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How to cope and get over Writers Block

How to cope and get over Writers Block

Taking notice of news headlines for article ideas

We have all been there haven’t we ?

Who has sat in front of their computer with a blank screen trying to brainstorm for a topic idea but only seeing that blank screen staring back at them?

writers block
Getting Over Writers Block


Perhaps you have no idea what to write for a College or School Essay or an article you want to write, it’s so frustrating.

One thing I always do every morning is check the online News headlines to see if I can find something related to one of my niches that I can gain some ideas on what to write an article about.

I always begin by choosing the topic idea first and one way I do this is to check regional, national and global news sectors. I normally stick to BBC News as they have a good cross section of areas to look and report from around the world. I must say it has helped a great deal and it’s definitely helped me when I’ve been stuck.

However this is just what I do and it works for me, Once I have my idea I then do my research and plan my article but there are other ways to clear your mind or help you make a start.


Ways to get over Writers Block

These are the usual suggestions you will find on google search:

  1. Go for a walk – going for a walk especially in greenery such as a nice park or forest can reaaly open the mind and change your thought pattern.
  2. Eliminate distractions – Ommwriter is highly suggested, it helps to focus your mind on writing while eliminating discrations such as notifications while playing natural sounds and background music.
  3. Exercise
  4. Change your surroundings – Sometimes a change of scenery for your work environment helps. A libary can prove to be a very good place to work as it’s quiet and full of knowledge.
  5. Just write!! just sit down and write about the first thing that comes into your head!
  6. Listen to your favourite music.

Basically you need something to take that thought of writers block out of your mind and your preference is unique to you. Probably you will get an idea when you cannot do anything about it until a later time so it is important to remind yourself of your idea. Get in the habit of carrying a notebook around with you.

Always carry a small notebook with you to jot down ideas!


notebook for your ideas
Check Lists

Google Alerts

Google alerts is a great way to keep up with whats published on the web. You can choose what subjects you want alerting to and have the results emailed to you. If you think that maybe of use then you can check it out here;

Google alerts

The more information you have to go to then the more variety you will have and resources to act on to prevent writers block in the first place however hard you try there will always be a time for writers block but having things in placed and knowing how to deal with it will help you in the long run to aid you getting over it quicker.

Plan and Execute


Always have a structure or plan to fall back on so you can make the adjustments you need to add the quality content your website article or essay will require. Having goals and a routine will help you, you can even plan what your going to write the week before by setting an hour or two on your to do list once or twice a week to plan your article subjects.

Sometimes we lose focus but ask yourself how are you going to plan, for example you could ask the following questions to yourself in order to get your brain thinking differently just by “putting How can I” in front of a question or statement you are changing your thought patterns:

1. How can I currently research  and choose a topic to focus for my Essay?

2. How can I plan and structure so I can write 3000 words for my Essay ?

Being really honest with yourself will give you the power to really thin and solve the problem and get you to stop feeling sorry for yourself because you have writers block!

I hope you found my blog post interesting and look for to receiving some comments engage with!




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  1. Great pointers in this article, I hope to put them to good use one day then again hopefully not ha ha ha!

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