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Legitimate Work at Home Jobs For You? Why You Should Start a Home Business?

Legitimate Work at Home Jobs For You? Why You Should Start a Home Business?

Herein the UK we have many recruitment websites where you can search for jobs of all kinds and I am sure it is the same around the world? Now within these recruitment websites that offer highend to low end job vacancies you will now find adverts for work from home jobs that sound great and just what you are afer however as you read down the advert it is not all as wonderful as it sounds.

Normally at the very bottom there are the words commsion based only or minimal start up costs. I have been there and it really annoys me as at the time like many other jobseekers in many other countries we get enticed into these adverts and get excited only to find it’s another let down. A job advert sohuld be just that….. a job!!

More often than not these work from home adverts are the same you find on many social media groups and they fall into the bracket of Multi Level Marketing.

job adverts

What is Multi Level Marketing?

Multi-level marketing or MLM for short is a business strategy usually undertaken by many  direct sales companies. Thi tactic is used to give an incentive to existing distributors to recruit new members by paying the existing distributor a percentage of their new members sales.

The existing member is normally responsible for training the new member parent companies system as the quicker they are up to speed then the quicker they make money form the new members sales. The term for new recruits is called the distributor’s downline.

Now I am not saying that all MLM companies are bad, but you can differeniate between a legitimate MLM business to a bad one.

A legitimate componie will focus on selling their products over recruiting whereas a a poorly run companie will focus on recruiting more salespeople.

They are not interested in their product only the start up fees that they receive upfront before you get access to the program which is nothing less than a pyramid scheme.

below is a structure for MLM commsion and recruitment structure, what does it look like to you?

mlm commision structure
How the MLM structure looks

To me it looks very much like a pyramid scheme and they make there money as I said through the registration fees.

I have learnt this as I signed up for one previously and the emphasis was aggressively for recruiting so much so that the wonderful way I was sold it soon became apparent that it was totally different in reality.

I paid £30 to join and could not actually view or try the business model until after I paid which I strongly advise against. Your taken in by the sales pitch and how much everyone can earn but if it was that great then everyone would be doing it! They look for one type of person, the ones who have low self confidence or money problems to entice them i with the hope of actually making real money. Stop as it does’nt work.

How can you work from home?

There are no magic formulas to make the money come rolling in and the titel work from home jobs is just that people want a job so they can stay at home but the correct term should be Home Business!

How many companies would actually employ someone to work from home straight away? not many however you can find and start a business from home once you have found something you like and understand.


To begin with you need to have the correct mindset in place;

I want to work from home doing my own business

You do not want to look for a job working from home as all those advertised are going to hit your pocket and waste your time.

Now the other thing I see alot of people post on social media makes me laugh as they post things like

“I need a business that I can start for free”


“Is there anything out there tha doesn’t cost anything to start up?”

Yes it’s called a job as you are getting paid for your time in return for you doing the work for the company and if your posting on social media sites like facebook then you are going to be inundated with MLM marketers offering you the very thing I have been writing about.

If you want your own business it will not come for free. you need to research, educate yourself and get out your comfort zone as it will not be handed to you on a plate!! WAKE UP!!!!

All businesses no matter if they are virtual or bricks and mortar need work put into them to build them and that is the only way you are going to succeed so I am sorry to spoil the party but get rich quick schemes so not exist.




Dollars !!
making money



Now before you go of and sulk there is legitimate business out there and that is what this site is all about, giving the reader advice.

I started out online by selling items on Ebay and became a power seller in my chosen Niche at the time and once it peaked I had caught the entrepreneurial bug so went on to bigger things such as a shop and Bistro. I have like nothing better than working for myself and furthered my online porfolio by selling on amazon as well.

A few yeas back I came across an article about affiliate marketing and that really appealed to me.

It got me thinking why hold stock and post it when you can advertise and sell other peoples and other companies stock and just earn a commission!

That made sense to me but I wasn’t sure how to go about it so as I suggested earlier on I done my research and after a few  companies, I found a website called Wealthy Affiliate.


Wealthy Affiliate - what you get
Learn while you Earn

I was really impressed with what I read as not only was it a place to run my business from offering the web hosting and websites it actually taught you how to build out a website for the specific purpose of e-commerce selling.

I have two other fee earning websites in different niches that I have created from their training that enables me to write reviews on products and link them to the various selling sites for me to earn a commission.

what appealed to me with Wealthy Affiliate was the fact I could sign for free with no obligation to carry on after my free full access trial and not give and credit information over to them. In laymen s terms to can have full access of the whole site to try before you take it any further.

What you need to understand that businesses produce overheads no matter were they are and here is no different but for a monthly fee what you get would cost you much more if you was to operate through separate services.

Wealthy affiliate subscription of $49 per month includes

25 websites and 25 domain websites


web security

state of the art training

global community of experts in various fields

24/7 supprt 365 days of the year

keyword research tool

plus various bootcamps

A single domain hosting service on most hosting sites is $20-$30 a month for one for exmple. You can read my full review here: My Wealthy Affiliate Review

This is my primary suggestion for running a business online and the easiest. It’s no easy an you will have to put the work in like anything but the rewards will come the more you put in. The key is being consistent and focus in what you are doing.

create your free account at Wealthy Affiliate


Please drop me a line if you have had a bad experience with MLM job offers or you share the same annoyance as me on these job recruitment pages. you can comment below and I will be happy to chat about it.




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8 thoughts to “Legitimate Work at Home Jobs For You? Why You Should Start a Home Business?”

  1. Thanks for your candour in sharing with us about MLMs.
    There are so many scams online today one has to really have their wits about them.
    You are right, Wealthy Affiliate is THE place to be – with an amazing platform to create websites and earn an online income.

    1. Hi Edu

      The problem is so many people get recruited that social media is now saturated with MLM opportunities and while it works for some, the majority who sign up don’t make anything and when a good opportunity comes along they are very wary of taking it further.

  2. I want to join this community but I wonder how is the quality of hosting? For example, can I get 70-80 for site speed? and my site gets lots of spams. Can this hosting provide good protection for my site?

    1. Hi Furakn

      the Website security is taken very seriously and is a big part of the business.

      Wealthy Affiliate run a platform for their websites called SiteRubix. They have created sophisticated software to help combat highly technical cyber attacks. these can happen to your website from anywhere and at anytime. This is all included in your membership and covers 25 site rubix websites and 25 domain sites.

      We monitor all websites 24 hours per day, with daily snapshot backups, suspicious activity is dealt with right away.

      In 2017 over 27 million attempted hacks were prevented. there are over a million members worldwide and many have more than website and run their businesses through Wealthy Affiliate so a hack could be devastating.

  3. Hi Darren! Thank you so much for a very informative post. I think I read almost everything, lol.
    I really appreciated the social media article about following and tweeting and I will give it a
    shot. Until I read your post, I honestly couldn’t be bothered with Twitter or FB either.
    Wow, you really got me thinking. I have an affiliate acct with eBay but never took advantage of it.
    I’ve bookmarked your site so I can reference it when I need to refresh some things you pointed out.
    Great advice. Greatly appreciated. Great site. Thanks again.

    1. Hi

      Your most welcome, I think many people don’t know about the Ebay affiliate program but to be honest with you, I have done better with Ebay than other e-commerce programs.

      I would just concentrate on one social media site and just tick over on the others, I do like twitter but Facebook seems to have more interaction.

      I feel very honoured that you have bookmarked my page!

      many thanks!

    1. Hi Courtney

      yes I can relate to that as I have also been scammed a few times but you learn from your lessons don’t you.

      Thank you for your encouragement and I certainly will keep up with the work to get the message out there.

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