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Success For Online Business


How to get Success For Online Business

Can I be successful online like others?


If I work hard then how long will it take me to achieve any success?

Questions like these are often asked by beginners. I, therefore, would like to write a few lines explaining how this process for success looks like and what you can expect.

I have learned a few things since starting out online that in order to achieve success is how persistent you are able to be. For me, the image below perfectly sums resistance up. You will have many setbacks along the way however it is how persistent you are that will judge your success for online business aspirations.


digging for gold

The man at the bottom has given up as he has probably endured setback after setback, however, the man above has as well. It’s pretty obvious who will be successful.

For me another interpretation of this photo is a mindset. The man on the bottom who is walking away has a mental block which is stopping him from moving forward.

I hope what I share with you on the following lines will help give you some insight in dealing with those doubts.


Work Hard For A Month And Results will Be Small But Work Hard For a Year and Your Results Will Be Success

As I have continually reported, Many people run into the online genius who is the leading expert on online success and they fall into the trap of hanging on every word and buying all their books and courses. The only person who is getting successful is the online genius!

This leads to “the get rich quick” mindset where people believe you can get rich in a month or two.

Success takes time and perseverance

In order to build a successful business, you need to lay good foundations, exactly the same as if you were building a house or tower. It is at the same point as the building’s foundations as your websites foundations that will be pivotal in your success so this is where you need to focus on.

You need to add quality content and get established in the search engine rankings and this does not happen overnight.

Success Takes Time and Perseverance


Failure occurs when you quit. If something is not going right then you need to see where the problem arises.

This can lead to frustration, in my opinion, this is where people quit. Along with success will come those setbacks but remember there is always a solution to a problem! I suggest you refer back to the image of the two men digging for the diamonds. The second man has quit probably through frustration as he cannot find the breakthrough to the diamonds. The first man has the desire and determination to work through. perhaps the problem is rocks in the earth; the solution? alter your digging technique! It’s the same for anything!


success and how to get it

Find the solution and alter your techniques or strategies until the problem is resolved”.

Unfortunately, the majority of people quit as it is the easiest option, however, guess who reaps the rewards when success filters through? Yes, the few who never gave up!

Which one are you?

Just give it time! Don’t procrastinate and quit to just waste time watching TV, make the most of your time as you cannot get it back once it has passed.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words


The title above is very true, at the end of the day talk is cheap, it’s fine to speak of what you have planned as you are then held accountable but it does not mean anything if you don’t back it up with the appropriate actions.

Of course you need to take into account the different work speeds of individuals but that is totally different to work ethic.

Take online business, for example, if you are in business online you most certainly have a niche with a website. Some are easier to create than others and some are more engaging. Like websites, people are different. We are all unique individuals but with the right blueprint, we can all reach the finish lines. It might be at different speeds but that doesn’t matter as it is not a race or competition.


action speak louder than words

My first website took 9 months to make a dollar yet my second website started making revenue after 3 months. a year later I am working online full time all because I had persistence, motivation and work ethic.

I am not the quickest of learning new things and I never had a clue how to build a website but I am now helping to mentor and coach newcomers to the industry.

Anyone Can Learn How to Run a Business Online

A Business Is A Career Just Like A Job Is

So many people out there want a break and a change of lifestyle and be better off financially but sadly many of them do not understand what it takes or have the wrong mindset to reach success for online business.

Online business is the same as an offline business and needs to be operated as such. The difference between the two is that online you can start with very little overheads and a far bigger customer base with 2.8 billion people online globally.

The Wrong Mindset

What is a wrong mindset to have when launching an online business?

With the program I am with where I mentor, it is a learning institution for online business.

It not only teaches you from scratch on how to build a business but it also hosts the websites that you build, gives you free business support, has 24/7 tech support throughout the year and also has writing tools amongst the thousands of online tutorials there is also two step by step video courses on how to set up and run your business.

If your mindset is one of “oh I’ll give this a try!” You Will Not Succeed! 

People sign up to online programs thinking I want to try a new venture! This is a new opportunity! Let’s give this Internet thingy a whirl. Those are the statements that scare the crap out of me.



The reason. People saying those are coming into this with the wrong idea. They join up with the view that it is an opportunity or some offer which automatically sets up a mindset of let’s see how far it runs before breaking. I do not think any business in history has succeeded with that mindset?

You want this for you, no one else but for you! It is a serious business and a start of a new career and you will have to take it seriously if you want to see success.

When Will Success Happen?

As I mentioned earlier it all comes down to your work ethic and work speed and how persistent you will be. it comes down to the individual.

What I will say is if you want to work with me then I will help you set up a new Career TODAY as you have everything you need at Wealthy Affiliate, all that’s needed is you!

Sign the form below and I will give you free guidance on how to start


Remember to keep your mindset right, keep persisting and put in the work and you will find success in online business!

Comment below if you have any questions and I will be happy to answer them.





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6 thoughts to “Success For Online Business”

  1. Oh yes, I’ve learned throughout my years something which you’ve hit on nicely here. It is much, much easier to give up on something. There’s a psychologist I like to listen to and he talks about this a little bit. When you have a big goal, instead of wanting to look like a “failure” to your friends and family if you think you’re not going to hit it, you instead sabotage the whole thing so that it looks like “well, I wasn’t even trying. I didn’t really want to hit that big goal.” It’s a strategy that your brain uses to keep your self-esteem higher.

    However, that way just leaves us right where we started – unfulfilled, unsatisfied doing the same boring things day after day. I totally agree with you that you have to change your mindset completely. Break through the fear, get some good training, keep consistent and you will not fail.

    1. HI Christina

      your words are very true and it is such a shame for those people who give up because of what other people may think.

      Another way of getting into that mindset to be a success for online business is to surround yourself with like-minded people to keep you motivated.

      Thank you taking the time to read my post and taking time to comment, I really appreciate it.

  2. I really appreciated this post! As a blogger, there can be so many ups and downs as you try to build the business, and I think your picture at the top perfectly sums it up. KEEP GOING! I love the Wealthy Affiliate platform and its been so helpful in my journey and answering my questions as I work on my business. You are right, this is not a get rich quick business, but if you’re willing to put in the effort and time, you will succeed!

    1. Hi Christina

      many Thanks

      I thought the photo was perfect to get the message across correctly for this article.

      In order to build a business, you can have all the plans and strategies in the world but at the end of the day, it takes willpower to keep going when you get through the setbacks.

      Wealthy affiliate’s model help’s you keep that consistency as there is a strong online community energy and everyone forward also the coaching doesn’t let you slow down.
      You’re right there is no such thing as a get rich quick business you need to put the time and effort in as you say you will succeed

  3. Hello Darren,

    I accidentally found myself in your post, I read it, and I liked that you were real. You are absolutely right about the one that person must be persistent in online business to achieve success, those stories that tells you can take big money in a month are pure nonsense and I do not understand people who believe in such a lie.

    Thank you for this post on behalf of all the people who are deceived in this way!

    All the best,

    Goran Stankov

    1. Hi Goran

      Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

      Being persistent in reaching your goals is very important otherwise it’s not going to happen. You are right with regards to people just wanting an easy way of getting rich quick and don’t understand the work you need to put in to be a success for online business whatever the industry.

      most grateful


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