Is Affiliate Marketing For Me?

Is Affiliate Marketing For Me?  

since 2005 I have often wondered and tried to get into affiliate marketing as the industry was rather new back then and I never found the right training to help me get started so I carried on being an eBay power seller as my affiliate marketing ambitions became a distant dream.

Role on to December 2016 and decided to have a year sabbatical after selling my businesses my desire to pursue affiliate marketing ignited again. Is Affiliate Marketing for me? I was still not sure, so I began to research the industry.

I came across just what I was looking for and in January 2017 after signing up for my free starter account and trying all areas before I decided Affiliate marketing was for me! So I decided to subscribe to the premium membership. Darren at

The Beginning

From the start, I liked what this platform had to offer as it showed how to get started with step by step training from the free lessons I received from my free start account to sign up for premium membership.

A year later I have a fully operating business including two high ranking websites. They both generate income for me through various income streams. It all started with the wonderful training I received at Wealthy Affiliate and their free starter account.

Are You Serious about working from home on your very own online business? If you are I am going to show you why creating your free starter account will be one of the best choices you will make this year! There is a reason why some of the top affiliate marketers online today use Wealthy Affiliate.

Think back to last year

If you think back to last year, Where were you and what were you doing? If I took a guess your financial position has remained the same?


If you then keep doing what your doing and I wish you all the best as next year you will be in the same position only it will be two years on and not a year.

I want to help those of you that want to change!

If you desire more out of your life and want to improve yourself and perhaps just start out creating a second income and then a full-time income then you have to be willing to make a change and stop dreaming like others who have probably switched this page off and moved on to something else online.

There is no room for procrastination you need to get up and take action.

It is so easy to get stuck in the same routine and ignore the steps you need to take to be more successful.

The best investment you can make is in yourself and change your situation. Some People want more but get stuck in the same routine every day.

   Change Your Habits to Change Your Life!

carry on the way you are or change direction?
Stay on the path your on or change direction?

Steps To Changing Your Habits

In order to change your direction in life, it is necessary to change a few things in your life in order to help you get into the correct mindset to succeed.

Move In The right circles By surrounding yourself with successful people and also people you are likeminded to succeed, you will aspire to grow with them or join the successful people who have succeeded and follow in their shoes.

Invest in yourself! We now live in the information age and can go and learn more or less anything if we pay for it at seminars and private courses much the same as going to college or night school and paying a course fee. This could cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars.


For example, I paid £1500 to do an Amazon FBA course and learn how to source products, label and get them shipped to an Amazon warehouse for them to distribute. The course was 3 days and I made the choice to invest in myself. I got my initial investment back inside a year and the rest is now my return on that initial investment until I decide to stop it.

My question to you:

Would you invest $49 a month to get trained in Affiliate Marketing and other income streams if this resulted in a potential monthly return of $1-3000 per month?


Would you invest  $359 for 12 months that works out to $29 a month for potential monthly returns of $1-3000 per month?

Your earning potential is up to you but these figures can be accomplished with the training provided. The rest is down to the individual.

Wouldn’t it be worth trying though? what if in a years time you are earning an extra $1000 a month or even $400 a month with potential growth for the second year and so on?

Back in January 2017 if I had been asked then I would have been grateful to have been earning an extra $400 a month from my monthly investment!

This is a straightforward education and business platform to show you how to succeed with a REAL internet business that is no different from a brick and mortar business. it just has cheaper overheads and a worldwide audience of approximately 4 billion people.

One thing it is not and that It’s not a get rich quick scheme that’s for sure!

That’s the opportunity you will get with Wealthy Affiliate. Here you have a platform that will train you correctly and give you the tools to enable you to build your own business without all the startup costs that get you off to a start in debt before you even open up!  You can start for free right here right now!


Start for Free

Wealthy Affiliate Described

I’ll tell you a little about Wealthy Affiliate but for more of an in-depth view then visite my review.

As you know Wealthy Affiliate is an online learning platform based on Affiliate marketing, however, it is also a business hosting platform that allows you to build and host your websites as well as other resources like the writing tools and thousands of tutorials at your fingertips.

There are approximately 1.3 million members from near enough every country around the world that make up a unique and friendly global community where you will find an answer to near enough every question!

It has easy to follow tutorials with video lessons and transcripts with step by step instructions at every level with lessons that cover every detail of what is required.

Some of the things covered:

Live Training every Friday

step by step starter courses

content writing resources

Website development feedback

keyword research analyzer

live chat

Libary of free images to use

free web hosting for 25 domains

free web hosting for a further 25 websites

hundreds of training modules on everything to do with online sales from web development, social media, funnel sales, email autoresponders to name but a few.

There’s so much you get for your subscription that other platforms will charge hundreds of dollars for. Wealthy Affiliate is affordable and will not empty your bank account.

When you first sign to premium for after signing for your free account the first month is £19 and $49 thereafter or if you opt for a yearly subscription at $359 that breaks down to $29 a month.

The thing what I really liked about this site was the fact you got full Seven-day free access to look around before taking the plunge. It was just like going into a shop and trying all the products out before making a purchase or just walking out again!

The trust they have in their new members is rather impressive in my opinion and made me feel that they really wanted the best for me, especially as the owners Kyle and Carson are so approachable.

Wealthy Affiliate is risk-free! 

Learn Affiliate Marketing the Right Way!


Now if you’re worried that you have no experience with websites and Online sales then don’t worry as this is actually perfect as you can be taught from scratch. there is a 10 module course to get you started from the very beginning with those handy step by step videos. I never had a clue when I started to believe me but there was always a more experienced member to help me with any questions I had.

Experience or no experience there is a Course designed for every level!! 

What is Affiliate Marketing?

The quick answer is that Affiliate Marketing puts the buyer in touch with the vendor! it’s that simple really! If you have ever clicked on a link on a website and been taken to another website while looking to purchase something then you have probably clicked on an affiliate link!

The Industry is worth $6 billion a year and can be very lucrative. Thanks to the training at Wealthy Affiliate you can quickly become part of that industry.




Is it worth it?

Let me ask you this; Are you willing to take a risk-free bet on yourself? By signing up for the free starter account you are given seven days with full access to make up your mind If you still want to look more then your first month is $19.

Its not a lot if its something that will change your lifestyle or finances is it?

If your not sure then that’s fine, I understand as I was skeptical at first but you really have nothing to lose as a free starter account is free, just sign your email and make up a username and you are in, no bank details no Credit card details! If you are still asking yourself is affiliate market for me? then there is only one way to find out just like the other 1.3 million members did.

Click on the form below to sign up for Free!

Sign up for Wealthy Affiliate



It’s down to you but I hope you will give it a chance and make up your mind if it’s for you or not. 

Don’t just sign up and go and watch TV! sign up and make the most of the free full access as I am trying to help you.

Feel free to comment below with your views.


Best wishes


Wealth Online


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  1. Your bang on with this article, people want things but won’t get out of their comfort zone or do the work to get where they want to be.

    I’m signed up!!

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