How To Become An Affiliate Marketer

How To Become An Affiliate Marketer

How To Become An Affiliate Marketer


Affiliate Marketing What You Need To Know is that it never stops changing!

This year will be no exception as we expect to see more changes in 2018 in this fast growing industry.

Before I explain how to become an affilaite marketer, I am going to tell you why it is growing and it all has to do with the internet and online exposure.

Affiliate marketing will always be here and is a great source of income when you know how to do it properly. I believe that affiliate marketing is going from strength to strength.

As this industry grows we will see more and more businesses investing in affiliate programs as they see this is a good way of attracting new business even after paying marketers commission to attract traffic to their websites.

Affiliate marketing is an ideal business to start up with no funds from as it requires minimal investment. In order to be successful you require a website and to develop the skill of writing engaging content.



Affiliate Programs Need Affiliates More Than Ever!


There are signs of concern developing in the commerce world at the rate of growth of e-commerce businesses.

These concerns continue to develop more in the commerce world where sectors who are not online are falling behind in market dominance due to these e-commerce companies rate of growth.

E-commerce companies such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba go from strength to strength reporting record profits a each passing year and showing amazing growth.

Then you have commerce businesses such as Toys “R” Us who as you probably are already aware from the news that they are going out of business. This is highly likely due to the market competition overtaking them in the e-commerce sector.


If businesses like amazon are recording ever more higher profits, then the shift in consumer revenue has to come from somewhere and that is being transferred from the struggling commerce businesses such as toys r us and being transferred to the likes of Amazon.



Amazon is a prime example of a successful e-commerce company.  Instead of sitting on their profits they re-invest it into their infrastructure of the company creating more warehouses and fulfilment centres around the world to make them ever more efficient hence consumers prefer to shop with them.

For Affiliate Marketers Amazon is a near perfect affiliate program to promote as you will always have a limitless amount of stock to promote.

E-Commerce for Consumers

Buying online is an easy and more convenient way for a consumer to buy products especially in todays hectic and fast paced society.

At a flick of a button on a computer, tablet or mobile phone, a person can buy what they want and wait for it to be delivered while they get on with their day.

Humans though need interaction as a species and I do not believe that it is healthy from a social side but that is the way the world as moved, and I do not think it will slow down.

In this day and age it’s all about convenience and speed you can order something online and get it the following day or if you are early enough that day you can actually receive it the same day of Amazon.




One aspect of E-commerce I do prefer is my food shop. I really do not like doing this and to have the choice of getting your groceries delivered is one I jump at.

The major supermarkets here in the UK have seen the gap in the market and now nearly all of them offer a home delivery service. It has it’s pros and cons but I still prefer it for a big food shop. The reason being it is convenient for me to do it this way and that is what e-commerce services bring you; Convenience.

We will only see an increase in this kind of service and sadly more and more retailers will go bankrupt and out of business this year. The only way to survive is if commerce retailers increase their online presence and create affiliate programs for affiliate marketers to help promote their products.

Affiliate marketers have proven that they can increase the online presence and exposure of a company and its branding

When you have a moment just look in the news in the business section and see what companies are doing well and what companies are struggling and then check their website to see if they have an affiliate program this is a good exercise show that affiliate marketing is the future.



Affiliate Bloggers Will Continue to Reap the Rewards

Running an affiliate marketing business takes time as you will require time to get your website ranked in the search engines and to gain some authority. As your website becomes established and you gain organic visits your blogs will start to carry a lot of influence.

As you write reviews on products you are influencing would-be buyers who will take your recommendation into account when they make the decision to buy products you’re reviewing.

The more established your website the more affiliate companies will be attracted to offering new partnerships in their affiliate programs.

More People Online = More Affiliate Marketing Opportunity

As more people gain access to the Internet then your audience grows each year. This gives you as an affiliate marketer more opportunity to promote products within your niche.

This means there is always room for everyone to be able to do this line of business as the internet audience is in the billions worldwide.

Consumers often have more than one access to the Internet with smart phones, tablets, and desktop computers they are never far away from a touch of a button to order a product online so there are plenty of opportunities and plenty of niches to pursue.


Wealthy Affiliate


Hope you have enjoyed this brief glimpse into affiliate marketing it certainly is an ideal business to do from home and starting from scratch with hardly no start-up costs. Obviously, an online business does have some overheads but they’re not as much as the bricks and mortar business.

We are now in an age of information and in order to get that information you will have to pay for it, however it’s what you get for your money that will result in a good investment or not and the best investment you can make is in yourself.

As with all new businesses if you’re not familiar with how it works, you will require the need to educate yourself.

A good way of doing this is through the wealthy affiliate university in which I learn my trade you can read my review here at home business.


Wealthy affiliate is an ideal platform for you to learn through step-by-step video lessons with tasks to complete after each video so you are able to digest the information provided.

The art to a good website for affiliate marketing and to build your own brand within your chosen Niche is to write engaging content.

In Order to get started you will require training and for that you need to find a platform where you can learn.

I suggest you try Wealthy Affiliate to start your training and business:

Educate yourself

Choose a niche

Create a website

Write engaging content

Join affiliate programs for your niche

And start earning an income from your website.

I would love to read about your experiences or your views on affiliate marketing if you have any questions as well please comment in the area below and I will answer any queries you may have.

just one ore thing, below is a table of what to look out for when choosing a platform to learn Affliate marketing


membership comparision



Best Wishes


Wealth Online









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