How to Create a Website in Under 30 Seconds with WordPress and Video Instructions

How to Create a Website in Under 30 Seconds with WordPress and Video Instructions

What is WordPress and Why use it?

I created my first website in January 2017 so 9 months at the time of writing this article. I had no clue how I was going to do it and put a wall up when I was trying to learn how. I have always been pretty good with words and I have always enjoyed writing Ebay and amazon Listings and I have always wanted to take it further and have a website but as I say, I never had a clue how to.

I came across WordPress a while ago and thought how attractive the process looked as it came across alot more user friendly than your standard programs where you needed to be technically minded to build a website.

Although WordPress was alot easier to use  with it’s open framework it still required some advanced knowledge and webhosting in order to operate it so I still left it well alone until January when I came across a training platform explaining WordPress Express.

WordPress Express

Now I have no Computer training whatsoever but WordPress express was the user friendly platform and easiest platform for a novice to use and I actually created this website your reading now with WordPress Express in under 30 seconds so I know it works.

All the technical stuff that is used to create a website is taken into account at the beginning so you do not have to worry about it.

tech stuff you don’t have to worry about:

  1. FTP files
  2. The setting up of databases
  3. The Domain Registrars
  4. No HTML or PHP
  5. No photoshop
  6. Buying costly programs as they are included

So How can this be created in 30 second ?

If YOU require proof on how this can be done just click on the video link below and watch the step by step process of how to create a website in 30 seconds using WordPress. Choose a name, Choose your theme type and install it’s that easy! check the Video to see!!


How to create a website in 30 seconds using WordPress Express
click to play video



Would you like to own your Own niche Website and set it up with no Charge to you?

If this intrigues you then in a few moments you ca be set up with your very own Website in any Niche (subject) of your choice using many different Themed templates to match that Niche!

Why would I want a Niche Website?

With a niche website you can make money promoting accessories from your niche so if you choose something of interest or a hobby or sport you play then you could generate an income.

Where can I create my Website?

Its your choice what you promote on your website and and there is an uncountable number of choices but you will also have access to a massive support base within the website community.

All you have to do is complete a couple of steps:

Create your Wealthy Affiliate starter account which is absolutely free: starter account


Build your Website using WordPress Express!

A unique and awesome feature for this exceptional site is its excellent Ranking results within Google. This is because you will get step by step guidance on how to  use keyword searches and SEO techniques to boost your rankings to attract more visitors.

Can I ask you one thing?

As I have shown you how to create a website can I ask that you share it in the comments below so I can see how I am helping people? It really means a lot! If you hear of any friends or family who are looking for a way to build a new website can you point them my way and I will help them as much as I plan to help you. Just comment below with any questions and I will answer them.

Best wishes to you





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8 thoughts to “How to Create a Website in Under 30 Seconds with WordPress and Video Instructions”

  1. Wow i really did not know how easy it was to set up a website, this is really useful to me as I haven’t a clue about building a website

    1. Hi Alan

      The great thin about this tuition is you can go over each step as much as you like as it is text based aswell as video based tuition.

  2. I actually want to create a site but I wonder how is this platform’s hosting. Is it any good because I am having many problems with my current provider. Because it is extremely slow and does not protect my site from spams.

    1. Hi

      With this business platform all web hosting and anti spamming is included in your overheads and subscriptions.

      All you have to do is press updates when notified and everything is secure. Wealthy Affiliate also run tests on web speed and identifies what is causing your website to be slow so you can amend it. Not to mention the many tutorials giving you step by step instructions on setting up and maintaining your website, you can also get feedback from the community.


  3. Darren, as a fellow Wealthy Affiliate member, I share your experience. Like you, I have been entertaining with the idea of writing for a while and wanted to take my skills to the next level: the level of creating a writing business online. But I didn’t even know where to look for, as the virtual world is full of con artists, let’s admit it. Until, that is, I too came across WA and the wonders of WordPress.
    It does work, as you are right, the package is there, ready made for you to assemble and fill in with content, your own personal content, your own personal stamp.
    I highly recommend it, like you, to anyone that has the mild idea of wanting to build an online business.

    1. Hi Giulia

      It has changed my life as I am now able to run a business in a sector I Love, I see it as a hobby rather than work as I am sure you do also.

      I feel my writing is given more purpose as I am able to warn people of these con artists and show them a way of actually developing something worthwhile.

      The internet unfortunately is flooded with get rich quick schemes which makes people even more cautious about joining anything.

      Wealthy affiliate appealed to me as you can try before you commit to a premium service, Was that the same for you?

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