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How To Start An Online Business And Avoid Fatigue

How To Start An Online Business And Avoid Fatigue

We all have the potential for great success but some of us have more drive and ambition to do it than others. This also relates to projects online, however, few people know how to leverage and engage an audience online to succeed.

With a lot of online businesses, you need to join different platforms in order to operate such as website host, accounts, tutorials, SEO, keyword research, indexing, copyright search for images, support, and advice.

We can all accomplish what we desire if we plan and structure our goals, however you need consistency and discipline to complete them. I am going to show you how to start an online business and avoid fatigue in order for you to succeed.

Having a platform where you can operate from will make life a lot easier to engage the millions of would-be customers within the online world as having everything in one place will help you concentrate on building a long-term sustainable income will be easier to obtain but will not take away the need for hard work to achieve these goals.

This will probably lead to fatigue and motivational problems so it is important to set out coping strategies for these problems. It is exciting to think of the finished object but you have to get it done to reach the finishing mark.

You cannot look at a mountaintop and admire the view from the bottom as you have to climb it to achieve it. That is exactly the same as when you are working for yourself.


I have written over 91000 words this year across three websites and that has not been done without fatigue setting in or my motivation being affected. I have my ways of motivating myself and my reason why I want to succeed and I take breaks when I feel tired which allows for my productivity not to be affected.

How would you deal with the challenge of keeping up your motivation?


My reason why! Wealth Online
                My Reason Why!!!!


That Feeling Of Fatigue!

I have five main areas that I personally try to adhere to in order to keep my motivation at a level I need it to be. Some of them give me that feel good factor that really lifts me and that reduces the feeling of fatigue for me.

Set Your Goals.

It is vital that you set yourself some goals to work towards and have a daily to-do list to help you achieve them. I start off with a yearly goal and work backward at the start of each new year. My yearly goals are broken down into monthly then weekly then daily goals and that is where I make my to-do lists. I am always thinking of the bigger picture at the end of the road. This helps me to keep my productivity levels up as opposed to having no plan at all.

Self Reciprocation. 

Helping others gives me that feel good factor and at my platform, I use which is Wealthy Affiliate There are ample choices in which you can help people and that is a real uplifting experience. I also remember my mother telling me to do one good deed every day and that has come into play as well. Even saying good morning to a stranger while out at the shops or walking the dog can make a difference as you never know that person’s circumstances.

Experience The Things You Want. 

We all have had a dream house or dream car or dream something, Well go and experience it! Imagine it’s yours already! I have a dream car and every couple of months I go to the showroom and sit in it, I close my eyes and I imagine I am driving it and it’s already mine. I did this with another car I wanted that was within my budget at the time and I am driving it now!

Take a Break. 

It can be more productive at times to just take a break and chill out, have a nap, watch a film or go away for the weekend! Whatever you feel is right for you. It is also important to get those early nights in and that’s ideal for whatever you do in order to function properly throughout the day.

Changing the Scenery 

It can be really beneficial to change your working environment from time to time in order to maximize your productivity. I Live in Liverpool, England and in the City Centre there is the Central Library which is The Picton Reading rooms, I sometimes take myself off there for the day to work as I feel really inspired by the room itself. A library is a place of knowledge and learning, for me, it is the perfect place to work when I want a change of scenery.


Picton Reading Room, Liverpool Central Library

Reflect on the Real Potential.

There is an online audience of 4 BILLION people online! That is more than the passing trade you would get in a high street! Do you think out of 4 billion people, how many of them are looking for the product you are selling or would love to work from home? With the Wealthy Affiliate Platform, you can also earn an income by attracting and changing the lives of other people around the world! You can earn $23.50 per customer recurring each month or for a free starter account you can earn $11.75 per month:

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4 referrals – $94              /   $47

6 referrals – $141             /   $70.50

12 referrals – $282         /    $141

Can you see where this is going? Even if you sign up for a free starter account it still lets you earn some money. that’s 12 referrals out of 4 billion people!

You can start in 3 simple steps by clicking this banner to find out more!

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This is just an example of how you can achieve your potential, you just need the right training and education!

Enjoy What You Do

To put it bluntly, I love what I do. For that reason, it makes it easier to do! I do not see my online business as work but as a passion so for me, it is about inspiring others and helping them to change their lives. My other websites are also about helping people make the right choices, especially parents. One of them I write product reviews to help parents decide on what is the best product for their children. I love the thought that I have made a difference in someone’s life and the Internet has helped me do that.

I still need to stick to my own guidelines though as I do get tired and that is when I need to take a break otherwise my productivity levels will slip.

Feel free to comment below and let me know how you cope with fatigue and also if you would like to find out how to start something online and go into the earning potential of the Internet audience.


Best regards


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4 thoughts to “How To Start An Online Business And Avoid Fatigue”

  1. That was a good read. I am into online business as well and I feel your tips are very good. I liked your tip about setting goals very much and I will try to apply it in my business as well. Thanks

  2. Hello, such a great article. And so true how we do get fatigue. Especially if we are not seeing results. I know that if we are not persistant and consistent nothing will happen.
    I so agree Wealthy Affiliate is a fabulous place to get your feet wet and learn how to start a business.
    Thanks for doing this.
    IN peace and gratitude, ariel

    1. Hi Ariel

      Thank so much for your kind words! I believe that people fall short of there goals due to the aspects you mention, “persistence and consistency”

      Fatigue has a lot to do with this and I hope that whoever reads my article will take it on board. just helping one person it would be so rewarding.

      best Regards


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