Jaaxy – More Than Just a Keyword Analysis Tool!

Jaaxy – A Keyword Analysis Tool With More To Offer!!


Do you ever think to yourself, wouldn’t it be great if there was an online resource that would just get things done and give you the date you require when looking for a keyword for your new website post to Smash through those search engine rankings!

That one website that has everything you need under the same roof?

When it comes to getting the best results you can with keyword research analysis tools to optimize your SEO, then one resource I thoroughly recommend is a platform called Jaaxy, for me, this is top of the list.

If you are serious about getting your blogs ranked and increasing your web traffic then stay on this page and read this until the end. I am only interested in engaging with people who are serious about being successful online and want to go that one step further! IS THAT YOU?



SEO for Google Blogs

My Take on the Jaaxy Keyword Research Analysis Tool!

When it comes to SEO (search engine optimization) getting the best keyword research data for your article to rank and rise through the search engine pages is critical.

Having thoroughly research keyword phrases throughout your article will help in getting traffic to your blog.

Jaaxy GIVES you know exactly what browsers on search engines are thinking and typing into their search bars! It’s your Secret Weapon as you can create content that targets what people are looking for is key to getting noticed for all affiliate marketers and bloggers.

Keyword research analysis tools do this and what I am about to share with you in this review is about how the Jaaxy keyword research analysis tool is in a different league!

I want to share with you the same tools I use to drive traffic to my websites and also the many other tools Jaaxy has to offer.

This is a business tool and so there are various subscription prices but I will cover that later as there is a way to get free training and as many free searches as you like! 


How to Rank With Jaaxy

It is possible to know how to use Google and still not fully utilise the power that specifically targetted keywords can do in order to boost your rankings.

Whenever a search is made on Google and words are typed into the search bar them Google will attempt to predict your search criteria. They do this by matching your words your typing into the words typed in by every user who has typed the same or similar to the phrase you are typing in.


google search


All I have typed in this screenshot is “How to create key” My complete sentence if I had completed it was how to create keywords:


how to create keywords


The complete sentence brings up different phrases once you type in your whole sentence. Here it shows what everyone in the world has ever typed using this phrase and as you can see the top 4 are the most relevant to what I typed and what will create the most successful keywords for a blog on this subject.


What Jaaxy does That Other Keyword Analysis Tools Don’t

The best keyword platforms such as Jaaxy collect all this data from millions of search queries and create the data in order to learn about that target audience.

This enables us to see what keywords are being searched for the most often and also to see what kind of competition from other websites there is.

This helps to look for keywords with the least amount of competition and how that competition is using the selected keywords plus how an article would rank using the same keyword.



Why Is Jaaxy So Good?


There are three membership levels to Jaaxy; Starter, Pro, and Enterprise.

I have a pro membership as I require it for my business but I will show you everything in this review to show you just how remarkable it is and how much more it has to offer than just a keyword analysis tool that helps get blogs and posts ranked with regular consistency.


Starting A Search

The first thing to do when you want to research keywords is to go to the tab marked SEARCH or the KEYWORD as this is where it all happens.

When you type a keyword in here you will get a list of search-related results. You will find that there is a lot of results that come up with each search.

Jaaxy Pro will give you 30 keyword search results whereas enterprise gives you 35 for every search you make. You also have a multi-tabbed search feature allowing you to have up to 5 different searches open at once with enterprise and 3 with Pro.

Once you have entered a search you will receive a table of keywords and relevant columns providing you with the required data.


Jaaxy keyword search


If you click on the photo to enlarge you will see that my phrase I have typed will always be the very top search as average high to low is always the default search. Jaaxy also combines the 3 main search engines:

Google, Bing, and Yahoo to gain optimal results. The keywords that you are interested in will be highlighted in bold to show you they were flagged in searches.

Table of Content

The results you get to give you brilliant information and let you know the monthly traffic, where you will rank and competition for each keyword. If you hover over the “?” next to each column’s heading you can see a brief column represents.


Keyword:  This is the phrase relevant to your search that shows your selected keywords. In this case, “How to create keywords”

Avg: The average monthly searches for the relevant phrase

Traffic: The average amount of traffic from the suggested phrase which gives you an expected number of monthly visits to your website.

QSR: The average number of Quoted search results that are competing websites ranked within Google for this phrase. This column alone is vital to our blog as this tells us how many websites we need to beat to get to the first page of Google.

The lower the number in this column the better. If you think about it there are on average 10 websites to a google search page so if you are stuck on page 4 or even 3 you will probably not be getting many visits as there will be 30 or 40 websites ahead of you in the queue.

NOTE:  Under each column header there is a little arrow, you can arrange and search for your phrases for each relevant column – high to low or low to high.

You need to target a first page or maybe second-page ranking to get noticed. I never go past page two when I google search something and I’m doing this review!

If the QSR is too high then the traffic will not reach you anyway. Avoid high competition keywords!

It is good practice to target QSR numbers of 100 or less if you can but has 100 or more searches

KQI: Keyword quality indicator, Green is Great, Yellow is ok, Red is poor. Jaaxy is designed this way as it is easier to visually see the result.

SEO: This indicates the phrase upon traffic competition. The higher the score out of 1-100 then the more likely you will rank for these keywords on the first page of google etc.

Domain: This shows you the availability of domain names available from .com, .org or .net,  this is really valuable information if you are looking to reserve domain names to sell or looking for a niche website that will rank.

In order to obtain the availability of these, you have to click the “search” text in the column. If however, these aren’t available then it will say “Find More”




Brainstorm is a really good tool to use in order to find trending keywords across a number of search engine platforms.

The feature Jaaxy always stays current with top trending keyword searches across platforms such as Google, Amazon top sellers, Twitter and Alexa topics to name a few.

If a search suddenly starts topping the trending lists on the web then this is the place to see it live and take in the traffic and make extra sales!


Alphabet Soup Tab

Jaaxy’s unique keyword search is called “alphabet soup” and with this feature, you can find all kinds of different variations to selected keyword searches.

Jaaxy searches through the alphabet to find these similar searches, this can really help to identify other phrases that might have better keywords as well as aid you in finding topics to write about in the future.


Jaaxy alphabet soup


You go through the alphabet you can simply scroll down or slide the bar across the next letter which is between keyword and search. You can also add the keyword phrase to your search or brainstorm search.


alphabet soup

Saving Your List

This tab is ideal to save your relevant searches under one topic in order for you to compare.

When you search for a keyword you can select your favorite phrases and put them into a saved list so you can see what will work best for the title of your blog.

Even if some are not going to be useful to you now they may well be in the future. I think this is a valuable tool to have in your arsenal to refer back to.

Below is a screenshot of a past keyword search I saved (feel free to click and enlarge)

I wanted to write a blog about making money so the below phrases were actually relevant to the searches I was looking for.

These were my 6 best searches I could find on this topic and I was spoilt for choice in the end. I think I chose the bottom one with a view to writing another article on topics relating to “make money blogging – beginners”

As I have saved these and its been over 6 months I can monitor these searches to see if the stats have improved enough to use as yet. The SEO ranking was good a 98/100 and so was the SEO, I waited to see if the monthly traffic average would increase but as of yet no joy!


The Saved List feature on Jaaxy is a really useful tool I must say.



Search Analysis Tab

One of the features that sets Jaaxy apart is the fact it can show you information about your competitors. With the search, analysis tab shows you current ranking posts for chosen keywords and also details on how they are performing across Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

This will show you stats such as word count, links on the site, any backlinks, Alexa rank, and if they are running Adsense.

Below is an analysis relevant to one of my niches; Minecraft


Jaaxy review


As you can see from the data provided this post is 2459 words long has 299 external and internal links on the page itself and 491 million backlinks. There is no Alexa link and it has no google Adsense links on it.

The Meta tags enable me to see the description and title that shows up to the googles search engines.

All this data can help me to create a more in-depth meta description and title and to search keyword phrases that rank better in order to get noticed if I was to write a similar blog.

It would in hindsight be hard for me to get near this post under the same searches as this is a very well established page.

Ideal Scenario

Ideally what I want to look for is top ranking sites on page one with word counts of around 1000 and with fewer backlinks say under 40,000. I would want to add a good quality full post of content that beats their word count as Google now looks for quality content and posts over a 1500 word count in order to push your way into page 1 of that search.


Search History Tab

Search History basically is self-explanatory as it will show you your search history you have used on the platform. This allows you to have an automatic electronic footprint of the searches you have made without worrying to manually save them.




Affiliate Programs Information

The affiliate programs tab is another reason why Jaaxy is truly unique in what it has to offer for your internet business and keyword research analysis.

With this feature, you get the benefit of finding affiliate programs related to your specific keyword! Jaaxy will not only help you get ranked but also help you find revenue avenues specific to the keyword you have chosen for your blog!

This works amazingly well when you want to search for a niche keyword.

Jaaxy allows you to get optimal uses for your keywords with its data it provides and to get maximum revenue by thoroughly researching its potential for the domain, SEO and Affiliate programs! While also checking out articles from your competition!

Below I have added a screenshot of a niche keyword that in fact is one of my niches – Minecraft.

My website is minecraftoys.com and the keyword of Minecraft is relevant to me. I have entered this into the search bar and the results show my 5 digital products that I can advertise on my website.

The most appealing ones would be the lower Alexa rank so for this the ideal one would be the bottom one, crafting for parents guide.

The ranking is 3650 and the commission rate is 50%. The affiliate platform that is hosting this program is Clickbank. All you have to do is simply click on the button and be taken through to register.


Jaaxy affiliate programs

Track Your Site Rank!

The Site Rank feature is another powerful resource allowing you to keep track of your site rankings and also check on how your keywords are ranking for each blog.

By simply entering both a keyword and domain Jaaxy will calculate where your post position is ranking on Google, Yahoo, and Bing!

You can also automatically track your rankings either daily, twice a week, weekly, twice a month, and monthly.

Below is one of my pages from my Minecraft site and as you can see it is ranked

Third on page 1 on Google

First on page 1 on Bing

First on page 1 on Yahoo


It’s just a fun post that creates engagement and attracts visitors to my website. I have just set the auto tracking to monthly so I can see how it’s performing.

If a page of yours has slipped in the rankings you can tell from here and take action!


jaaxy Einsteins water tank quiz

Jaaxy Pricing

I have told you about the various subscriptions briefly and now I will take you through the pricing of the Jaaxy’s features, There are 3 different Jaaxy packages: Jaaxy Free,  Jaaxy Pro, and Jaaxy Enterprise.

Jaaxy Free

Jaaxy Free as stated in the title costs you absolutely nothing and allows you to make 30 keyword searches free. This is to show you how Jaaxy works.

Your search results will show you a return 20 results for every search you make and you will be able to sample the saved lists by being able to save, 2 saved keyword lists,

Free also gives you a taster of site rank with 30 Site scans, along with the Alphabet Soup feature that allows you  5 results per letter.


Jaaxy free

 Jaaxy Pro


Jaaxy Pro is the most popular package as it costs  It costs  $49/month but could end up making you thousands of dollars a month! or only $19/month when you’re a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

With Pro, you get unlimited keyword searches with a return of 30 results per search and the ability to create unlimited saved keyword lists while performing 2,000 Site Rank scans if you wish to do so.

The Alphabet Soup feature will give you 15 results per letter and as with free you have manual QSR, manual domain availability,

Pro also gives you the features of Affiliate program search, 3x multi-tabbed keyword search, ability to sort keyword data, Brainstorming and Site Rank tracking.


Jaaxy Enterprise 


Jaaxy Enterprise gives you everything the site has to offer but is also the most expensive because of that. I

The Cost is $99/month however again you can subscribe for only $49/month if you’re a member of Wealthy Affiliate.



With enterprise, you are able to benefit from unlimited keyword searches that give a return of 35 results per search and also have unlimited save keyword lists,

The top membership also lets you perform 10,000 Site Rank scans, with the Alphabet Soup feature returning 50 results per letter.

You have instant QSR so there is no need to do it manually and also there is instant domain availability,

Affiliate program search, Brainstorm platform, 5x multi-tabbed keyword search, ability to sort keyword data, and Site Rank tracking.


all in all, I do not advise you go for Enterprise unless you are a really experienced marketer, My suggestion is to try it for free and if it works for you then choose Jaaxy Pro.


keyword sign up tool


jaaxy membership

There is no obligation to sign up for Jaaxy and it will not cost you a penny to try for free, Also membership is a month to month subscription so there is no pressure if it’s not for you after you upgrade

Go ahead give it go or even better still sign up and learn how to build your own websites and earn money from them!

Did I tell you about Jaaxy’s referral program?

after you have signed up you are able to refer a friend to Jaaxy and earn commission by doing so! It’s called affiliate marketing which you can also learn at Wealthy Affiliate.

The Jaaxy keyword analysis tool has a very good referral program that pays very well and gives you monthly recurring passive income if you attract referrals and they sign up to pro or enterprise.

See the table below:

affiliate commission

Just by signing one or more referrals will pay for your membership. I have had 97 sign up in almost 2 years! you do the math and see if it’s worth signing just for this!

If you have any questions please comment below or if you want to try a wealthy affiliate but you’re not sure how to, why not sign up to my free tuition?

You can subscribe to my FREE course just by filling out the submission form in the right sidebar but please check your junk mail for the confirmation email!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope it was worth your while!





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