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How To Sell Products Online With No Stock – Sell Without The Hassle!

How To Sell Products Online With No Stock – Sell Without The Hassle!

Hi there! My name is Darren  I am going to be completely honest with you…  I want to help you by showing you a great way of selling online without holding OR owning any of the stock!            

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I have been selling online since 2004, and now make it my mission to give something back and help other people make a start. I wish I had known about this back then so I am super excited to tell YOU about it. Work From Home

I started out selling old stuff on eBay and progressed to selling stock and eventually became a power seller. The trouble was, all my inventory was held in my home and I had to walk to the post office with my sold items to post around the country and overseas.


Not only am I selling in a different way, I am helping many people to sell and they just follow the same steps I did.

It is EASY to sell within the online world Than in a Shop

You have over 2 Billion people to target during their Purchase mindset compared to a real-life shop where customers may just stroll in to have a look or Window shop as it is known which makes selling to them that much harder and let us not forget the pressure to sell to cover your rent, stock purchase, and staff wages!

Down To Business!

What about the possibility of cutting out the middleman and connect straight to the audience that is ready and waiting with there Bank cards ready to buy? The answer is you can do just that! The internet gives you that opportunity and I am going to personally show how it works.

When selling online you have the same routine for each sale no matter what platform your selling from:

  1. Take product photo
  2. Write a listing description
  3. Upload product photo
  4. Wait for a sale
  5. Prep for shipping
  6. Take to post office or shipping point
  7. Get tracking number
  8. Handle customer complaints if there is any.

that’s the basis of the procedure, isn’t it? Now after you take out the cost price, listing fees, payment does if using an online payment source, travel cost to post, actual postage amount, packaging materials and tax;

How much profit are you actually left with? not much is there.

Now, what about if you sold the same product without any of the above would you be interested? Good! I’m now going to show you the 3 simple steps that are required.


steps to success

Go on Then Darren… Show Me How!

You are on this page and have read this far for one reason only. YOU want to earn money online but eBay is just not cutting it!

Now I am not here to sell for you but I am offering you THREE simple steps that will lay the foundations that will generate the maximum exposure to selling products online, so now I will give YOU these insights I’ve been gossiping about!


The THREE Simple Steps YOU need to take

Step 1: Give Your Business a new Home (A Website)

The first thing that is required is a website or blog. This will enable you to engage with the online audience and find potential customers and is the most interactive shop window around. this allows for engagement with customers and will create an online authority for your business brand.

You can create a website in whatever Niche you want just as you had on eBay or other selling platforms. My first Niche website was Minecraft toys (Click the logo to see) :

minecraft toys

You can get really awesome websites for completely FREE nowadays with services like It takes around 30 seconds to set one up through Site Rubix so literally in minutes from now you can have a website and choose from thousands of different themes to suit your Niche.



site rubix

You can make a start on your website as soon as you want once you have an idea what Niche you want to sell in.

If you’re already selling online through a selling platform then you pretty much have an idea of a Niche already, so what are you waiting for when you can set it up for FREE? Click Below to make a start on Step one:


Site Rubix - Free Websites


The website is fully functional and will provide you with access to a platform  Wealthy Affiliate, This is a global community that will train and support you and help you with your online product promotions.

Go directly to the website and start building your NEW site!

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Step 2: Getting Your Products Exposure (Getting Traffic)

You could have the best product niche in the world, but if you have no audience then you will not get many sales will you so the next step is training and getting educated to attract that traffic and engage with them.

NO traffic (people), NO business. You will not be in a better position than you are now and I want to get you into that position. So, the next step is to start your training and see how traffic performs online.

With the billions of people online there is a lot of potential for sales and a chance to create an astounding amount of exposure for your website. Your website will your foundation for sales and the traffic attracted to it will be the audience where your sales will come from.

Where Can I Find This Training?

So where will you get the training on how to sell products online with no stock? Glad you asked! If you have already set up a website from step one then you will already be able to access this training to the Wealthy Affiliate community.

This is THE PLACE that provides your training including your website however if you already have a website then that’s fine as you can still just do the training and again it’s totally free, just visit the website at


Step 3: Keeping Your Niche Business Growing (Getting Help When You Need it)

How would it feel if you had thousands of experts online to help you if you had any questions or you were stuck on something for your online business?

well, Reality Check you have! You will have help and support throughout the Wealth Affiliate community as well as having me on hand to offer support and guidance!

This is where you get help directly from me whenever you need it. Below is my wealthy Affiliate Profile to show that I am human! click on the photo to go and take a look! 


You can contact me directly on this profile page once you sign up for free and then we can get you started. I help people here on a daily basis and depending on the time zones I will answer any questions you have as a priority.

You have 24/7 support here 365 days of the year whatever the help is then it will get answered by someone.

Got Questions About Selling Products?

promise me though…. don’t hesitate to ask me questions in the comment area below.  I am all about helping YOU. Helping others through my own experiences is a passion of mine and to get you up and running in the online world and making you successful would be an absolute pleasure.

I look forward to helping you plot your path to success online!


profile photos


Website Owner &
Your Personal Online Assistant

Thank you for reading my post and as promised here is my Your free gift to you to so my gratitude for your time.







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