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Build and Run Your Online Business for 82Cent / 64 pence a Day!

Build and Run your Online Business for 82 Cent a Day

You Did read that right! YES! You can actually build and run your online business for 82 cents a day and NOT have to pay anything else in upsells! It sounds too good to be true doesn’t as everything has upsells right!

This is perfectly correct as I run an online business through this platform, You Learn, Train and set up your business all under one roof for minimal start-up costs however as its that time of year again there is a special offer starting where you can sign up for a year for a 50% discount!  which works out to 82 cents a year or roughly 64 pence!

The affiliate marketing industry has grown very quickly and continues to do so each year. The projected growth in the affiliate marketing industry will double digits once again. By 2020 it is estimated this industry will be close to a $7 billion in the marketplace. Wealthy Affiliate is in a Class of its own for tuition and hosting.


affiliate marketing growth


If you dream of owning an online business then this is a serious opportunity to invest in yourself as a Wealthy Affiliate shows you just where to start. I was where you are about 46 months ago in January of 2017. I was fed up with working for someone else in a thankless office job I never got credit for. I wanted to be my own boss but I knew it would take some time to get things going.

The number of companies that are adopting affiliate programs is growing each year which increases the growth of the industry and the beauty of this is that there is plenty of room for everyone!



After I searched the internet and tried many things I kept signing up to too many scams that had loads of upsells in them. so I decided to browse google to get some guidance as to how others made a living online and that is how I found Wealthy Affiliate.

I read what they had to offer, and my gut feeling about this being a scam didn’t go off in my and I knew they were legit. Once Black Friday 2017 came around they offered me a MASSIVE DISCOUNT on their yearly cost and the rest is history.

IT’S YOUR Turn to Experience This Offer! 


Starting 23rd November 2018 and ending on Cyber Monday, 26th November 2018 YOU will have the same opportunity to become a yearly member of the MOST SUCCESSFUL Online Training and Business Building Community in the internet marketing genre. Wealthy Affiliate has 13+ years in business, and are #1 for many reasons.

The training simplified so that a total a person with no computer experience can succeed, however, the global community of members is like nothing you have ever seen!

It is almost impossible not to find an answer to any of your questions, no matter what the topic is. This is just one of the things and many more that will help you will see success!

The Package

The price of membership as you are now aware of is $299 for an entire year of Premium.

This will include EVERYTHING! 

Live classes,

All website/research platform access,

All the courses, and access the updates and new platforms,

Live mentoring and support,

And, some really breakthrough training platforms that will be rolling out in 2019!


As well as this you will be offered special bonuses that will help you with your new business:


Black Friday Bonuses

Bonus #1: Live Video Class – The 7 Factor “Secret Sauce”

What is the secret sauce to enable you to create a successful and thriving business?

Those that are successful must be doing something different? What are the rest doing wrong?

The differences became VERY evident to Kyle and Carson who are their hands on owners of Wealthy Affiliate. With 17 plus years of experience in Affiliate Marketing, they have lots to look back on to see those differences. Kyle has spent several months and a great deal of critical thinking to assess what that “sauce” is.

Co ing up with a breakdown of the process that will lead anyone to a good level of success online.

This is a One-hour live class, with full Q & A.

Bonus #2: The 7 Factor Secret Sauce, The White Paper.

Along with the live video class and assessments, Kyle and Carson have written a white paper that you will get for signing up to the Black Friday Offer!

This include’s a breakdown of actionable tasks that will take any newbie, and turn them into a thriving expert in the online world.

Bonus #3: Creating a Lucrative Niche Website in 2019 (5 Weeks)

You will get an expedited 5-part training series covering 5 weeks. In this training Jay, the Resident Wealthy Affiliate Live online Trainer is going to show how to take brand new ideas and to establish them into a business in the matter of FIVE short weeks.

There will be several shortcuts covered within this training, shortcuts that will literally shave and save you months of time and $1,000’s of dollars in your business. When I signed up this took me 3 months!

There are many important phases in your business, those moments saved with this 5 part course will truly make the difference between failure/mediocrity, or a long-term and sustainable business.

Jay will be giving you an actionable walk-through to ensure YOUR success in 2019 over this 5 week series of the live class period.

Bonus #4: Early Access to NEW Releases at Wealthy Affiliate

Imagine you just starting and getting early access to new releases ahead of members who have been at Wealthy Affiliate for Years! Talk about queue jumping! You will be one step ahead of existing members as well as two steps ahead of non-members who are in the Affiliate marketing industry who will have to pay for any extra software.

There will be many rollouts of new exciting stuff in 2019! I hope you can appreciate the year ahead and if you’re new to affiliate marketing or been around a while and not getting anywhere then perhaps this is now the time to take ACTION!

If you have any questions about the Black Friday event at Wealthy Affiliate, or more generally, just leave your comments below.


Is $299 Still Too Rich for you Right Now?

If you cannot afford the yearly description at the discounted price then don’t worry as you can still join Wealthy Affiliate as a Free Starter member that gives you 7 days full access to try and then upgrade to Premium at the regular monthly rate of $19 for the first month and $49 for every month afterward

Either way, you will be starting and running your online business for less than a cup of coffee every day.


jump start your success by Clicking The Ad Below,  Either way, you win!


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