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How Time Flies when your having fun!!

My Online Business Is My Hobby

My online business is my hobby! How many people can say that? not many I bet.

what are the advantages of having this situation?

There is one main advantage and that is motivation as you need desire to be able to get up and at 5am and work through to 10pm on a daily basis regardless of your other reasons why.

My reasons why I work to make my online business my hobby is because I want to build something that will give me a better quality of life with my kids. I have 3 boys 12,18 and 20. Two are growing into fine young men and the youngest I have a few more years to enjoy until he is out with his friends all the time so this is a big why for me as I can get to spend quality time with them when I see them and don’t have to ask someone else for time off or if I can leave work early and so for that it makes me time rich.

working from home
work on a home business and spend time in your home you work to afford!

Kids though can be hard work can they not? so if you have had a hard day with one of the little cherubs are they going to be be your reason why for that day? Probably not I would expect.

mostly a persons why is family, money, lifestyle, doing better for themselves but all these will at some point will have an off day. It may not last for long but time lost is time lost as you cannot get it back!

If for instance you turn your hobby or passion into a business online or in bricks and mortar then your motivation and reason why become a lot stronger, not impregnable but stronger.

If you enjoy doing something then time will fly by without you noticing especially if what you are trying to build and grow into a business is also your hobby like it is for me as my online business is my hobby However if you run a business that becomes a chore then it’s time to go back to the drawing board and figure out why and how you can change it.

If you enjoy what you do then that is a good enough reason why and motivation in itself.

I have a section on my website dedicated to motivation and well being as making wealth online is not just about creating a financial plan as that is redundant without your mental and physical health. They all go hand in hand.

I would love to see what your motivation is and to see if your passion is your business?

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