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Personal Areas – Growth

Personal Areas – Growth

Personal areas and progress is a lifelong journey for your growth as a person.

You are never too old to learn something new or adopt new skills. Sometimes Life changing events will force you to adapt and that is not bad thing. always take positives from a bad situation.

Having the chance to improve yourself helps the individual to re-evaluate their skill levels and can be viewed as a chance to start over. It is all too easy to lose focus on what we want to achieve without a small structured plan to keep our goals on course. Goals help keep the motivation to help maximize a persons potential.

Why Is Personal Progress Important

Self Progression is a desire in us to learn and improve but in today’s society we can easily get swallowed up in the stresses of everyday life and our dreams and ambitions get forgotten. How many of us are actually doing our dream job for example?

Learning about yourself and finding out where you need  to grow not easy at all. you really have to look deep inside yourself and create a plan as to what you want to achieve and how you are going to do it but once you find what you want then you can work towards it.

Finding yourself and having a clear path of where you want to go can be invigorating and exciting.

It might seem strange at first to discover yourself as you may struggle to know where to start. To begin with, starting with a list can be ideal; write down your likes and dislikes and what you like to do. It is quite easy to overthink and over complicate processes so keep it simple. You could then write down your skill set – What you are good at and what you need to improve.


Making Lists



Just these few lists can identify straight away where you need to improve. This could be for a number of reasons, you may want a career change or promotion, perhaps it’s for a new business or it could be just a lifestyle change to make you a better person.

Knowledge is power and and it can change you !

You have a wealth of information at your finger tips with online courses and local seminars on just about any subject. There are also many motivational books out there for you to read and gain inspiration from.

If there is a specific  part of your life that you want to change then read an autobiography or speak to a person who has done it before so you can seek there advice and learn from them.

Why talk take the advice of someone who has no experience in the field you want to progress in?

Get out of your comfort Zone

A good way to grow is to face your fears or get out of your comfort zone if you suffer from lack of self confidence. Try and do one thing a day that is outside your comfort zone and build on it. A lot of the time it is your own mind telling you not to do something and holding you back. you will never know until you try.

Take this scenario for instance; You want to apply for a new job that would be a massive improvement to your career and lifestyle, what have you got to lose if you apply for that big new job? if you get it great if you don’t then you have not lost anything but you experienced the interview process that you were nervous of. You just got out of your comfort zone and pushed yourself.

In order to progress you need to get out of the zone, you are in and go and get the attributes you require for what you want as it won’t come to you.



goal setting, coaching can make reality



If you are looking for a change to grow and learn something different then I suggest checking out a great learning platform that is free to join and experience and offers different ways to grow and learn if your intrigued then  >>click here<<



We all learn in different ways however just because some of us may not fit into the education systems way of learning, does not mean for one second we should be forgotten about or not get the aids we require to learn.

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6 thoughts to “Personal Areas – Growth”

  1. This is a very educating post, I definitely agree that personal growth is very important. And I especially loved your advice to do one thing outside your comfort zone a day. Thanks for posting this, I learned a lot & it really motivated me to get out there & try out new things!

    1. Hi Alex

      I’m so glad I was ably to help with my article, It gives me a massive buzz knowing that I am able to help someone in some way. you’ve made my day!


  2. This was a great post. It is definitely important to keep progressing instead of getting stuck and giving up. It’s also important to learn as much as you can as this will only help you. Getting out of your comfort zone can be hard for some but it is needed in order to keep growing. Thanks for the post.

    1. Hi Logan
      yes it’s definitely a good way of growing and gaining self confidence getting out your comfort zone. It is a challenge for sure but once over that fear factor you prove to yourself anything is possible.

  3. Hi, I think it is great to try improving a little every day if possible. It is true one has to jump out of the comfort zone sometimes to reach new horizons.
    I need to improve my social media engagement, I am not a fan of these things but it’s necessary for the work I’ chose to do. No problem, I will first learn how the whole thing works and then step by step start getting involved.
    Thanks for the motivation

    1. HI Stefan

      That’s a good attitude to have and knowing where you need or want to improve is part of the battle won. Social engagement is important in online business as it’s way for you to get your website out there.

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