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Is USI Tech A Scam? My Personal Experience

Is USI Tech A Scam? My Personal Experience

Is it the case that if you come across a cryptocurrency company that states it can offer you a daily return on your investment, is this too good to be true?

The company USI – Tech has seemingly fallen into that category as the struggle to withdraw money has not been matched by the demand of clients cashing out and since January 2018 this problem became a serious one which has only grew since then.

How do I know?

Good question, what gives me the right to comment on this? I have the right as I am an investor who cannot withdraw my money. Now thankfully I only invested £90 as a trial on one investment package but I know a fair amount of people who have invested a lot more than that! thousands to be exact.

In the latter part of last year, Bitcoin peaked with massive returns on initial investments. My inbox was Was inundated with offers of the not to be missed bitcoin investment offers.

I was skeptical of this and looked at Bitcoins charts and I could see that the crest of the wave had not broken yet so I decided to try it and write a review here at Online Wealth. I chose to do this and invest a small amount after friends had invested. I invested in one investment package for £90 with each package lasting for six months. With daily returns paid into my bitcoin wallet.


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Now six months past and last month I logged on to check on my returns only to discover that I couldn’t withdraw my £90 plus my return on investment. There was a notice explaining that there was a situation and so I thought okay let’s see where this goes but the alarm bells had started ringing.

So last week I tried to log in to see if the situation had been resolved only to find I now can not even log in so unfortunately as investments are a risk I will now write this £90 off as a lesson learned. A lesson I have no regrets doing so I can again urge you not to be taken in so quickly by unreal offers!

I, therefore, give only my opinion in this review taken on my experience and pass on for others to do some due diligence when choosing what to invest in.

I think USI Tech became too big too fast and unfortunately could not keep up with their promises.


Bitcoin has peaked

USI-Tech Has Problems

Is USI Tech A Scam? As I said I do believe they grew too fast and did not anticipate that so many people after their first packages had completed wanted to cash out all at once instead of reinvesting.

This is where the problem arose and set alarm bells ringing. Yes, there are companies out there that are scams I don’t think this is mum I got unlucky and careless. Looking back and looking at the website it was, however, I’m glad I trusted my got in Saint on this one and only invested in a small amount of money.

They tried to appeal to cryptocurrency investors from all walks of life claiming their portfolios will grow every day

However, I’m glad I trusted my own judgment on this one and only invested at a small amount of money. They tried to appeal to cryptocurrency investors from all walks of life claiming their portfolios will grow every single day and will get a return every day for me this was too good to be true.

To be able to gain a profit every single day everyone would become very wealthy very quickly and I personally believe there is no such thing as a get rich quick scheme.


digging for goldGet Rich Quick Schemes do Not Exist


On top of this amazing offer and daily returns, there was also an affiliate program that you could join that quite clearly Guaranteed affiliates are 35% referral commission using a 12 Tier program.

USI-Tech decided to blame its USA and Canda Affiliate marketers for the collapse and then advised these affiliates to destroy online evidence linking promotions to USI-Tech’s services.

This to me is not an act of a company, is USI Tech A Scam?  Being clear and transparent and operating in a lawful manner.

Affiliate marketing is very lucrative and I urge anyone to look at this if they were wanting an online business but there are ways of means of going about it and education is vital.



The 35% referral commission is very high and the money has to come from somewhere if you look at it not only do investors make a profit every singleAlso there are able to make an income from referrals they get a percentage of the money the new investor invests. Is it a Ponzi scheme? The company seems to have a never-ending revenue stream to pay for all this?

Withdrawing Your Earnings

One plan that never materialized was the fact that you are able to withdraw your returns out every day without any problems. However, It is no longer possible for anyone to draw their money which has it been the case since the beginning of 2018.

Unfortunately, the company is dealing with various legal issues that are preventing them from passing customers the money back however there are many people who don’t buy these excuses.

All too often we find companies such as this one that promise that the pavement is paid with gold to would be investors. It is my view that many people fall for the selling tactics as these companies pray on peoples hope.

A persons hope that they can create a better life of themselves not knowing that may well be quite innocently investing in something that offers such wonderful rewards is cruel.

That person may be desperate to improve their lives and instead their life could become worse. My investment the time of £90 is what I could afford to lose and it is my view with an investment that you only invest what you’re prepared to lose.



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The companies website offers packages which they label as investment packages. Any company offering investment packages should be avoided by my experience in investing with USI tech.

In the past, it is showing the companies offering similar products have failed miserably. Offering one of these packages for bitcoin or any cryptocurrency is normally some type of scam.

Judging by the performance of bitcoin leading up to the end of last year it was always evidenced that it was going to peak and then drop and I dare say there will be another peak and drop in years to come however the people behind USI tech probably knew this and thousands didn’t.

Unfortunately, as I said earlier USI Tech maybe a company with the best intentions and has created a business model they thought would work. I still believe that they grew too fast too soon on the wave of this peak with Bitcoin.

Angry Customers

It is human nature to get frustrated and angry when something like this happens as you trusted the sites with your money, and there is still no news from the company as to how they will fix the situation with regards to investors being able to withdraw their funds. I do not believe the response from the company has helped matters as they are not taking responsibility for the failures to deliver on the promises so it doesn’t sound to me being very honest!

There were investors out there who was able to draw a nice return on their investment, however, these investors invested before the peak.

I’m just giving my view experience I don’t expect to even be able to log into my account so I can see my information!



From my own personal experience when I ask myself Is USI Tech A Scam? I would have to say 75% yes. If you can’t get your money out or get a response then what else can one think?

If you want to invest then invest in an online business that will get you a return on your money instead of wasting it on these schemes.

I would advise affiliate marketing as it is both lucrative and rewarding. I learned at The Wealthy Affiliate University and now have my own online business.

This website is part of it where I blog and review potential scams so I can warn others before they join.

I hope whoever has invested will be able to get your money back. There is a Facebook Page you can join for advice and support if you wish:

Click here


If you want to share your experiences with USI-Tech then please comment below or if you need any help or assistance I will be only too happy to help.



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14 thoughts to “Is USI Tech A Scam? My Personal Experience”

  1. Hi Darren,

    Amazing review! I was a member of USI Tech for a short, very short time when I started out with the bitcoin investment. After the initial investment, the situation made me think a lot about it.

    The platform seems promising at first, but I felt something didn’t quite right so withdraw all my initial investment from the company.

    After reading this article, I feel like I have done the right thing for withdrawing all my money.

    Thank for sharing!

    1. Hi Maun

      I’m glad my Review has given you peace of mind.

      It does look promising when you first start with everything in the right place other than the navigation was a little complex I found. Glad you got your money out in time anyway.

  2. Hi thank you so much for your great advice, am into internet business and was planning to venture into crypto-currency, maybe I was going to fall prey to getting rich quick scheme like USI’s, you opened my sight. I will have to give a try the one you recommended

    1. Hi

      Not a problem. I am only too happy to help and it is really nice to here I am of prevented someone from losing their money. It is vital to do research before joining any trading platform.

      you are only to welcome.

  3. I have to agree that i know many people who got swept up into the Bitcoin frenzy. Several of whom I work with. All employing the same invest a little and withdraw when the investment period was over.

    I must say you were very lucky and this could have been much worse. Thank you for open and honest review to show a little caution before jumping into the deep end of the pool.

    Your last statement says it. ” invest what you can afford to lose”

    1. HI Mercedus

      I think people panic when they see others making money at something and want to join in as well, I put that down to human nature but its still that nature of a get rich quick scheme in my opinion.

      I love that statement – Invest in what you can afford to lose and it’s so true.

  4. Thank you for this Article I too joined USI Tech about a year ago one of my many fails trying to make money online and the one thing I’ve learned is that this investing in cryptocurrency.

    It’s more of a gamble then trying to build a business that’s where alot of people keep getting confused they think investing in coins get rich and there an entrepreneur but it just isn’t that simple great article !

    1. This is a great comment and shows many people jump on the hype and think “get rich quick”

      I agree that it’s better to build a business rather than gamble in this way.

  5. Nice read. I almost fell into one of those get rich schemes before I had come across WA.

    Unfortunately, I had lost a ‘few’ bucks but I learned my lesson to do a bit more research on anything I put money towards.

    Brandon 🙂

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