How To Market A Small Business

How To Market A Small Business

When we say market a small business, what do we mean? The definition is simply advertising and creating awareness of what you do to the public by taking action in forms of promoting and advertising your products or services in order to sell them.

In order to promote and advertise you need to know who your audience will be, this is called a target audience. This is done wih a system called “Market Research.”  All you are doing is researching your market to find out what type of customer is buying the product you are selling, for example what age group, male or female or both, locations, seasonal, the list is endless as there are so many trends to research. Know your Audience

Online research is so much easier to do as we have at our finger tips trending maps for social media, forums, Facebook and Google Groups and so on. We can also search the titles people look for in search engines such as Google using keyword search engines however for more in depth searches for professionals these can become quite expensive so due diligence is recommended.

I would stay away from Alexia for example as they do not give you correct results, see why here

I personally would recommend Jaaxy as its highly efficient and created by research marketers so it has everything you require to fulfill your results with regards to keyword research.

It is important to keep up with the demands of your consumer as trends can change or shift at a moments notice.

Advantages Of Marketing Your Business Online

Website Analysis

There are many ways to market your business but the most popular one in my opinion is online marketing as you can reach a bigger audience for a fraction of the cost of advertising ohn Radio or TV if your big enough that is! it gives small businesses a chance to compete.

Analytic software is vital for your website as it allows you to tap into a whole host of information about your website and who is visiting which will help you decide on who to focus on as it allows you to plan advertising and marketing campaigns but also allows you to monitor the results. You can even see what Keywords are working best for your audience.

Google analytics
Analytics study

Video Marketing

Video Marketing is set to be massive in the future of advertising online as it is a very visual way of learning.

The art is not to just publish a video for the sake of it as you will require more of an explainer video to show what your product or service does. Research suggests that this can result in 85% of your audience will be more likely to go on and view or buy your product.

Apart from being a great engager tool a video on your homepage will likely direct more traffic to your website creating new leads, answer queries and help conversion rates.


Surveys are another good tool to findout peoples opinions on their likes and dislikes and work very well on Facebook groups that can also create engagement for your business which can give you specfically useful feedback on what you are selling.

Social Media

there are now many social media patforms that essentially a business needs to belong to in order to compete with competition however they all target different types of audiences in their own right so it is essential to understand the different types of posts for the various types of platforms. social media icons, Facebook,You Tube,Twitter

This can be time consuming so it is useful to use some type of social media managment tool so you can stagger your posts throughout the day.

Email Marketing

An email marketing platform enables a small online business to create a number of advertising campaigns. They will allow you to send specifically targeted emails at the right time along the buying process, it also allows you to create and send from different email templates depending on how you want to market your campaign and sending multiple emails to your complete database regardless of email providers!

There are a number of companies out there which I will be doing reviews on so watch this space!

You can learn all there is to know about marketing, Keywords and SEO from an excellent business hosting platform I use called Wealthy Affiliate which teaches you all the above as well as providing website hosting and step by step tuition enabling you to have a complete business set up with everything under one roof! If you want to read more about this you can do by clicking here

God luck on your journey and if there is anything I can help with then please comment below and I will get in touch!


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