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How To Achieve Success – Keep It Simple!!

How To Achieve Success – Keep It Simple!!


I think in general in order to be successful at something we can overthink what we have to do on our journey in what ever we are doing.

The internet is saturated with different methods of what you MUST do in order to be successful.

This can lead to overload and having your mind become overloaded and then nothing happens and procrastination sets in. So how to achieve success? Just keep it Simple!

Stop and read!
Stop and read

Stop Right There!!!

Slow it down That’s how to achieve success, just keep it simple, that is my opinion. Stick to the advice of someone who has done it! Read more autobiographies of successful people and take advice from them.

You just need to keep at it, stay focused and don’t take no for a answer as nobody said it will be easy as it’s not.

Here’s a few simple steps you need, nothing more nothing less just keep it simple! Enjoy them and see how you get on!

1. Wake up early!


early bird catches the worm
Early Starts



Early bird catches the worm as they say! Get up early and make the most of the day even if it is to read one of those autobiographies to get your brain into gear!



2 Talk Less.

Instead of talking about it just go and do it! Action speaks louder than words but what I mean by this and this is important!


This is key, keep what you are doing to yourself as you never know who is listening and you could find that a terrific business idea has been started up by someone you know or someone a friend has told in conversation. you have been warned!

3  Focus and Consistence

Remain focused as that is highly important to keep on track in what you are trying to achieve.

If you are starting a business online or in bricks and mortar then you are not starting a get rich quick scheme so stay at it!  Keep focus and consistency on your goals and your to do list so you can build the foundations of success in whatever you are doing.

4 Don’t Waste Time.

Big Ben
Time is Precious

There’s 24 hours in a day so plan your day for maximum productivity, write a to do list and have a minimum of 5 things on there that are goal related and make sure you tick every box! You can not get the time back once it has past so make the most of it in the present so you can injoy the rewards in the future,


5 Live healthy.

A healthy body makes a healthy mind and the say  “you are what you eat” is very true! So my advice is to eat clean and healthy as those macro nutrients head straight to your body cells to nourish them so feed your body what it needs.

along with eating healthily try and exercise as this creates energy and boosts your endorphin’s giving you that feel good factor!

6. Ignore Nonsense.

People will know what is best for you and will give their opinion not to ridicule you but in their eyes protect you. Take advice from people who have walked the walk you are trying to walk not from a loved one who has no experience in what your doing. How can they give advice with no experience no matter how much they mean well.

I know some of you reading this will have other ideas and that’s brilliant as we are all different so I welcome anyone’s methods of achieving success as I am always learning and look forward to hearing how you achieve success.

Again feel free to add more below!

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2 thoughts to “How To Achieve Success – Keep It Simple!!”

  1. Keeping it simple is a great approach to have when working for yourself.

    If you have too many complicated systems you risk getting confused and losing your way.

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