What Is Google Alerts

What Is Google Alerts

What Is Google Alerts

What is Google alerts ? Well using google alerts is a great way of keeping tabs on your updates for your chosen Niches. when you run a website or a blog or even a business it is difficult sometimes to keep up to date with new things in a Niche of interest that you have. Some niches will move quicker than others and the news will be daily. Keeping tabs on this and trying to do your job can be tricky but here’s where Google come into things.

google have a system called Google Alerts which allows you to set up alerts on a topic and have the news emailed to you and you get to choose the frequency of  how many times a week or month you receive the alerts and the greatest thing is;

Its totally Free! 

All it is, is a content alert notification system that sends notifications to your chosen email address regardless if that is a gmail or not as you can register any e-mail address you like.

Google Alerts
What is Google Alerts?


It’s good as you can set up the alerts not just to receive news as you can also choose blogs, videos or new publications in various groups as you may have areas of interest in more than one place.

Setting an alert up

You can set up an alert once a day or once a week where google will monitor and alert you to your keyword phrase however you  can set up a maximum of 10 alerts per one session and once confirmed you can choose another 10 alerts and so on.

The maximum amount of searches per email address is 1000 so you have ample amount of alerts. I advise you do not saturate your searches as you will have too many to go alerts to go through and so you will not get as much done. The key for these alerts is to get ideas for creating engaging content on for your articles is another written work you are undertaking. Its a very good way in preventing Writers Block.

The first step is to type in Google alerts into your google search bar and select google alerts.

You do not require a Google account for this:

In the Know


  • now your on Google Alerts and their home page. At the top of the page you will see a purple box with a search bar in it. This is where you type in your interest.
  • say our interest we wanted to select was “Home Business” and we have typed that into our search box.
  • A drop down box will load all the news for our topic and at the top you will see a tab called options which you will want to select.
  • you will be presented with options to tailor your requirements, these options are:

   For the frequency of your alerts you have a choice of:

  • as-it-happens – Receive your alert as soon as Google finds an instance of your alert.
  • once a day – As it says, you receive a Google alert email once a day. (selected by default)
  • once a week – Again, as it says, you receive your Google alert email once a week.


Here is where you choose what you want to receive:




web articles

By selecting Automatic you will be sent all topics.

Language is always set to English if that is what your Google is set to.

Region; here is where you select your country you want your alerts from.

Email length lets you choose how many results you will receive in one email alert, there are two choices here:

All results

Only the best results

How often :  At most once a day


Once you have given your choices just do a quick check over what you have chosen and then just click the create alert button and your good to go!

Its really simple and easy to operate and will save you a lot of time researching for topics of interests and the latest news on your Niche.

Not only is it ideal for small businesses, writers or bloggers but it can be a hugely resourceful tool for large businesses and industry that can help keep an eye on whats going on in their fields of business.

So what Is Google alerts? now you know!

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