secure your facebook account

How To Protect Your Facebook Account

How To Protect Your Facebook Account

Another unsuspecting scam!

This morning while browsing my Facebook news feed I came across an interesting post that relates to what I’m trying to protect people from on my wealth online.

Facebook and other social media platforms are a great way of interacting with other people and meeting people from other countries. It is also a haven for Con artists and scammers.

On my news feed I read a post that I have quoted below. The status was shared by a family members mutual friend.

Have you ever come across engaging type questions on Facebook groups or any other social media groups where the person posting is asking questions such as?

“what primary school did you go to”

“What was the name of your childhood pet”

“what was your first car”

“what was the name of your childhood pets”

Have you answered and not given it a second thought and just got on with your day? Did you just pass it off as a bit of Social Media Fun?

however could these questions have a darker sinister side depending on the person asking them ?

Social Media Dangers


Securtiy Questions

Now let me ask you a question if I may.

What types of questions do Banks and other high security websites ask you when you forget your passwords or access codes?

How many of you reading this article have your email addresses in your profile pages and how many of you have friends on social media that you have never met?!!

All it takes is for you is to answer these questions then a few weeks later get a message from the person who left that engaging question to strike up a conversation with you on a topic and then innocently ask for your email address to send over some information and now they have personal questions answered by you a few weeks before and now your email address.

From here you could be hacked and frozen out of your facebook, other social media accounts and also more seriuosly financial websites such as your online bank account.

This could be over a few weeks or months without you suspecting a thing. Just think how much information they could collect on you from your emails!

cyber security

A simple fun status could have dire consequences for you. If you think about it these questions that people put on statuses that you may quite innocently answer as part of the interaction on social media for a bit of a fun could be more than just harmless. I am sure many of us know someone who has had their facebook account hacked and how do they obtain the information to break in to the accounts. They catch you of guard !

Have you ever wondered why these questions are being asked questions?

Now I am not saying everybody who post these questions will be trying to gauge personal information from their social media friends but think about it before you answer these types of questions as you never know.

Commenting on a Social Media Status

Also, you’re commenting on the status in the comment section below the question then you are making your answers public to however many people are in that group.

This is the status that appeared on my news feed:


I hope you think twice about answering these types of questions. I hope you will think twice before responding to them, always be careful I can’t stress this enough as I’ve mentioned be on your guard always.

You do never know who is behind a profile of a social media profile. If it is not someone you know in person, then anyone can make up a profile and look like they are hard-working decent person, but you don’t know who’s behind that screen.

How to prevent security breaches

Chances are that not everyone who posts these types of questions will be planning to hack your bank account or sell your personal information on the dark web but to prevent any possibility it is quite easy to prevent Security breaches. So what is a good way to prevent hacks and easy methods on how to protect your facebook account and other private accounts across the web?

To help prevent a security breach or hack into one of your personal accounts, I strongly suggest that you change your personal questions.

I would suggest change them every month or maybe more depending on how safe you feel. If you have answered any of these questions recently PLEASE DO IT NOW!

online security

Better to be safe than sorry and in future don’t answer or engage in any of these silly statuses it is just not worth it.

Con artists are highly sophisticated and are evolving new ways to obtain our information all the time. They know exactly what they’re doing to trick you into giving them your private information.

They have clever techniques to trick you into giving passwords over the telephone or via email and on social media. Remain vigilant and I hope that my articles I’ve written on how to make wealth online will help in some way into bringing this to your attention.

I Am Here To Help

If you have been a victim of fraud or a scam in this way Please let me know, there is a comment section below this article and I’d love to hear your story and see if I can help in any way

I’m very passionate about helping people avoid scams and creating wealth financially and in creating a positive mindset.


Thank you for taking the time to read my article and for visiting!


Best Wishes


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6 thoughts to “How To Protect Your Facebook Account”

  1. I would never given this a second thought!

    I’ve often answered these types of questions for fun and to pass the time on Facebook but never did I think it could be associated with security questions.
    But now thinking about these are the types of questions financial websites ask you security purposes.

  2. Hi, Darren!

    This is something everybody should read!

    There’s so many dishonest people out there that just keep on luring kind people every day.

    I can’t count all the times I got strange questions on my social media accounts. I also got many questions about people who want me to send money or want me to pay for flight tickets etc. etc.

    I hope everyone that read this learn from this great post!


    Regards, Jan

    1. HI Jan

      Thank you for taking the time to read my post and I hope it has helped in someway.

      I’ve just replied to Sam and said it’s scary with so many things to watch out for online nowadays.

      I think Facebook is more socially active than other social media platforms so that’s why I chose it for the How to protect your account on Facebook as that is where I have spotted alot of these questions in various selling groups.

      They also seem to be a popular way of MLM groups strategies in engaging with people.

  3. They will always hit you when you least expect it so I’m not surprised that they use this tactic on unsuspecting Facebook users.

    It is always important to remain vigilant in a matter what website or social media platform you’re using. Also vital when you get a cold call on the telephone as you never know.

    1. You have to be alert 24 hours a day now. You have to be alert when you get a phone call and knock at the door and now even answering a simple amusing question on Facebook or other social media platforms.

      Before I read and done research on this subject I would not have given it a second thought, now I just ignore these questions. I’m sure a lot of them are innocent but you never know.

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