Make Money Online For Free

Make Money Online For Free

Make Money Online For Free

Can you actually make wealth online for free? I’m sure you can but you will never be rich as most of the free money making sites are offers such as paid surveys. The problem is you either get paid in vouchers or get a very low fee.

The old saying comes into play here in a sense; “You get what you pay for.” What I mean by that is in hindsight anything free is not going to get you where you want to be. You need to invest money to make money and there is no better investment than yourself.

I can give you a few ways to earn revenue in order to let you earn a second income or full time passive income however there are plenty of free ways to earn a few pounds or dollars pocket money:

Thankfully, there are tons of legitimate and paying rewards sites out there.


Make Money Online for Free

Here are a few:

  • Swagbucks: Is a popular rewards program that gives you a free gift cards and cash for the everyday things you already do online. Swagbucks rewards you for doing almost anything you already do on your computer such as – shopping, playing games, watching videos, browsing the internet. The points earned can be redeemed for cash and prizes including Amazon gift cards. They even give you $5 for free just for signing up and verifying you email address!
  • Cashcrate: This one started a long while ago and is the same sort of thing where you get paid to take surveys.
  • Gifthulk: This is a more recent site, but so far it’s looking like a very trustworthy site.
  • QuickRewards: With this site the name is aptly correct as you are rewarded quickly when it comes to paying the only drawback is that you have to reside in the USA and so it’s not global as yet which is a shame.
  • CreationRewards: This is another fun cashback site that you can earn points for shopping, and answering surveys, answer questions and play games. It’s very similar to Clixsense.

Other ways to make money online for free come in different ways like getting paid to read emails for example. Now I can see your trying to think how this works right? Well basically companies pay websites to send traffic to there websites.

make money online for free

Inboxpounds is a decent site that offers a pretty good site for offers, when you click on the link provided it will take you to your country of residence. They pay out pretty quickly and the surveys and deals are authentic. A good way of earning on this site is definitely through the paid emails as it’s less time-consuming than doing the surveys. You get paid a few cents just for clicking on the emails even if you don’t buy anything. I receive emails and it does work, it will never make you rich but its still useful if you receive 2 or 3 a day throughout the year that’s still $20 just from 5 minutes of clicks a day by the end of the year plus what ever else you take part in.

Do not get taken in buy adverts online from other sites saying you can earn thousands answering surveys and emails as its total rubbish!

Another good way of starting of online is to create a blog to review products, this could lead to many other ventures down the line such as Affiliate marketing which is an industry that is only 10 years old but growing at an incredible rate. You can find out more here: Wealthy Affiliate University is the ideal platform to research this industry, you don’t have to know anything as it is all taught for you through step by step video training in stages.

Get Paid To Give Your Answers To Questions & Give Advice

If you want to give something back and get paid while you do it than answering peoples questions is a good way of making some cash at a higher rate than you would from answering surveys.

If you have knowledge within certain fields than you can earn money from that knowledge, people need advice on just about every topic. The following websites can give you a steady flow of cash.

  • SmallBiz Advice: If you have experience in business than you can get paid to answer peoples business related questions. They pay you through PayPal or Check for your services.
  • is a website you can register with to test your psychic powers if you possess them!
  • : if you have an expertise in a certain field than this is ideal for you. People visit the site and ask Questions that are priced between $5 to $25 or more. If you have your response accepted than you get paid for that question. They pay via PayPal so make sure you have an account.

Questions and Answers

Freelance Jobs Online

One of the best ways to earn an income working from home and online is through freelancing. Perhaps the best part about becoming a paid freelancer is that you don’t need to invest any money to get started.

All you need is a specific skill or a specific set of skills, your computer, and your willingness to work and deliver.

If that interests you, here are some best-trusted freelancing sites you can sign up with in order to get started:

  • Upwork offers opportunities for freelancers to do jobs in various sectors such as writing, translating, marketing, web development and so on.
  • Freelancer: This site is very good but I have found that there are also scammers operating on it so do not go of the site and communicate with anyone, stay on the freelancer website.
  • is a very good site and one of my favorites. It was easier to join than the two above and what I like about it is the fact you can log in through a Linkedin account which for me gives it more credibility.

Writing Articles To Sell

Writing and a writers life

Writing articles is up there with my top favourite list as writing is a big passion of mine. The Internet is a massive part of everyone’s lives and so it is an ideal way to earn some money. Websites need content and so there is a demand for content writers.

  • Constant Content: here you can sell your blogs for cash however be aware of the little quiz you have to take!
  • Textbroker: Similar to above, you publish your blog posts and articles and sell them for cash however you must live in the USA
  • : if you enjoy a rant and a rave and have a funny sense of humour then you could really enjoy this platform! ever so popular in the USA, will pay you for your blogs and posters if they think they are good enough. Its well worth a look! The company is 60 years old and well-established.
  • Postloop: If you like a good review then this is the site for you as you get paid to leave your comments on blogs and posts for writers who need engagement on there websites to get ranked in Google.


Postloop - One of a kind content marketplace



Paid to Click Sites

The paid click industry is one that I have tried but it will take you forever just to make $5 as I have tried and gave up. I also didn’t like the fact that some sites are not very secure and there are scammers roaming about on them.

Basically all you do is click on adverts and stay on there for 15 seconds to claim a minute amount, not even 1 cent! I think the best offer I had was 0.015 cent!

Clixsense, I have actually written a review on this platform but still I advise you to look at other options.



Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a superb way of earning an income online and probably the best one to run a business online.

You can do this for free however it will take you along while to workout how it all works and to learn the tricks of the trade. If you are actually serious about this then it is advisable to join a community and training platform in order to learn how to do it properly and instead of joining up on these programmes below you will have the facility to use all of them under one roof.

I learnt at Wealthy Affiliate University where you are taught from scratch as I mentioned before however what I never mentioned is not only do you get all the training and support you will ever need but you also get 50 free website hosting space all for under $50!! That means you can host your own websites and others for a nominal yearly subscription.

Once you have built a website and it has gained authority you could be earning enormous amounts through the following affiliate programs:

  • Amazon Associates: all yo need to do is write product reviews and if a customer clicks on the link provided and buys then you earn a commission.
  • EBay Partner Network: This works the same as Amazon and I have had some good successes with this one!
  • Commission Junction: Is a great way to make revenue for your affiliate website, It’s very user-friendly and easier to use I feel than other sites such as Clickbank.
  • MaxBounty: Offers networkers the chance to connect with each other so that affiliate marketers can promote advertisers products, there’s also some very good offers with this site.
  • Clickbank: This is likely the biggest marketplace you can find for affiliate links on the web. It’s really good for finding digital goods to promote.



Freelance Micro Jobs

micro job websites such as Fiverr have become very popular in recent years. Fiverr lead the way for many new micro jobs getting launched.

Advertising on the micro job sites is like freelancing however the jobs are often smaller than the big freelancing websites that offer higher fees for freelance workers.

These websites are attractive to freelancers as they are not just limited to writers and designers as many other skilled workers can offer there services for $5. You can still make good money out of these micro sites.

Micro sites:

  • Fiverr: For $5, you can find all sorts of jobs at Fiverr to earn revenue from. Depending on what your skilled Niche is you can pretty much get any type of request. Jobs or “gigs” as they’re called fall mainly under Social Marketing, Graphics, Advertising, Technology, Business plus many more. It’s worth signing up to and giving it a go. #
  • mTurk: Another alternative site that I recommend is mTurk. It takes some time to learn how to operate this site but when you do it will allow you to earn some pocket money. You should be able to earn $20 a day on this platform. It operates by offering human intelligence tasks (Hits)


Work online

Revenue Sharing Websites

Revenue sharing is not a bad to make money online for free. Basically you share revenue that has been generated by ads that are displayed on your content.

All you do is publish content on a revenue share website and the website displays ads on your post, is a very clever concept that many companies have adopted. Basically, you sign up with a site, publish content (article, video, eBook, etc), the site displays ads with your content, and money made from traffic clicking on the ad will be shared between you and the website with you claiming the larger percentage.


This is a great way to supplement your income without having to worry about building and maintaining a website, promoting it, driving traffic, etc. All you need to do is create and submit your content. And since most of these sites are usually huge and popular, you don’t have to do much to get traffic to your content.

If you didn’t feel like creating a website then this is a good way of getting your content online, however if they close then you lose all your work!


  • Hubpages: If you enjoy writing, try your luck on this arguably biggest and most popular revenue-sharing article websites.
  • InfoBarrel: Make available your content (can be articles, videos, reviews and how to guides) and make money.

Sell Your Designs

Thanks to the internet and the sites like the ones listed below, you can sell your designer products without having to be a world-famous designer. This is a good viable option to sell a fashion brand via one of these websites.

If you sign up for on of these sites, I think CafePress or Etsy are two of the biggest in this industry. There you can choose what product you want your design to go on.

As with Affiliate Marketing, selling designs means you don’t have to ever see your product or spend anything at a wholesale cost. All that is required is for you to load your design to the website and choose the product items you want your design to go on. The website will deal with the rest so you just pick up the payment!


graphic design

  • Cafepress: Markets the content you create either text,logo or graphic designs.
  • Etsy: Specializes in items that are handmade and also in vintage products. Etsy is on the Artistic side and assists in the selling of items that meet these criteria. You also have the benefit of being with one of the largest sell design sites on the web.
  • Skreend: If your skill is designing logos for T-Shirts then this is the ideal sell design platforms to express your style.
  • SpreadShirt: With Spreadshirt you can easily earn money selling your designs however this platform also lets you earn by promoting and selling other members products. A win win situation?


I hope you find something here that suits you as I have covered various ways you can make money online for free. The one area where it pays to invest in yourself is with Affiliate Marketing but that is also where the biggest income will be. You need to pay for web hosting and domain names and the company I have suggested has everything under one roof as I have explained.

Feel free to comment in case I have missed something or if you have any questions as I would be happy to answer them.

Best wishes


Wealth Online

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  1. Excellent article, I have ventured into some of these online money making sites myself like Clickbank swag bucks etc. I’ve also tried freelancing however I didn’t feel that I had any experience relating to a lot of jobs out there. I’m happy I have found Wealthy Affiliates because I am learning so much!

    1. Hi

      Yes I’m I totally agree with you, I have tried many different things online but wealthy affiliate is the one that’s really worked for me.

      I am however just started out on click bank again it’s more to do with digital products so I’m just having a look at doing some reviews at the moment on them.

  2. Hi Darren! For me, affiliate marketing is the best option for making money online, to create a full-time passive income. Other options you mentioned sound good but not good affiliate marketing. Anyway, this is a very informative article, and I have bookmarked it so I can come by from time to time. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Hi Ivan

      Thank you for visiting and its a pleasure to read that you have bookmarked my page! I hope it comes in useful sometime.

      I agree with you that Affiliate marketing is the best option for a home business as thanks to the internet you have a global market.

      Have you created any affiliate websites?

  3. There’s some great ideas here to try online for free.

    I’m glad I came across this page as it is all scams on social media!

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