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How to Write With Intent to Engage The Reader

How to Write With Intent to Engage The Reader

It does not matter if your writing a website review or a business to the business letter of intent for a sales proposal, there is an art to composing the correct words to target the engagement of the reader or audience of what you are writing.

The majority of people take a lot of time to put a business proposal together or structuring a sales pitch for a website sale but not in the introduction of an article or in the initial business proposal itself.

On average one, a small percentage of time on the project as a whole is put into the introduction or covering letter however if the starting point of your written piece is not engaging enough then how many of your target readers will want to read on about what you have to say? Learning how to write with the intent to engage your reader can definitely make the difference to the outcome you want to achieve.


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Writers who ignore the introduction of an article in whatever form could be missing out on sales as they are missing the opportunity of connecting with there readers.

If you are writing an article on a product in the hope of making money out of it your written intent is to direct and engage your reader or readers to the sale regardless of what type of written piece you are writing.

The idea is to write to engage in order to gradually lead to the point of the sale so your job is to get the reader excited to read hat your product is ideal for their requirements to a point that they would like to buy your product.


Getting Into The Mindset of Writing

A good written article or letter of intent should be planned and structured with key points that you need to cover in your written piece.


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Points to remember when planning this could include:

1. Create enough curiosity to get the reader engaged to read on further giving you the opportunity to describe your product and why it’s the best solution to their problems.

2. The majority of the time a reader will only read an introduction of a web article or a covering letter so to put it simply you have to make that first part as engaging as possible as it is this introduction or Covering letter that holds the fate of your article or sales pitch.

useful information you could include in the introduction is brief information about your product you are reviewing or doing a sales pitch on.

getting into the right mindset for this introduction is a very useful way of preventing writer’s block and also letting the words flow from the keyboard or pen! If you think of speed dating. you have 60 seconds to tell the other person why you are so great and to convince them to want to more about you and this is a pretty good mindset to get into when writing your introduction, you do not have to make it war and peace but short sharp and to the point with the information you think is relevant to your written piece.

The introduction should include points that are important for the reader’s requirements and the solution that your product can offer to remedy their requirements and give them the best results however it is important to be short in your introduction and to the point to keep the reader’s engagement.


Writing With Intent To Sell


When composing a written article for a sales article you are in fact making an investment in which you want a return in sales commission. In order to achieve this, you need to develop sale techniques in your writing.

When this is done properly it stands more chance to create sales.

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Objectives To Get Sales

The objectives to fulfill in a written article should educate, convince and justify throughout the article so the reader keeps his engagement and wants to take it further through the sales process.

To educate requires the reader to see the full use of the products range that you are promoting and to explain the full requirements that can fulfill the reader’s needs.

In order to convince the reader that the product can deliver the full requirements that you describe and that you have full confidence in the said product.

Educate, Convince, Justify

Lastly, it is important to justify the product to the reader and show his investment in the product will be worthwhile.

These points are all well and good but it all comes back to your introduction to get the reader engaged in the first place to read that far down your article! This is why your introduction is vital for any written piece where you are trying to pitch a sale. You have to let your readers feel as if you are the expert on this product and what you say they will trust it.


Length Of Your Proposal

There is no actual rule to how long a proposal or sales article should be, obviously the more specifications a product has the longer the proposal or article will be but along with the introduction, educating, convincing and justifying phases of the article you also need to explain why your product is better than the competition, Why to buy yours?


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Putting It Together

I’ve discussed aspects on how to write with Intent to engage the reader so now you need to structure the article and draft a rough outline of how you want to write it.

We know the introduction is a vital engaging part of what you’re proposing and could easily make or break your end result.

We have the execution on how to set the article out by using the definition of educating, convince and justify the strategy. This can be set out by highlighting the benefits of the product, how it will fulfill the reader’s requirements and a break down of costs as to why they should buy the product your promoting.

Below is a quick breakdown of what to consider:

  • Introduction
  • educate, convince and justify
  • Educate the reader on the full benefits of the product
  • Convince the reader that the product will deliver
  • Justify the investment will be worthwhile
  • breakdown of cost
  • why your product is better than the competition

Tweaking a few things

Taking each of the above steps will help you to compose a more structured and organized article or proposal enabling more engagement that will lead to more sales. It will also allow to come across as more professional.


Writing with intent with a structured form is not the only way to increase your persuasiveness but also some phrases that are used can also be highly beneficial to converting proposals or reviews into sales. Grammar and punctuation are also very important.

When you include statements such as  “Use the state-of-the-art” or “Award-winningcan change the way a reader will view a product.

If your product has a list of benefits then putting them into a table has advantages as well as you then include a visual. adding a comparison table with a rival product can also give visual of the benefits your product has over a rival.


Learning to Write with Intent

So far this article has been on how to write with Intent to engage the reader but that’s all well and good, however, I wanted to finish off by explaining; Where can you learn to write with intent and engagement?

There are many platforms you can learn from but our number one recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate as it is specifically designed to train you on how to write product reviews with this writing style at the very core of its training.

It is the ultimate web hosting business and training platform and is the only one of its kind on the internet.

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good luck writing your articles and proposals and I hope you may find some of my information of some use.


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