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New Careers For The Over Forties

New Careers For The Over Forties

Although we are supposed to now work well into our sixties before retirement, many companies still have this attraction with age and are still focused on young fresh graduates. If you are sill in your early thirties you maybe lucky enough to still be considered but by the time you hit your forties its more of a struggle.

I know this only to well!

Yet many people over forty tend to take stock of their career, Have they fulfilled their potential in the career the set out on or have they realized that it’s never going to happen? How hard is it to change careers when you are past the forty mark?

I have researched this quite a lot as I write this I have just had my 44th birthday and I have tried to enter a new career after I had to sell my businesses due to a marriage break up and start over.

However, the old saying life begins at forty may be truer than we think

The old cliché “40 is the new 30” isn’t just something your no-longer-young friends say to make themselves feel better – it may be literally true.

starting over at 40
Although it is still easier to start a new career in your forties and much easier than if you are in your fifties. It is more popular for over fifties to explore consultancy careers. So what makes it so hard for over forties to find jobs or change careers?

One reason maybe due to not having the correct strategy and plan in place and just randomly applying for jobs in different sectors rather focusing on one sector with a constructive strategy.

After a quite a few rejections however many people give up as receiving one rejection after the other makes them become disheartened give up. This can really eat away at your self-confidence, that’s why a plan of attack is needed.

You need to ask yourself the following questions; What position are you in and what are your skills? Maybe you need to take a short course and re-training something for you to stand more chance when applying for the vacancy.

Skills that you have learnt in a previous career sector can be transferable so identify what transferable skills you have in the sector you want to begin your new career that way you have more idea about what your suited to.

Along with your transferable skills find out what makes you stand out from the crowd what other qualities can you bring to a new career? One advantage where you can sell yourself is on Life experience. This is only built up as you get older and can be invaluable in some sectors.

your skills set
Find your unique selling point and area of expertise that will be of interest to would be employers which you should have at least one area after many years in a career sector.

I would advise to do your due diligence on the area of industry you want to move to, this will give you confidence in answering and asking questions during the interview process. Always remain positive.

If it is too much of a big step to transfer in an industry of interest directly from what you was doing then you could always move in to a new job or take a course that will lead to the job you want.

Think before you act!

Before making any moves you really need to think about why you want a career change in the first place as it is a big step so make sure you know why it is time to move on. Why are you unhappy in your current career? it may be the case of office politics making you unhappy which can be sorted out most of the time. Remember the grass is not always greener on the other side however it is also true that sometimes we need to change to light the fire and to get the motivation back.

In certain cases though our circumstances in life will have a major effect what you can do as I say I lost my businesses and I’ve been left with two children with special needs to raise on my own and they will always come first however I still need to have an income. My problem like so many other single parents is that I still have the school run to do as I do not get much help with all my family working themselves. I have found it hard to find something to work around my circumstances as I cannot do a long commute therefore I am restricted to my local area and possibly a part-time job or a new business Ideally one but I can do from home.


My Dream Job

My Solution

That is exactly what I have done, I started a new business from home and learnt something new! I learnt how to build websites and I have learnt a new industry where I write reviews on products for various companies and earn a commission on sales made from traffic I refer to various clients websites.

I am now due to start hosting and building websites through what I have learnt. I can also now look for a part-time job to supplement my income if I need to as I have the time to do so.

My advice to anyone in my position is don’t give up ans there is always a solution to every problem, If you have a work ethic then you will succeed in what you focus on.

Reasons for a change

I have explained my reason for a career change and it is not one I ever expected or wanted but you adapt and change and I am very happy in my new role. Other reasons are varied but here’s a few to consider:

1. Feeling consistently worn out, depleted, and exhausted in your current career?

If you feel emotionally, mentally, and physically tired by the work you do and you wish it was Friday on Monday then chances are your burnt out with what you are doing and need a change.

2. Is your current employment not what you want for the rest of your working life?

Even if you are good at a job you do and are good at it, it does not mean it is your dream job. This is a realization for some people and they soon realize they need to change.

3. Is your paycheck no longer a compensating reward at the end of the month?
Do you dislike your job, but the wage is good? Many workers will stay in a job because of the money as bills and mortgages still have to be paid.

4. Have you made the right choices, but your current career feels wrong?

You did all the hard work and made correct choices along the way however if you are questioning if you belong there then it’s time for a re-think.

5. Do you feel that your skills could be used a better way doing something else?

If you feel like your skills could be used better in another career then it’s time to put a plan together!


we want you - new job
Many people resist changing careers due to their age. It is all to easy to feel like you’re too old to make a change. The fact is if you want it bad enough you will find a way to make it happen. Yes you may need to take a risk but it is the fear holding you back most of the time.

Here is proof that your first career is not always the correct one :

  • Actor Brad Pitt’s was a Limo driver for his first career.
  • Actor Sylvester Stallone worked as a deli counter assistant.
  • Walt Disney’s first career was as a newspaper editor.
  • Simon Cowell was in his forties when he became really successful

There are many more well-known people out there who got on through their second careers so don’t lose heart. In fact more people are successful after forty than any other age group.


Ideal Jobs for second Careers

1. Dental Assistant

Although you will require an associate degree or diploma this is an interesting job as you assist the dentists with his or her patients.

2. Veterinary Technician

If you love animals then this is an ideal career as you will be required to comfort sick and injured animals. It is very similar to nurses role so an associates degree is required.

3. Personal Trainer

If you are into fitness then this is a good profession to choose as you will be helping people achieve their goals in the gym. You can do on site courses and online courses to get the right qualifications to become a gym instructor.

4. Massage Therapist

In order to do this profession you will require a Diploma or certificate. Here you can help people with their injuries.

5. Medical Insurance Billing and Coding Specialist

This career is flexible. You can work at home or in a medical facility. You are responsible for organizing and analyzing health insurance claim forms. Assign them the proper code according to the type of procedure, disease, or surgery the patient is charged for. The career requires an associate degree in the field.

6. Business Management

A business management career is ideal if you want to transition into business. The role allows for entry-level management and hands-on-training in business law. You can work in a variety of careers, including human resources, computer systems, as well as owning your own business.

7. Information Technology

I.T. is an ideal second career to choose if you enjoy working with computer hardware and software. You can easily train up for this role online or on a course.

8. Business Admin

With this role you are able to work in different sectors such as Law, Finance or computers. You can get a diploma to do this role from various sources.


My Choice

I chose a platform to re-train so I could run a multi role type of business, I have multiple income streams from this platform.

If you would like to find out more then feel free to read my review here; WEALTHY AFFILIATE UNIVERSITY

I wish you luck on your journey and if you would like to share your own experiences here please comment below.


Best wishes








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19 thoughts to “New Careers For The Over Forties”

  1. I’ve been trying to make a career change but it’s easier said than done. The points you make about questions to ask yourself I find relate to how I feel in my current job.

    Trouble is I don’t feel like re-training for anything new but owning my own business sounds appealing to me and especially if I can do thatvfrkn Home.

    1. Hi Chris

      There is always a solution to every problem and through my own experiences I know this works.

      After a lot of soul searching I started my online business and with wealthy affiliate I was able to build the business as I learnt lesson by lesson, step by step.

      As you have an income already, you can biuld it while you still have an income.

      Once your business matches your wages for income then you can go full time from home.

    1. HI Gavin

      I’m sorry to hear this, and I was in the same boat, In the end, I chose to work from home and learned to become an affiliate marketer.
      I learned through Wealthy Affiliate and I recommend you give it a try, it is free to join with a full access 7-day trial.

  2. i think at forties, one should have great experiences in life. He or she is able to do coaching or do a training for newcomers in life. That’s is where you can earn money and make a living rather than seeking for another job again. As age grow older, companies are always seeking for younger candidates. 

    1. with age comes experience for sure however your right, companies do seem to favour younger people even if they don’t say so.

  3. Darren, yes I’ve seen this quite a lot. A lot of folks that hit older age feel that they don’t have much options. They feel that they are stuck with their jobs or industry because they don’t have much time left anyways. Yet, they are only 40!! They will probably live at least another 30-40 years!! That’s a long time to be doing something that you don’t like. I think online marketing is a great idea because they can really build it on what they desire. And it is possible for them to learn as well! As a new online marketer, I realized that it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to learn the tactics. It might be the best way to head into old age in fact.

    Now a quick opinion from you. I’ve been wanting my parents to check it out as well, but they are unwilling to explore. What would you suggest is a good way to get them start looking with this?

    1. HI Parmi

      My suggestion to your parents is fi they have any hobbies then they can make money from it. Perhaps if you approach it from that direction it may entice them?

  4. Sorry to hear of your life changes have brought you to this point. Hopefully Wealthy Affiliate will be that dream job for you that you can work from home with the freedom to take care of your kids 🙂 My situation is different but I too found myself out of work in my 40s. It’s been a long journey and I am now in my early 50s needing to start earning a little bit more cash. I definitely didn’t want to have to have a set schedule and go to an office or location anywhere. I want the freedom to work from home at my own pace when I can. I’m already exploring Wealthy Affiliate and hope that it will be the answer for me as well. It’s a great training program and almost more than the training I enjoying the great community of members that are always there to help out. Wishing you the best!

    1. hi Lynne 

      Many thanks for your post and I am happy to see that Wealthy Affiliate is making a difference to your life as well as mine.

      Best wishes 


  5. Hi Darren,

    Very good, very important and also very sensitive topic!

    In our crazy world millions are losing their jobs in moments when they should focus on an early retirement instead … And the numbers are keep growing! Everything is getting worse and worse: economic madness, aging global workforce, downsizing, etc.

    And I can tell you from the bottom of my heart, retraining over 40 can be a real nightmare. Especially for an individual who has been working in the very same field his entire life … Not to mention, that at a certain age is really hard to update your skills, to find the right employers, to battle the existing age discrimination or simply to don’t act your age.

    And a few more job suggestions: social worker, translator, retail worker, administrative assistant, postal worker, cab driver, trucker and clergy. The truth is that there are many other jobs too, but they are falling into the “worse” category, for example trash collector or prison guard.

  6. Some truly great and helpful tips here. As not only someone in my forties but also a woman I find it a challenge to seek a new career line. Age is a factor in almost everything we do whether we like it or not. Unfortunately so is gender a lot of times. It is good to know there are ways around the obstacles besides just giving up.

    Making money online is a dream of mine. I would love to get to a point where I can pay our bills with a steady stream of income without having to answer to a boss. I don’t think it will be a quick and easy path. Something worth doing never is easy. Money isn’t available on tap. You have to work hard and earn it. Anyone changing careers because they think something else will be easier has got it all wrong. You only get what you give. I think if someone follows your advice they will have a great chance of making it if they remember to work for it.

    1. Thank you Maryann

      I agree with you it’s not just about age sometimes.

      Wealthy Affiliate will give you a distinct advantage to working online but you just have to put the hours in to make it work like any other business.

  7. Thanks Darren, you gave me some ideas, I have made a career switch 10 years ago, and I have enjoyed my work very much. But I need to make a switch again. I am a daycare owner by day, and an internet marketer in the evening. Now that my husband is retired, I want to concentrate more on my online job and create a full time income from it. It’s quite heavy to deal with the daycare for my husband to have 6 kids in the house. We are not the youngest anymore;)


    1. hi Loes 

      Yes I can imagine the energy required to run a day care centre! I am a single parent with two teenage boys at home still and that’s hard enough!

  8. Since I was in my early 20’s I’ve always had a fear of being in my 40’s jobless and not being able to find a job.  Today I am  42 and I don’t fear being jobless anymore and it’s all thanks to Wealthy Affiliates.  I joined Wealthy Affiliates almost 3 years ago and its the best decision I’ve ever made.   I had a full-time job when I joined WA so it took me a little to go through all the training, but I did it.  Today I work part-time as a Personal Care Assistant and I take care of my Mom, and the rest of my time I work on my online business.   I can truly say I love my job.

    Affiliate Marketing is a booming industry today, and anyone who is thinking of changing Careers should give it a try. 


    1. hi Dora 

      That’s brilliant to read and I’m really happy for you, I found Wealthy Affiliate in my early forties as I have just been able to find a job.

      Wealthy Affiliate certainly saved me. 

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