the road to success

The Road To Success

The Road To Success

I saw this post on social media which I believe was written by a Les Brown.

You can fail your way on the road to success!

To be honest I had to read that line again and then carry on reading about these 4 extraordinary gentlemen and bearing in mind this is just 4, there are many more men and woman to take inspiration from.

The 4 examples written in the post are about 4 men who had one failure after another. If they had given up then we would be without some household products.

Here are the examples Mr. Brown wrote about:


The Road to Success


(Top Left) Between 1845 and 1855, Rowland Hussey Macy opened four retail stores. All four of his stores failed. He learned from his mistakes and hit it big with his fifth store in New York City. Macy’s now does more than $25 billion in annual sales.

(Top Right) Milton Hershey failed at so many business start-ups that when he was ready to start his candy company, his entire family gave up on him, refused to provide him with a place to stay, and refused to loan him start-up money. Hershey was homeless. The Hershey company now does close to $8 billion in annual sales.

(Bottom left) Colonel Sanders lived in his car and was rejected by 1,009 restaurants while trying to sell his chicken, prior to starting Kentucky Fried Chicken. KFC now does more than $15 billion in annual sales.

(Bottom right) While studying at Yale University, Fred Smith presented a business idea to his business management class. He received just shy of an F for his assignment. The idea was for a parcel service that could deliver packages overnight. Smith ignored the failing grade and started FedEx. FedEx now does more than $58 billion in annual sales.

Give up on your doubts. Give up on your fears, but NEVER give up on your DREAMS!

I think this post by Les brown is very inspirational and I have shared it on social media

Another post I came across was about the founders of Netflix when they were starting out and Blockbusters video store:

The owners of Netflix approached the board at Blockbuster Video and pitched their concept of Netflix to the board.

They offered $50m to Blockbuster to buy them and rumor has it that Blockbuster laughed them out the room.

At its peak in 2004, Blockbuster had 60,000 employees and 9,000 stores worldwide with a market value of $5 billion and revenues of $5.9 billion however as the age of the video and DVD’s for that matter have been replaced by downloading on the internet Blockbuster is now bankrupt and liquidated and sadly All their employees lost their jobs and the stores were closed.

Meanwhile, Netflix is trading for approx $152.71 a share and worth $67 Billion dollars.

Just to add a bit of humor and perhaps Karma to this story, around 20 years ago in 1997 the Netflix founder Reed Hastings was charged $40 for being late in returning “Apollo 13.” Out of frustration, Hastings went on to create Netflix!

It shows another example of not giving up, I’ve been told a number of times by family and friends my ideas won’t work or they don’t understand what I’m doing but I don’t listen as I am focused and believe in what I am doing. I’ve had major setbacks as I’m sure many of my WA family have but that is why we are here as we believe in ourselves and what we are doing.

keep going !!!

So how do you find the time and avoid procrastination when the chips are down? let’s look at the amount of time we have in a day and how a negative thought can change your day. Should this be allowed?

here’s another example or view on the road to success to make you look at things in another perspective.

So say you have $86400 in your bank and someone managed to steal $10 from your account.

How upset would you be? Would you be upset enough to spend the remaining $86390 in trying to get the $10 back?


Would you move on and get on with your life? Of course, I hope you are thinking that you would hopefully move on and get on with your life!

We have 86400 seconds in every day so don’t let someone’s negative 10 seconds ruin the rest of your day’s remaining 86390 seconds!

Don’t sweat on the small stuff, life’s to short for that.

I saw this on a social media today and thought it appropriate to post at the end of this article as I am sure the 4 gentleman and many more successful men and women have not let negativity or setbacks stop them from achieving there goals and ambitions.

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