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How Does Affiliate Marketing Work

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work

Affiliate marketing is a great online business to get involved in and on the outside it sounds easy as however there is a fine art to it. There are some circles that class it as spam thanks to early marketers when it first made an appearance around 17 years ago.

The industry has evolved so much since then and nowadays it can be a source of large revenues if it is done correctly. In fact the return an affiliate marketer can produce is some of the highest commissions you can produce online. there are now many large well known companies you can become affiliated to in nearly any industry.


How does Affiliate marketing work

So How does affiliate marketing work?

Well basically you are promoting a companies products via a social media post or website review and referring new sales to the business you are affiliated to.

Once a transaction has been made then you receive a commission on the sale. Your aim is to drive traffic to the companies website in order to produce sales for them and that’s essentially how you earn your money.


How To Get Started ?

So how do you get started in affiliate marketing? as I mentioned before it is not as easy as it sounds as if it was then everyone would be doing it.

If you have a liking for writing and online shopping then this will be of more interest to you or if you are looking for a legitimate online business then this is an ideal industry to get into.

What it is not is a get rich quick scheme and you will have to put in the work as you would with any business and as with a new trade the training is essential to create the right way of adding engaging content to your post to promote products.

You will need to create a website and add content on a weekly basis to get it ranked in google so you can be seen by your target audience and that is where the content comes in.

How become An Affiliate Marketer


Through the hard work you put in, the reward you receive is passive income which can lead to financial freedom.

It can be a little overwhelming when you first start so it is a good idea to find a training platform that will give you the training required especially if you have no experience with regards to websites as when you have a website then you are essentially creating your own brand name and have a hence to run adverts that you will get paid for when your visitors click on them.

There are in fact are various ways you can make money through your website but it can depend on who you get your training from.

Affiliate marketing is also an opportunity to create your own website or some other form of content and get paid to do so, because you’ll be running ads and providing other links to things your audience will genuinely want to buy, at least if you combine your affiliates and your interests correctly.


How To Become An Affiliate Marketer

To become an Affiliate Marketer you will need to plan your business step by step in order to do it correctly.

Firstly as with any business you need to start with a plan.

Where will you get the training from?

where will you host your website?

How will you create it?

There are plenty of training platforms out there but be careful as a good platform will let you try before you commit. There are many websites out there just out to make money and give you basic information once you have paid a start up fee and then a monthly subscription. Avoid these as you will be out of pocket before you have even started,

I know this as I have done this!! 

After trial and errors I came across a platform called Wealthy Affiliate that met my needs and requirements.

Here I operate all my websites and they take care of all online security and updates and all plug ins are all free to download and there are 40 thousand to choose from!

Wealthy Affiliate - sign up

The training is state of the art with basic training consisting of step by step task based video lessons starting from absolute scratch and a second course that is really eye opening and gives you so much information.

With a free starter account you get 2 free websites that you can create yourself with a taster of free lessons and full premium access for 7 days so essentially you can try before you buy!

The community support and involvement by the founders is outstanding and since I have done my training I have three websites operational.

In order to create a website and keep motivated to doing it you are better of choosing an interest and sticking to one topic only. This is called a Niche.

You could choose a Basketball Niche for example if that is an interest and promote the equipment for the sport and write reviews on them with affiliate links to various merchant websites that you have become affiliated to.


earn and learn

Start to Earn While you Learn

Now the good thing about this industry is that you can earn while you learn especially with a training platform such as Wealthy Affiliate as when you get a free starter account you automatically become an affiliate and can advertise for them.

Out of all the affiliate programs out there they pay a high commission rate of up to $23.50 per premium sign up so you can actually promote and earn why you learn or just stay with a free starter account without upgrading to premium.

You get paid this commission on a monthly basis while the new member stays a premium member. If you got say 20 referrals signed up in your first year then you are earning up to  $470 a month passive income as well as possible commission from your websites and advertising fees.

In order to take full advantage of a learning platform and that is any kind of learning platform you you are paying for a service and overheads and there is always a small monthly cost however an online business such as Affiliate marketing they are minute compared to a bricks and mortar business.

I pay $49 a month overheads for my 3 websites as I get a total of 25 free websites with Wealthy Affiliate included in my subscription.

Who ever you choose please do your due diligence and get your moneys worth.

If you would like to checkout what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer you can read my review here: Wealthy Affiliate


just try for free! – try Wealthy Affiliate For Free!



Once you are up and running then you need to add content to your website and never stop! The more engaging content you have to keep your visitors interested in your website.

Not every article you write should be a product review but you should include a blog.

Make sure your content is unique and put your own style on your writing and you will of made a good start. The more content you write then the higher the ranking you will obtain.

As I have already said this is not a get rich quick scheme and may take a while for you to start earning revenue however if you stick to a system then you stand a good chance to earn more quickly than someone you thinks they now best.

I could not of done this without finding Wealthy Affiliate as I had tried other platforms and got no where accept out of pocket.

My advice is to get the training if you want to be serious about this industry. You cannot expect to get full training and websites for free s investment will have to be made but is a fraction of what a bricks and mortar business would cost as I have done both.

Best of luck to you and f you choose the same path as me then I will be there as a mentor to help you all the way!



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  1. I’ve never really thought about affiliate marketing before but I am familiar with dropshipping and this really appeals to me as I wouldn’t have to even organise for the order to be sent to the buyer and I still would get a commission and more than I make in the products I promote!

    1. Affiliate marketing is an ideal step up to dropshipping as it takes all the hassle away as you don’t have all the postal arrangements and no listing fees.

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