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How To Boost Self Esteem And Confidence

How To Boost Self Esteem And Confidence

What is Self Confidence?

What is it to have self-confidence and how to boost self-esteem and confidence? In order to have self-confidence you need to have is confidence in yourself just has had confidence in someone or something else is a version of trust.

You will find that people who have self-confidence will not doubt themselves. There is no reason why you can not have self-confidence without coming across as arrogant. Conducting yourself the correct way is important as well to portray the correct image.

Everyone needs to have a little self-confidence which we require in nearly everything we do our lives however the sad reality is very different as there are lots of people in the world who have a daily struggle to discover their’s and in reality, this becomes a vicious circle. It is very hard to find success without the self-confidence to drive you forward.


you got this
You can change

Causes Of Low Self Confidence Results In Low Self Esteem

Self-confidence is about the trust you have in yourself as I have mentioned before but equally tied in with is your self-esteem which is the opinion you have of yourself and what you are capable of. These factors determine how you think and how you portray yourself.

There are many factors that can cause both, for example, you may have had an unhappy childhood experience such as critical family members such as parents or older siblings or poor school grades that affected the rest of your subjects.

Relationship breakdowns and debt are key factors in bringing your self-confidence and self-esteem come crashing down so how can we get back on the horse so to speak and bring that self-confidence racing back to the top level? As your self-confidence rises then so does your self-esteem.


How Do You Overcome Low Self Confidence?

How can a person recover from low self-confidence then? You can take control of this and make a change by changing a few things such as your image and mindset.

One of the best remedies for feeling good is exercise as it releases endorphins into your system and gives you that feel good factor now a lot of people with low self-confidence and esteem will comfort eat and put on weight which in turn is part of the problem of an individual feeling bad about themselves.

Your Image

When I had low self-esteem I hit the gym to get away from the outside world and lost 3 stone and my self confidence and self-esteem rocketed.

I was able to change my image by losing weight and fitting into all my nice clothes again which in turn boosted my self-confidence to an extent that my family and friends could not believe the transition.


Changing the way you think will improve everything, the most important is to expel negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. It’s all about being positive in everything you do,  have you noticed?

Meditation is very good to help you clear your mind of negative thoughts. There are plenty of guided videos on youtube for example to help you. I use them all the time as there are ones for relaxing and others for a positive mindset and re-setting your thoughts.

“What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.” — Napoleon Hill

I love this quote by Napoleon Hill. It’s from his book Think and Grow Rich which I truly urge you to read as it will help change your mindset as it did mine.

Visualization is the method of seeing an image of yourself that you are proud of which is on the lines of the Law of Attraction but in your own mind. When we are low on self-confidence it creates a poor perception of ourselves that often or not is wrong. By Practicing visualizing a proud version of yourself, achieving your goals you are seeing where you want to be and the more you think it then the more it achievable it can become.

Think and Grow Rich


I also recommend writing a to-do list with about 5 things on there that you need to complete each day with one of them being something that you would not normally do.


It’s that easy, by talking to someone, perhaps someone who has been in the same position as you can help greatly as they will know what you are going through.

Bottling feelings up will only lead to how one feels becoming worse and could lead to depression.

Doing Something Worthwhile

Your self worth is important to the recovery process and in order to improve this and if you are not in work then find a job even if it’s part-time but while you’re looking there are other ways to get there.

I have been in the position of low self-confidence and self-esteem which led to depression. I could not work after losing my businesses due to a marriage breakup and I was left with nothing.

I learned and done everything I have written about on this page and I am passionate to help others who are in the same position.

I found writing helped me as I could write my feelings down which helped me find a web hosting and training platform where I learned to build websites and improve my writing skills.

I now own 3 websites that generate income and my self-confidence is fighting fit again. It’s not easy but for me, it started with exercise and knowledge.

These both helped me recover  and grow again, you can check out my review on this page of this platform if you are looking for something constructive – Wealthy Affiliate review



Choosing a path through life
Choose your path!

You Can Change!

There is no reason stopping you changing things around like I did and like so many others but you need to realize there is a hope you just need to push yourself to make the change and that I know is scary but when you do just take baby steps.

take it day by day as when you do each day delivers a change then those days turn into weeks and then months. Each week that passes you will see an improvement just keep at it and always talk and share our feelings.


Please share in the comment section below and I will give you my personal email address if you need to talk to someone and I mean that as I am very passionate about this hence I created a website to help people improve themselves by creating wealth mentally and financially.


best wishes


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4 thoughts to “How To Boost Self Esteem And Confidence”

  1. Hi Darren,

    How to cope with low self-confidence is a very inspiring article.
    You have given a number of very good tips on improving image and mindset. There are so many ads on media that try to make people think that the way they look is somehow not good. That’s how they get people to buy their product. But, the right way, as you said, is simply to exercise and convince yourself that the way you look is just fine. Work with what you’ve got.
    One thing that has always helped me through bad times has been remembering the good times. Good times always follow bad, so prepare yourself for the next good thing.
    Thanks for a great article full of wonderful advice.

    1. HI Ed

      Thank you for your comment and I agree with you, good times do come again.

      I wrote this article from my own experiences and just want to share it for those people who perhaps need to be pointed in the right direction. 

      Wealth is not just financial but also mental as well in my opinion.

      best wishes my friend


  2. Hey there!
    Great information. One thing that stood out to me was your suggestion on how to overcome a low self-esteem or low confidence. You mentioned exercising, and I think this is very important and makes your website so distinct from others because lots of people don’t realize what exercising can actually do for your body. It is great in general, but it also helps you boost your confidence. Just as long as you set your mind to it, you can do it!
    All the best,

    1. Hi Sabrina

      Thank you for pointing that out, as I think exercise is sometimes the best therapy for many things. It doesn’t have to be in the gym as a nice walk in the local park or a woodland walk can do so much to give you a lift. 

      If you can sit somewhere and close your eyes and just listen to nature, then that is just as good as a therapy session in my experience.

      best wishes


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