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Plus500 Online CFD Trading Platform


What is plus500? 

Plus500UK ltd is a UK company based in London and provides a trading platform and Contracts for Difference (CFDs), delivering trading facilities on shares, forex, commodities, ETFs, options and indices, alongside state of the art trading technology and is regulated by the FCA – FRN 509909 (Financial Conduct Authority)

Why Join Plus500

The Plus500 online platform is the one of the most user friendly platforms you can use and the best thin about it’s ease of use is it still incorporates advanced state of the art features which I believed to be very attractive to even experienced traders.  CFDs are “complex financial products” and can only be marketed to people with previous experience in financial markets however Plus 500 offer the same trading platform as a Demo account which is completely risk free for you to practice and learn on.


Warning “Your capital is at Risk”



Demo Accounts and Live accounts allow a trader to use over 2000 instruments  (Shares, Indices, Commodities, Forex, and ETFs) across over 20 different markets worldwide and is available in 50 countries and in 31 languages with no hassle of location to the trader.

if you wish you can become an affiliate and not trade at all but just refer your web traffic and Friends to join the affiliate program which has one of the best commision payouts in affiliate referral programs. If this is something your interested in then read my review on their program here: Plus500 Affiliate

One aspect I really like about plus 500 is for me it has the most mobile friendly app I’ve used and in some extent even easier to navigate than using a desktop in my experience. Setting my trades then having to run around doing errands is not a problem as I can check my trades wherever I am.

The most important thing with regards to trading is to be very aware that trading live is not Risk free and you could lose a lot of money but with the Plus500 online CFD trading platform, they have do have a safety barrier,

Not all trading platforms have this fail safe but members with Plus500 can’t lose more funds than is available in a customers account so therefore you can’t go into a negative balance.

Before I go on I must warn you that trading is not risk free and you need to be wholly sensible on how you trade and should have educated training before going live.


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Training and Education

Although I cannot find any training on plus500 on their website there are plenty of Demonstraion videos available that they have filmed, These can be found on YouTube – Plus500. There is actually a whole bunch of useful resources there on plus500 aswell as the video below that you can find on the plus500 website:

As I have mentioned if you are new to trading then do not go LIVE straight away but do the demo account and learn how to do it properly, otherwise you could be very out of pocket extremely fast!

It is a big advantage to learn how to read the graphs and candle stick charts as this gives you an idea on the CFD’s movement.

Only ever trade money you can afford to lose!!

Getting Started

To get started is very simple as all you have to do is create an account and select the demo version and go and have some fun while you learn. if you click the picture below you can have an account in less than 5 minutes!


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The trading screen has highly visible subject icons on the tabs which make it easy to look up your open positions and also trades you have closed.

As I said earlier you have available to you many market trading options with state of the art charting software that comes in the trading platform.

You will have an option on how to view the platform with four different versions:

  1. You can download a version to use on your laptop or desktop,
  2. You can log on through the plus500 website to view on the internet so you can log on from any PC.
  3. Plus500 also have an App version which is compatible with iOs, Windows and Android smartphones
  4. The Latest way to view your trades is with the Apple Watch platform.

You can add or withdraw funds using several methods, my preferred choice being bank transfer with a registered debit card but you can use a credit card.

The other way is Through Skrill or  Paypal and this way is just as easy by simply clicking the funding option.

In order to make a withdrawal you will have to add some identification due to the regulation requirements. Forms of ID best to provide is  a photo ID (passport, driver’s license or other official document) and verification of your his registered address.

Plus500 offers 24 hour support no matter where you are in the world with e-mail and fax support in multiple languages at your fingertips. There is also 24hr support through online chat and the Contact Us from if online chat is unavailable.


Although it is down to the individual as to what experience you have I would not put money down that I could not afford to lose however the demo account is great fun and does get you tuned into learning how the graphs work.

If you are an experienced trader than there is no reason not to try plus500 as it is very friendly to use. I still think a novice trader will end up losing more than they put in but that’s just my view.

I do enjoy Plus500 and I do dabble with small trades here and there as well as the demo account that I use more, however I would recommend advertising this company through there affiliation scheme as this has more chance for newbies to make a profit as it costs nothing to join.

firstly I would learn Affiliate marketing at the Internets leading internet education platform Wealthy Affiliate 

This I cannot recommend enough and then I would apply straight to Plus500 to to join their affiliate program.

But that’s just me as I know where my strengths lie. I would be most grateful for any you to share any comments or experiences with plus50 with me in the comment section below.





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Disclosure from Plus500

“Plus500UK Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 509909).
I do not own or have any rights to the underlying assets”

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