how to avoid Work at home Scams

How Can I Work From Home On My Computer

How Can I Work From Home On My Computer

Home business v home jobs

You will get better results building a home business by building it yourself with your own systems and structure that you understand. It is not advisable to sign in for a fee in one of these work from home adverts on social media as they are more or less pyramid schemes of commission or multi-level marketing and not only is the market now saturated but you are initially paying out in stock first, a registration fee on top of that to make someone else money.

On these sites, you often find posts such as

“Is there any online business I can start for free”


home business



I have started various businesses and I have never started a business without putting some sort of investment place or paying some sort of overheads.

I’m not sure if this is laziness, ignorance or inexperience?

You should not have to pay to have a job as they pay you for your time. With any sort of business, you will have overheads and that’s just the way it is.

You need to find out what you want then plan accordingly.

Starting a Home Business

To start with you need to plan what type of business suits you and the way to do this is to look at your strengths and your interests. By asking yourself how can I work from home on My Computer your instantly making your Brain work by asking yourself HOW CAN I, rather than just thinking what can I do. You have changed your mindset.

This will be an ideal platform to pursue as starting your own business is not easy and requires hard work and dedication and building a business that interests you will keep you motivated otherwise whatever investment you have mad with regards to the start-up costs will be lost as it will never get off the ground.

For example one of my businesses I built up with my former wife as her hobby was baking and cake decorating so this was an ideal choice to pursue.

We opened a Bespoke cake shop and at its peak, we have had a turnover of £8000 per month. After we went our separate ways she continued with her passion and it now has a customer base of 9000 followers,

I’ll verify this for you as you can see for yourself by visiting the Facebook page: Cake Fairy at Liverpool

Luckily we are still friends so I still get a birthday cake! 🙂

Liverpool Cake Fairy now Cake Fairy of Liverpool



My point is this; through a hobby or a passion you can build a credible and have a successful business, however, it will not come through a multi-level marketing advert on social media, online or in bricks and mortar it takes hard work.

My passion is writing so I am building a business online which I will share with you later but along with my passion is my reason why My motivation and that is to give my kids the experiences I want them to have.  You need to find you.


Have you the right personality to be your own boss and be self-employed? If you value job security then it is probably wise to stay where you’re comfortable however n order to grow you need to get out of that comfort zone.

along with dedication and motivation you will also need other traits such as being self-reliant and being able to work on your own to deadlines and also the confidence and self belief to handle and solve problems yourself and I can almost assure you there will be tough times that go with the smooth no matter how large your business is so along with these attributes you will need to be organized.

Look at what talents you have and what skills you have developed or what skills you will require. Planning and educating oneself prior to starting off on your business is imperative.

I don’t want to put you off from your dreams I want you to plan so you can fulfill them as there is nothing better than looking back and saying I built that and I am my own boss.



work for it



If you lose it all then do not fear as you know how to do it as you have the blueprint to do it again without the fear of failure is so strong. My second business then my third business were much easier to set up as I had been there before.

I am here to help so any questions then comment below and We can chat in private, I offer a business coaching service as I am passionate about helping people.

Home based jobs

This is where you find so much confusion especially on social media, I cannot stress enough that a home business is not a job, a home business requires to start up costs please understand this!

A Home based job is you working for an employer either on a wage or freelance in return for monetary payment for your time. You should not pay anything out for a home based job as they pay you.

you apply for a home based job in the same way as you apply for an office job, Send your CV or resume into the would be an employer and probably have an interview.

Working from home is becoming more and more popular and it is not just freelance workers or business owners who are working from home but more and more companies are finding that it is much more cost effective and in many ways more productive to allow their employees to work from home as it creates more advantages.

How To Work from Home On The Employers Time


I remember a school lesson many moons ago where we was discussing how the future would look back in the early 1990’s and in that lesson it was predicted that more and more people would be working from home and that prediction is becoming reality. It is not just freelance workers or business owners doing this as I have explained and you can to but only if you find the right job to do.

How to Look for A Home Based Job

You will see the job advert titled in various forms such as work at home jobs, home jobs, virtual assistants but you will discover that they mostly are offering the same thing and that is working from home.

What you will soon discover though is that the too good to be true adverts you see on social media are gradually creeping into the job advertisement websites.

With the legitimate adverts, you may also find that you will have to go to an office once or twice a week and so please take into account if you are not locally situated near the office then you will still have to do some travelling. There must be a certain amount of trust placed in you that you are reliable enough to work from home on a companies time and financial expense.

The internet as a whole is flooded with multi level marketing “jobs” which should not be classed this way as they are business opportunities as I mentioned earlier and you should not pay anything for a job even if it is working from home for a company.


We Want You!


Education and whats Best For you

Earlier I mentioned that it is best to plan what you want to do and if you want to work from home for yourself then you will require a few things for your shop window and that is a website which more or less is your shop window and also social media pages so you can build an audience and customer base.

A year ago I knew nothing on how to create a website but now I have three with a fourth on the way.

This is what I have chosen for my online business but I had to learn how to do it and I had to look at how can I work from home on My Computer ?

Now though after doing my due diligence I  websites for a chosen Niche where I write product reviews with links to the products and if a visitor buys a product I have reviewed then I earn ca ommission for it.


Wealthy Affiliate


This has suited me as I have always sold large volumes of stock on Amazon and E bay but now I do not worry about holding stock or have the pressure and stress of posting items and hoping they do not get lost.

I run this business through one platform as it provides training, support and all my web hosting and web security under one roof so I don’t have to have accounts at various places.

The platform I use which enables me to live my dream and gives me an income is called Wealthy Affiliate.

I recommend you read my review and check it out yourself as this as it was for me may be the answer to your search for you to make your wishes reality.

My private coaching is done here as well where I will be our mentor. I do not charge anything as one of the philosophies of Wealthy Affiliate is to help each other. click on the button below to read more:


See How it works


If you have any questions please comment below as I am always interested in peoples reviews !


Take Care


The Artful Affiliate






Sharing is Caring!

4 thoughts to “How Can I Work From Home On My Computer”

  1. You mention that the right personality is essential when deciding to become an owner instead of a worker. With this type of business of building websites, it is possible to start part time correct?

    I would think that it would enable you to see what you are capable of so that you can eventually quit that nine to five.

    People say that want to make money online, but what they really are after is freedom in most cases. Money can buy freedom.

    1. I would advise and I have done this in the past so I speak from experience.

      That advise is definetly start part time and build up while your still at work.

      That’s why for a business it’s a good idea to create one from a hobby if you had one hence my example of the cake Shop. 

      We only opened the shop once we had built up a customer base so it was creating enough income to match one of our wages and covered the rent for the shop. 

      The first time I done this was with an e commerce website back in 2003 where I done exactly the same thing before leaving my job as it was long distance and I worked away during the week leaving my wife at the time and 3 small children. That was my reason “why”

      If you can create a sustainable income from a home business then you are achieving passive income which we all would like.

  2. Hi Dalwhu; I have read through your post. When you do the things that you believe in then there is no stopping nor turning back.

    Your first mentioned passion that you and your wife have brought into reality is one good example to let people know that no one have to remain shackled to a nine to five job if they don’t want to.

    Home base opportunities are available and no one should pay for a job. Be it home base or otherwise..

    Do you believe that half the people who are seeking to earn money from home are seeing our advertisement and/or taking the right step to help themselves?


    1. I think there are a lot of people especially on social media that do not understand the difference between a work from job and business hence when they are asked to pay a start up fee they think it’s a scam.

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