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Plus500 Affiliate Review

Thank You for visiting my plus500 trading affiliate review.

For those of you who have thought about trading but are not sure then I have said before it is down to your own choice whether or not you sign up to trade as the risk factor is your choice.

It seems a lot of the bad reviews I have see over Plus500 trading have been from people who have lost money as they have traded big. Trade small!! if you have that much money to risk losing go to a stock broker and buy stocks not CFD’s  which is short for Contract of difference.

plus500 commissions

The Affiliate prgram is free to join and as long as you can market it correctly by sticking to the guidleins can be rewarding as the comission figures below show:

1-5 6-10 >10
Australia $700 $750 $800
Austria $600 $650 $700
Bulgaria $200 $250 $300
Cyprus $400 $450 $500
Czech Republic $400 $450 $500
Denmark $700 $750 $800
Finland $400 $450 $500
France $700 $750 $800
Germany $700 $750 $800
Greece $400 $450 $500
Hong Kong $400 $450 $500
Ireland $600 $650 $700
Israel $400 $450 $500
Italy $700 $750 $800
Kuwait $600 $650 $700
Latvia $200 $250 $300
Luxembourg $600 $650 $700
Malaysia $400 $450 $500
Malta $600 $650 $700
Netherlands $700 $750 $800
New Zealand $700 $750 $800
Norway $700 $750 $800
Poland $400 $450 $500
Portugal $600 $650 $700
Qatar $400 $450 $500
Romania $200 $250 $300
Saudi Arabia $600 $650 $700
Slovakia $400 $450 $500
South Africa $400 $450 $500
Spain $600 $650 $700
Sweden $700 $750 $800
Switzerland $600 $650 $700
United Arab Emirates $600 $650 $700
United Kingdom $700 $750 $800
Other Countries $200 $250 $300



Plus500Affiliates is the official name for the affiliate program for Plus500 trading affiliate sign ups.

This program is a unique fully comprehensive program in this type of financial field.

It took a short amount of time for Plus500 to establish a reputation for it’s affiliate program bringing a high return of commission for attracting new members to trade and for new affiliate Members.

My aim of this website as you know is to show you how to create wealth online not lose it be it financially or mentally so that is why atfer doing a review of the trading paltform for people exeperienced in Trading, I cannot then say to novices go on give it a go and you lose out. You only trade what you have to lose so the better way to stand a chance of making a profit is to enter the Affiliate referral business.

In essence that is all you are doing; referring people to the program and giving them a choice of how to try an make some money either through the trading platform or through the Affiliate program.

The affiliate dashboard is very easy to navigate with an abundance of useful resources that have tracking links generated for you just to paste into your website but you can also add search tags before you generate your link or banner pages!


As you can see from the table the payment amount will vary from country to country but you can make anywhere from $200-$800 per trader you sign up!

I do not believe there is another CPA financial plan offering this much, if there are please let me know in the comment section below.

The table will show you receive higher levels of commisons depending on how many sign ups you create, 1-5, 6-10 or 10 plus.

This is a very good incentive that I find attractive and with help of affiliate education you could be earning decent revenue if you are willing to put the work in.

If you would like to know more about affiliate marketing then have a look at my page – What is Affiliate Marketing


By all means I recommend you sign up to Affiliate500 as it is free to do so and there are very good resource tools available to help you along the way in your new venture.

I hope you have enjoyed my Plus500 Trading Affiliate review

You can visit the Affiliate site for more Information here: sign up here

plus 500 CFD service
Become an affiliate


feel free to try it or feel free to comment your opinons!



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