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What Is A Work From Home Scam

What is a work from home scam?

How do we spot a work from home scam and actually what is a work from home Scam? The simple answer is if its too good to be true then it normally is or if you need to send a payment up front that is a good sign it’s not all it’s cracked to be. These scams are just get rich quick schemes which you are entice in by an offer or opportunity for you to work from home and normally simple tasks are described in the advert taking a short amount of time for large amounts of remuneration that is off the scale with regards to the rate of pay this role would offer at a desk job in an office for a company.

Unfortunately this type of fraud has tripled in recent years as the most common type of fraud on the internet according to the FBI ( federal bureau of investigation USA)  what is more sickening is the fact these scammers often target the sick, the disabled, the elderly, the unemployed, parents with young children and people without a lot of money.

There are genuine work from home jobs out there but there is not many, You have to look very closely to find them. Take Facebook for example, There are many groups with titles emphasizing work from home opportunities however as you scroll down they are nearly all, multi-level marketing adverts or email processing adverts.

What is a work from home scam – Multi-level marketing (MLM)

MLM is a business model that is requiring agents sell their products or services. The problem you find with this type of model is when the pyramid of selling teams and  their new recruiters and agents focused on trying to climb the ladder of commission become more important than selling the actual product or service then it is in danger of being recognised as a pyramid scheme as it grows. It is highly recommended that you read the small print in these businesses as well so you don’t get caught out.

The other problem with this that I have noticed is that the market becomes diluted as everyone is selling the same products on social media groups and E-Bay!!

What is a work from home scam – Email processing

Well I’m not ashamed to admit it but I fell for this-this! I would say it was worth it just so I can stop anyone else from joining! I will be writing a very detailed article about this process as this is one method that really prays on the poor.

I paid my $25 and was given access to selling scripts on how to advertise the product. In hindsight there was no actual product or work to do as it is based on the age-old scam of envelope stuffing or the other scam; an electronic Chain letter.

You get your $25 reimbursed when you sign another would be hopeful, as all your doing is selling on the selling script! You’ve just paid out for instructions on how to do spamming! Selling the same ad you responded to in social media groups and Web forums! This has to be exposed so as I said I will be going into his in more detail in a post.


What is a work from home scam  – Chain Letters/Emails 

Who was warned at school about Chain Letters? I’m showing my age here!!

While you’ve been using the Internet you may have received or came across chain emails? Basically, they sound quite quiet exciting and explain a simple process to follow to become rich. All you have to do is send the email you have just received along with a sum of money by mail to the names at the top of the mailing list while you add your name to the bottom, as your name rises through the ranks you will receive more money as your name reaches the top.

What you can expect as your name comes to the top of the list is a knock on your door from the local Police and expect to be prosecuted for fraud! This is nothing but a pyramid scheme, You will also find the the names in the chain emails are manipulated to stay at the top so the actual scammers are making all the money. Beware as this is an illegal operation!


 What is a work from home scam – Typing at home

This is very much like email processing as if you are using your computer a lot or using the Internet then you are probably a pretty fast typist so why would you not think to yourself that you could work from home typing?

After replying to an advert for home typing opportunities, the scammer asks you to pay a fee for the information, once you have paid the fee and received the information you will find all you have received is instructions to place home typist adverts and to sell the list on!


What is a work from home scam – Bitcoin adverts

Whoever has joined a work from home group on social media you will have probably came across another offer which is Bitcoin.

These groups are normally made up of multi-level marketing or email processing adverts and if not then Bitcoin is not far behind. Now I am not saying every bitcoin advert is a scam but you need to do your homework. I have recently been invited to join a company and I just undertook some simple due diligence on the internet using google after opening an account to see what details they were requiring and the only form of identification requested was my passport number!!

As if that was going to happen!  I first looked up the company on the Financial Conduct Authority register here in the United Kingdom and they were not registered here and so it was a risk to trade with them.

After more research, it turns out they are registered in Cape Verde which is in the middle of the Atlantic ocean but trade out of Spain and after more digging the is owned and founded by two guys, one from Ukraine and the other from Belarus. Does that sound very legitimate to you? This business model lets you invest monthly and gave you the chance to build your own team, sound familiar?

I don’t about you but I was never going to join a company set up in this way to hand over my passport number!

I can assure you that there is some legitimate work from home opportunities but the real ones take time to build and grow, like in real life they do not happen overnight so please bear that in mind when looking for a work from home opportunity as I am really passionate in helping you avoid these scams.





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