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How to Make Money Online Fast – What You Should Know!

How to Make Money Online Fast

Everybody wants to make money fast or dreams of getting rich quick however not everybody takes the action required and have this mentality of doing it quickly. When they get sucked into an offer that is too good to be true and quickly discover it doesn’t work they cry SCAM!

So How to make money online fast ? The Truth is IT DOES NOT EXIST! Sorry guys and girls but that is the truth I’m afraid!

What you should know however is you can get wealthy online but you need to put the work in. You will not be able to make a success of anything unless you put the effort in, hence get-rich-quick schemes never work.

The problem with so many get-rich-quick schemes on the web is that people do not give the legitimate offers a chance. I do understand why as I have had my fingers burnt many times before and that is why I am writing this post. I want to point you in the direction of things out there that do work and will give you an income. How Much? well that’s up to you and the work you put in.


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Making an Online Business Work

As with a bricks and mortar business you need to choose something you understand or are capable of training for if it is a career change for example.

To really get ahead in online business and e-commerce you need to have a website as this is your shop window on the internet.

I have an e-commerce website called that I started in January 2017. I did not know anything about websites and so I needed to train from scratch in order to start my new enterprise.

I was interested in Affiliate marketing but didn’t know how to make a start. I needed a plan on what I wanted to do but no idea on how to learn.

I came across affiliate marketing while doing research on yet another dead end scheme called email processing ( do not even think about it! ) where I got stung for $25 start up fee. Luckily it was not much.

Anyway I came across an article while researching email processing where it explained affiliate marketing and how you can get started.

The information in the article described a website that taught you how to build a website from scratch and how to operate an affiliate marketing business. It was just what I needed been looking for!


Why Have I Suggested Affiliate Marketing?

I have suggested to you affiliate marketing as I can see that it works. It is not a get rich scheme but a viable online business. It’s not for everyone and is certainly not for those of you who want a shortcut to quick payday.

I’m suggesting this to you as for me it has been the only thing that has worked for me online since I stopped doing EBay.

If you like selling online and Blogging then this is ideal for you. I was an eBay power seller but most of my time was taken up doing the post and queuing in the post office only to have people complain to me that there items were late.

With selling your own stock online you are relying on third parties such as delivery companies with your businesses reputation. It’s the same with drop shipping, you are still relying on another company to deliver the product.

With Affiliate marketing you can still promote products in your Niche from online selling platforms such as eBay and Amazon and earn a bigger profit margin without all the hassle from the buyers or the logistics.

Below is a banner of the latest Daily Deals from EBay, if you go click on this banner and buy something I earn between 8-15% commission on any sales made. So please click on it and buy something! ha-ha!

But, seriously if you click on the banner you will be taken through to the daily deals page.

Best Deals on eBay – Shop Electronics, Home, Beauty, Fashion & Toys

It’s that easy! you have now got yourself a worldwide audience by learning to create a website, add content and learn about SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) to get your pages ranked on search engines in order to attract visitors.

It took a long time for me to find a training facility I was happy with to enable me to fulfill my ambitions and as I mentioned I have tried many things before I found one I was happy with and that is why I am sharing it with you as I know it works.

I have been doing it just over a year now and although I don’t make loads of money the sales I have mad have made a difference to my finances and as my site gets more established than more visitors will come. More visitors will translate into more sales.


learn affiliate marketing

How Did I Learn?

I learnt everything from the Wealthy Affiliate University in fact I am still learning as so many others are who have been members for many years and are far more advanced than me!

If you are a blogger, writer, web publisher,newbie or into online retail then I can fully recommend Wealthy Affiliate. If you want to know more about this amazing platform then you can do here:

Wealthy Affiliate University Review

At the end of the day it is up to you but this is the ideal learning platform and business platform to help you start an online business.

I believe this is the next best thing to learn how to make money online fast, I don’t mean overnight but at a consistent and steady pace as you build your business.

I also had a few bricks and mortar businesses over the years and I never took a wage in the beginning but with the training at Wealthy Affiliate you can earn as you learn with the 6 different streams of income you can take up. Plus it is free to try out!

Any Questions?

If you have any questions or comments then please ask away, I am here to help so if you have an opportunity you want to take up, what ever it maybe then comment below as either myself or a fellow Wealthy Affiliate Member will probably know about it as there is a massive community here from around the world amassing a wealth of experience. I am here to help you regardless of what you want to do.


Sharing is Caring!

4 thoughts to “How to Make Money Online Fast – What You Should Know!”

  1. Hey Darren, Great Post!

    I definitely agree with you when you say that everyone is always looking for an easier way out, instead of looking for actual ways that can lead to something more substantial and will be long-term.

    People shouldn’t waste their time searching for the “fastest ways”, because they aren’t real. There is always going to be work involved. And that is why, I too, would recommend affiliate marketing, as it is easy to do, you can generate a passive income from it and anyone can do it.

    1. Hi

      yes all too often we come across these brilliant offers, especially on social media advertising get rich quick scheme is and unfortunately these take priority with many members of the Internet community choosing these over something that they can build long-term

  2. Ugh, I was really hoping you were going to show me the way to making money online FAST! I am only kidding of course. I have been working on my affiliate marketing site for some time now and I know that there is not a fast way to make money online. I am really glad you are letting people know the truth. If anyone tells you it can be done, RUN. This takes a lot of time and energy to build and develop an affiliate marketing website, I can attest to that. You have a lot of great information here and I can also vouch for Wealthy Affiliate, it’s top notch.

    1. Hi Steve

      Sorry buddy! ha ha

      It really annoys me that some sellers prey on peoples “hope” for a better way, but sadly its never going to happen as it does take time to build something.

      I’ve tried a few in my time and nothing ever came of them only skepticism of the next offer. I was the same with Wealthy Affiliate but I signed up as it offered me a no obligation full access trial which none of these so called brilliant offers would do.

      This went a long way to show the sites legitimacy as they had nothing to hide in my view.

      I’m glad your doing well in affiliate marketing and wish you well.

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