any form, you can use a percentage of your day or week to help complete your tasks.

I also write a to do list within each time slot so I know exactly what I can get done with my Time.

how do you manage your time?

To do lists

Write down up to 5 things a day on your to do list but no more and stick to the list without getting distracted.

I always start with the most complicated task first and finish with the easiest.

Always make sure your tasks are goal related !

In order to complete daily task some within your time allocation it is a good idea to have a to do list specifically for helping you to complete your tasks.

Do not list more than 5 a day that you must give all your attention to completing before moving on to something else.

I always start with the hardest task first then work my way down to the easiest!

Remember to work backwards and yourvto do list is done last in your planning.

You will not be able to work out any of your goals until you decided what your yearly goal is. You then have to plan your monthly goals , weekly etc

Start with your Yearly goal

Then plan your Monthly goal to work towards the yearly goal

Then plan your Weekly goal to help you complete the monthly goal

Then plan Daily goals to help complete the weekly goals

Now you can create your To do list and allocate your time management method.

Your primary goal is your daily goals as each one is a vital clog in the wheel towards your yearly goal.

When you feel lazy refer back to your reason why. Never give up.

When I feel like giving up I remember my boxing days and when I felt tired. I could not give up or I’d lose the fight. It was drummed into me during training to keep going until the final bell of the final round so for me, I have implemented that mentality into my mindset to keep me motivated.

I hope this helps you on your journey to success and I would love to here how you all manage your goals as we can all learn from each other and that’s the Beauty of WA!





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6 thoughts to “Goals and motivation”

  1. Hi there,
    Well done on giving a great account of how to be successful in your life and how you want to make a better life for yourself and your son.
    I notice that you are a firm believer in goal setting and visualisation.
    This is a sure fire way to achieve great results, ie, by holding ourselves accountable.
    We have to stand by what we say and do and I know that is the right way to go about getting excellent results.
    Thanks again and best wishes
    Phil Browne.

    1. Hi Phil


      I don’t think you can be successful if you are not organised especially once you have 2 or 3 projects on the go.

      warmest regards 


  2. I do agree that it’s important to write down goals and dreams because when you read them out loud to yourself, they become real instead of just thoughts.

    Creating a list of goals and digging down deep to find our “why” really can be a huge motivator for sending us in the right direction.

    I appreciate your insights into goals and also time management because it will help for sure. If folks want to build successful businesses online, they must focus heavily on the reasons for earning an income.


    1. hi Neil

      It’s all about being organised isn’t it as there are some many distractions out there.

      A reason why is very important and I wish you well

  3. It’s vitally important to have goals to work to in order to keep focus on building whatever it is your building.

    To keep motivated never loose focus on who your doing for.

    1. Having goals to work towards will help you achieve more success in your business.

      However you do need a reason why.

      The reason that you do what you need to do.

      Everybody’s reason is different mine is my kids someone else him it will be entirely different that for me that keeps me motivated to try and achieve success for them

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