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The Best Matched Betting Service Online?

The Best Matched Betting Service Online? My opinion of

Matched Bets review:

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Premium : £14 per month / £99 per Year – £116 cheaper if you sign for a year.

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What is Matched bets?

Matched betting is just a straight forward strategy that gives you the benefit of maximizing a bookmaker’s offers to allow you to create a profit. This strategy is totally legal and tax free!!

If you are new matched betting then that is fine as you can be a total novice. All you are doing is following a system giving you the opportunity to acquire a profit from free betting promotions that Bookmakers offer on a daily basis using mathematical software from platforms such as

You just need to learn the techniques and procedures to be able to utilize this so you have no risk to yourself as you are your only risk of making a mistake as the software used on calculates the maths for you. All you have to do is follow.

The way it works to allow a user to make a profit is by using bookmakers and betting exchanges to bet on both outcomes of an event, win and lose you make a profit.

By using a mathmatical formula to wokr out stakes the software caluclates for every outcome from the event. By following the steps taught on this platform you will make a profit from a free bet! - Horse Racing

Bookmakers give away huge amounts of money to attract new customers and to keep their existing customers betting. Watch any big sports event on TV and you’ll see bookmakers offering free bets to sign up for an account or advertising special offers with the promise of a free bet if you lose.

How to start

It’s very easy to get started once you have created an account, I started of with the free account as it allows you to try before commiting.

From there you can access a wealth of resources to help you learn how to operate the system including step by step video tutorials that cover every detail you will require.

I have tried other match betting sites and I find this one to be more user friendly with easier to understand calculators and software.

The introductory video explains how match betting works and how you can win £50 on your first bet using the betting calculator software.

It also explains some terminology used:

Back Bet – A back bet is the term used for when you are placing a bet on something to happen such as on a horse win a race or a football team to win its match.

If the back bet wins you’ll win your stake  plus winnings based on the odds taken at the time of the bet however if it is a losing bet then you lose your stake.

Lay Bet –  A lay bet is when you bet against something. This maybe laying a bet for a horse not to win its race or  a football team not to win its match.

If the lay bet is successful, say the  horse lost the race, you’ll win the lay stake however if the horse wins the race, you’ll lose the lay stake multiplied by the odds you offered.

Now what happens in a matched bet is that the back and lay bets will cancel each other out but you have to make sure you get the same odds for both bets.

You can make a profit by using the free bet and this is where come into play with their software as their  calculator works out a lay stake that can make a profit whatever the outcome of the bet!

Example of Matched Betting:

Below is an exact example of how it works courtesy of matchedbets website.

“This is a simple example to help explain how matched betting works using Ladbrokes’ £50 free bet welcome offer.

To begin, you need to open an account with Ladbrokes and a betting exchange like Betfair

First, make the qualifying bet in order to earn the free bet:

Back £50 Team A to win on Ladbrokes at 2.5 -> potential win = £75

Lay £51.02 Team A to lose on Betfair at 2.5 -> potential loss = £76.53

If Team A wins, you win £75 from Ladbrokes less £76.53 loss on Betfair = -£1.53

If Team A loses. you lose £50 on Ladbrokes and win £48.47 (£51.02 less 5% commission) = -£1.53

Therefore it costs £1.53 to receive a £50 free bet.”

Once you are up and running then there is no reason why you can’t earn £500 a month just by spending an hour a day using the system and as you get used to it you will spend less than 30 minutes a day for that return.

You could get a very good income from this system depending how much time you have to spare.

The key benefits of each version of the matched betting software is provided below:

Free Software – Sign Up Here

  • Introduction Training Guides
  • Earn up to £50
  • No credit card details required
  • Simple calculator and oddsmatching platform
  • Basic online customer support

Platinum Software – Sign Up Here

  • Earn ongoing profits
  • Access over 100+ tutorials
  • Oddsmatching tool
  • Dutching tool
  • Racing Matcher
  • Daily Offer Calendar
  • Online Forum
  • Customer Support
  • 30 day 100% money-back guarantee

Online Platform Layout

As I mentioned before I found the system easy to follow and very user friendly with a simple fully accesible layout. I like how the menu is set with a full resource and tools centre opening in a new window with a wealth of information and also a forum giving great support from fellow members. football bets

on the menu at the top of the screen you have everything you need in order to operate:

Oddsmatcher:   compares odds offered by various bookies  all different kinds of sporting events giving information for potential bets.

Calculator:  Very easy to operate with advanced features built in to help you.

Acca Backers:  guaranteed profits from football accumulator bets. This is more advanced and will require some experience before using. Accumulators are an on going source of income in matched betting and very popular for Football events.

Profit Tracker:  Here you can  track all of your bets and profit you make.  This is a great way to keep a handle on your various bets. keeping a record here on your account is a very useful resource as other platforms do not offer this!

Step by Step Matched Betting Tutorials

The step by step instructions have been created with visual learners in mind as not everybody can read instructions and follow them.

Upon signing up to your free starter account you will  have access to 2 free matched betting tutorials teaching you how to net the £50 free bet. This pays for over 3 months of your subscription before you even start off so in a way you will be getting 3 months full access for free!

Once you decide to stay and perhaps go premium you with have available access to hundreds of step by step guides to redeeming sign up bonuses ranging anywhere from £5 to £100 per sign up.

customer support has been brilliant with the Actual owner messaging me himself to see how I was doing and if I required any help. For me that goes along way in see how a business operates when the owner is hands on with his customers.

Closest Competitors

There are other platforms out there and they are:  Oddsmonkey and Profit Accumulator.

I have tried profit accumilator and I have done a review on it but I lost money on the first matched bet even after I followed the tutorial as their video did not tally with the matched betting description on the bookmakers websites.

Matchedbet is the second platform I have tried and it done everything it promised to and was a lot easier to follow and get my £50 winnings plus my stake money back.

I have not tried Oddsmonkey as yet but see no reason as to why now I have found a system and platform I can use with great customer support.

Matchedbets is the cheapest premium service at £14 per month that is on the market followed by Oddsmonkey at £15 per month  and Profit Accumulator at £17.99 per month.


There is no obligation to sign up after you free trial ends so what have you got to lose?

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6 thoughts to “The Best Matched Betting Service Online?”

  1. Been with these guys for a while and have done really well. Hit the £3k mark after 4 months which I’m happy with!

    One thing to note for any newbies thinking of trying matched betting out – have live chat support which can be priceless when your just starting out. Instant answers to any question you have.

    1. Hi Rob

      Just another reason why this platform is so ideal for newbies as well as experienced members who may need urgent help! was so you user friendly! I look forward to making those gains that you’ve made!!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I stumbled across this and am brand new to matched bets. Your write-up was very informative and thought provoking! I also appreciated the comment about the live chat support! Thanks so much for the info!

    1. Hi Jen

      I think its a safer way to bet so people do not get in debt. It’s really nice to read your comments and yes I think the online support is a really good key feature.

      The business model reminds me of another training platform although in a different industry called Wealthy affiliate.
      The resemblance is based on the both offer a free trial for you to try the features, both have great community support and both have step by step training tuition enabling you to earn an income online.

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