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How Many Seconds In a Day

How many seconds in a day?

I saw this posted on social media the other day and thought how relevant it is when you are working for yourself as when your under pressure the slightest negative action from somebody can have an adverse effect.

Stop Thinking Negative Thoughts

It takes around 17 seconds for a negative thought to manifest in your mind to ruin your day so get it out of your head and read the following!

So say you have $86400 in your bank and someone managed to steal $10 from your account.

How upset would you be? Would you be upset enough to spend the remaining $86390 in trying to get the $10 back?


Move on and get on with your life? Of course you would hopefully move on and get on with your life!

We have 86400 seconds in every day so don’t let someone’s negative 10 seconds ruin the rest of your day’s remaining 86390 seconds !

Don’t sweat on the small stuff, life’s to short for that.

I saw this on Facebook today and thought it appropriate for us here!

Time is more valuable than money isn’t it! After all you can earn another $10 but you cant earn another 10 Seconds can you!

Has anyone experienced this?


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