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UK Poverty Line and foreign Aid – What can change?

UK Poverty Line and foreign Aid – Can anything be done to help ?

Poverty hits more children and pensioners, says charity

Yes you read this title correct! but it’s nothing new is it as I am sure it isn’t in a lot of countries. So how can this be?

Courtesy of an article I came across on the BBC News website, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation stated that;

“Thousands of people are struggling to make ends meet in the UK every day”

Every year here in the UK we get told the same, as soon as winter hits this story or similar ones pop up, what about the rest of the year?

What is the Government doing about it?

In the last four years it is estimated that an additional 700,000 UK children and pensioners have fallen into relative poverty, this is calculated by households with less than 60% the median income.

Median income worksout:

“For couples with no children, this is an income anything less than £248 a week. For a single person with no children, it is anything less than £144.

For a couple with two children, aged five and 14, an income of less than £401 a week is considered relative poverty, whilst a single parent with children of the same age would be in poverty if they had less than £297 per week.”


This has resulted in these groups seeing a sustained rise for the first time in over 20 years however we are being told by our caring ministers that the are helping pensioners out of poverty!!

Pensioners who most have worked and paid taxes and national insurance through their working lives, some defended our country during wars and this is how they are seeing out their later years.

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According to a report the Charity released it is stated that;

“since 2013 an extra 300,000 pensioners and 400,000 children are now living in poverty and the “prospects for solving” the problem “currently look worrying”.”

This is despite the government protecting the value of the basic state pension since 2010. The poorest pensioners receive pension credit but due to rising costs that it has not kept pace with it does not stretch very far.

so for pensioners I ask this question and maybe it’s one of common sense or one that I has more complex issues behind the scene.

Why can we not reduce our international aid contribution to a national aid contribution and look after our elderly first?

that to me is common sense however there is a problem hence my complex issue question!

In 2015, the UK government become legally required to spend 0.7% of gross national income (GNI) on overseas development assistance (ODA), popularly known as foreign aid which in 2015 was £12.1 billion with the 2016 figure provisionally at £13.3 billion

I am proud that we contribute to help other countries but that should not stop the UK government from doing more for it’s elderly who need it.

Where does it go

So what countries receive our aid?

top 10 countries receiving aidGraph courtesy of the BBC

The top two countries that stand out for me in this graph that really makes me think WHY!

Pakistan and India are nuclear powers with huge militaries, India even has its own space program!! Why are we giving them aid and is our money being spent on there miltary etc?

What proof do we have that aid the countries receive is actually going to the people who need it? I like to think that the countries that receive this aid use it for the people, it makes me wonder does it you?

It’s a legal requirement but only 8 countries including the UK hit their target of 0.7% of GNI in 2016!!

Child poverty

people struggle each day to make ends meat as prices rise and wages freeze for Low income families plus freezes on tax credits and benefits that families both in and out of work rely on has lead to thousands of people struggling.

Further threats to households include rising housing costs such as rent and increased housing prices, higher food and energy bills, and debts. Not  being able to contribute to a pension for the future is just going to make the problem escalate and continue into tthe next generation.

The system at the moment is failing it’s people so where can we make a difference for the future generations?


If you are educated in a topic then you have knowledge to in that field to help you excel in it, so why are we not teaching financial education in schools? Why are parents not self educating there selves so they can educate their children? There are so many books and you tube videos with knowledge and seminars on this aspect we should all be doing it!

This is what this website is about, creating wealth both mentally and financially. You can do something about it as the government are not by the sound of things.


Financial education will teach you how to create a better life for your self, for books I recommend The book called

Money Know More, Make More, Give More by Rob Moore just click on the title to read my review as this man came from nothing and was a struggling artist, he now owns 7 businesses.

Another brilliant educational tool is a company that has changed my life and that is wealthy affiliate

There are many ways to make a full time income online or even a second income but people have to put the work in to get up and running so you need a reason why to motivate you.

I am here to help you! contact me below if you need help and I will gladly help you! I have been here and I chose to do something about it so I know it is not easy believe me however providing a better life for my family was a massive why for me as was helping my mental health. The best investment you will ever make is in yourself!

Take care


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4 thoughts to “UK Poverty Line and foreign Aid – What can change?”

  1. If one country obeys every single national obligation it is the UK. It’s a shame them and 3 other countries are taking this obligation seriously as it seems other countries aren’t to worried but if we are ginving to nations who have a nuclear weapons and space programs why do they need it ? They’ve obviously got money.

    Also is it me or giving third works country governments direct money is no good as it’s obviously not getting through to upgrade infrastructures for the people.

    I think countries who receive foreign aid should provide independent audited reports as to what they spend the money on.

    If it’s wasted on arms or not direct to the people of that country they shouldn’t receive it as currency the following year!

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