How To Get More Views on Ebay

How To Get More Views on Ebay

I have  joined the Ebay partnership program and while reading how to create my affiliate links I came across Bookmarklet.

Bookmarklet allows you to create an affiliate link while browsing listings on your computer and is  very straight forward to do as you will see!

When you sign up to the eBay partner network program  you will see a drop down Q and A section on your Dashboard. If scroll down past this until you come to the second part; “how to create a link.”

We are interested in the second one which is Bookmarklet:


download bookmarklet

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There are four simple steps and are as I said quite self explanatory to install this icon.

The first and only process to install is to drag the Bookmarklet icon to your bookmarks bar as explained.

The Icon is the 2 red circles shown below to the right of the instructions as shown below:

bookmarklet icon

Once installed it is very easy to use and very time saving as you can stay on the same page in order to create the link.

Ebay listing

For example;

you have seen this camera and would like to promote it so all you have to do is go to your bookmarklet icon in your bookmark bar and a  promotion link will be generated as below:

Ebay Affiliate link

You now have the simple process of copying the link and adding it to whichever advertising strategy you wish!

This method is ideal for selling eBay items on Facebook for instance

Bookmarklet is an ideal tool to have and I am happy be able to share this with you.

It will definitely create more views for your own listings if that is still the avenue you want to go down but I have another way as it opens the doorway to a big opportunity that you can read here:

Earn Money on Facebook!

This short blog was designed to get you acquainted with the opportunity to earn money using the selling sites on Facebook so hopefully I will see you on the next page!!

Thank you for finding the time to read and I hope this has been of benefit to some of you.

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