Rich Dad Poor Dad Scam

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The Rich Dad Poor Dad series by Robert Kiyosaki has turned into a global best seller. His first book in there series – Rich Dad Poor Dad holds a top spot with the best sellers list of The New York Times for the last 6 years it is has sold over 32 million copies in more than 51 languages across more than 109 countries.

To say it is a scam is to believe what Critic you want to believe but the negative critic would be the multi millionaire if he or she had better knowledge not the author!

The books exploit the  myth that you need to earn a high income in order to be wealthy with challenging arguments with regards to Assets like your house and goes on to explain assets and Liabilities and how you can be highly educationally qualified yet have poor education financially.

The books explain in great detail in a very straight forward way why financial success eludes so many people as financial education is not taught in Schools around the world. I have read all his books and found them easy to understand and became motivated and inspired to make a difference in my life and now I want to share my review with you as I have first hand knowledge on how these books can change your outlook on parts of your life.

There are 3 main books I recommend as well as the main book which  I will briefly review below:

The wealth of knowledge in these series of books is invaluable and is probably the best present you could buy for someone.

The Rich Kid Smart Kid

The Rich Kid Smart kid book is a guide to how parents can teach their children about money and finances and still remains the most important conversations I have with my children to give them that head start in life and to teach them about future success with there journey to build their own wealth. They love listening to the audio book on long road trips or just a few pages on the way to school.


Rich Kid Smart Kid
Rich Kid Smart Kid

Rich Kid Smart Kid is written  for us parents who would want to give their Children  a financial and academic head start in life. The Financial knowledge that Robert Kiyosaki was taught at a young age is written in a simple and direct approach making it easy to digest for the kids to understand.

Education is education and whether it is academic or financial. Both is important to us as parents but vitally important to our children also and that as I believe this to be such an important book to read.

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Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing

Guide to Investing
Investment guide

Investing is different to each individual person and there is alot of differences between passive investing and becoming an active, engaged investor.

The Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing is one of the 3 main books within the series of 26 book titles in this Series, and you will discover that his book will  cover basic rules of investing and how you can reduce your investment risk. You will also learn  how to convert  earned income into passive income along with 10 Investor Controls to assist you along the way.

I really liked this book as it teaches you more than just investing but also how to read and write a financial statement with such easy to understand drawings and statements.

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 Rich Dad’s CASHFLOW Quadrant

CASHFLOW Quadrant was written for those of us who are ready to move past the security of a job work towards financial freedom. If you are looking to make significant changes and take charge of one’s financial future then I recommend you read this book.

The book discusses why people struggle with money? Do you know why you may struggle?

Cashflow quadrant goes into more detail with regards to the lack of financial education in schools and at home resulting in their money not working for them. Cashflow Quadrant

This book changed how I think about jobs, careers, and owning your own business. I have done and still do all of them and urge you to read at least of of these books to help you gain knowledge and confidence in looking at different ways to make your money work for you and not vice versa.

The distinctions the book teaches you on money management and how to grow wealth helps understand basic investment processes. . I Think this book shows that anyone can invest and it is not for a chosen few.

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Rich dad Poor Dad

Rich dad poor dad
Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich dad Poor Dad is the first in this series and gives an outlook on the life and views of the author and the messages hes trying to get across. The book is a bestseller and although it has it’s critics it also has its fair share of good critics and lets face it 32 million people cannot be wrong can they?

Written in 1997 the book is an award winning piece challenging the way we think about money and I for one believe it to be true.

We need to think outside the box and Robert Kiyosaki certainly does and will have you thinking with a different approach to money after you have read it. I do not think this is the best book in the series as I think the other books I have written about are more useful to me personally but the way it is told is intriguing. we have an educated academic person who is not educated financially who is the authors father and his friends father who is uneducated academically but educated financially giving you two different views on money although I do not know if either dad existed it is a good way of telling two opinions of a story.

The book promotes financial freedom and is designed to be an educational guide not an instruction manual on how to do it which is what some people do not realize.

As I said I prefer the other 3 books I have written about personally.

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wealth is not just measured in Money however we all know it helps !  We need to be balanced mentally to help us stay on course to achieve these goals and in order to do that we need to stay organised and stick to a plan. Goals and Motivation are very important to help you drive on to success either financially or academically.

We live in an information age now and an age where we can pay for said information to help us develop and grow financially free and one way I put these books into practice was to join and set up a business online with a site called Wealthy Affiliate, you can read my review here if you wish: Wealthy affiliate Review  I haven’t looked back as I have everything I need here to run a business and put Rich Dads views into practice!

I would be interested to here any views or experiences you may have on these books? comment below and lets engage!

My verdict on a Rich Dad Poor Dad scam is that I do not think it is a scam at all, whenever something or someone thinks differently or challenges the system it receives critics.

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2 thoughts to “Rich Dad Poor Dad Scam”

  1. I think this book gets some bad press from people who are quite jealous to be honest.

    It’s not meant to a how to book but rather a guide and explanation how the author got to be successful.

    1. Hi Sarah

      Yes It’s how you interpret the content I think, Rich dad Poor Dad has shown me another way of looking at life and I have implemented some of what the author explains into my long term goals.

      I particularly like the simple diagrams with in the book which really helps me to understand the explanations as I am a visual learner and mad about property!

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