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Work At Home Business Ideas That Work

Choosing A New Direction

Are you truly happy with what you are doing in your job?

Have you thought about how it would be nice to choose a new direction to go in? How about starting a business?

Perhaps you have already thought about this but you don’t know what to do?

Below I have included 6 work at home business ideas you can start and that work, it doesn’t matter if your looking for a career change, your an out of work Dad or a Mum looking to get back to work or if you are a single parent like myself it may not be easy to hold a full-time job down and see to the children and school runs etc. Everybody has different circumstances and its not just the case of “stop making excuses” that really winds me up when someone who doesn’t know you or your circumstances are only to quick to give their opinion while they have not walked in your shoes.

Listen to the people who have walked in your shoes!!


The six work at home business ideas I have chosen are all revenue earning platforms you can start without experience!

There is always training programs available to master the skill sets. Yes, you may have to invest a little in yourself as nothing comes for free but that is your choice.

How Badly do you want that change?

If you love the idea of starting your own home business or you are entrepreneurial but you are not sure how to make a start then carry on reading as believe me you are not alone by any means.

I floated in and out of many things before finding the business I have now. There are so many people around the world who love the idea of starting their own business and improving their lives and getting to spend more time with their families than in an office in a concrete jungle!

Sometimes we do need a little help to decide on a viable business idea and that is what I want to help you with. Check out my ideas below as quite possibly one of them could be for you or inspire you to think of something of your own!

Think outside the box

1) Consultant

It is not too difficult to become a consultant and start your own business. If this role feels interesting you then it can become a reality. The role of a consultant covers a wide variety of industries and one easy way to start a consultancy business is to evaluate the skills you’ve already acquired throughout your career and just as important the life skills you have to offer. Consultants give advice and their expert opinion to other people and businesses. One type of consultant that could be good for life skills is a Life Coach.

Whatever type of consultancy work suits you and your skill set you already should have a connection with people you already have worked with that will help you generate leads as well as existing contact who are aware of your skills and expertise already.

Have a look at yourself and see what you have to offer in this line of business, you may be surprised! Without realizing you would have been giving consultancy work through your skill set at a previous job, current job or just through talking to someone who needed your help or advice.

This type of business can also be lucrative as consultants are usually freelance and because of that, they can charge higher fees.

Look at your talents within and then look at what you could offer a company or a person to grow. Even the most successful business people and entrepreneurs would at some point or still have a mentor business coach pushing them to grow their business.

If this is to your liking get that notepad out and start brainstorming!


Home Business Ideas That Work

2) Sell online

I think this is the easiest Work at the home business idea that works. If you are at home and the time is not right for you to get back into work or you are unable to.

Back in 2003, my wife at the time was at home with the kids and I worked away. We started selling online through eBay and started selling second-hand designer clothes we bought from charity shops. There are plenty of charity shops in the UK and there are some very good quality items to buy. they cost a pounds or a little more and you can quite easily triple your money on auctions.

This is what happened and our business grew to an income of £400 a week and I was able to give up my job working away and go back home.

Before long we found a wholesaler and our online business grew to a yearly turnover of £56000 and We quickly became eBay power sellers.

From this I went in to drop shipping so I did not have to hold stock or deal with shipping items, I just had to go online and pay the wholesale price and fill out the buyer’s address and that was it.

For a simple charity shop, I built a business that let me raise my children and although I went on to build good businesses in bricks and mortar I still engined selling online.

a few years back I invested in myself and attended a seminar to learn how to build a legitimate Amazon fulfillment business which was easy enough to set up online, source the stock online and brand that stock under your own label.

In fact, I never saw my stock as it was checked by an independent agent before heading to the Amazon warehouse. All I had to do is check the stock levels!

If this is something you want to do its easy to set up just log into Amazon and search for affiliates If it is something you would like some guidance on then I offer a coaching course that I will discuss further on a separate post. You will be able to research this here in the next few days or otherwise subscribe below:


3) Create a product or Brand

Have you got a creative flair or an idea for something you want to sell but not sure how? Have you a hobby you would like to make some money out of? it can be acheived.

Some of the most successful business ideas have come from solving a problem or a demand in the market. If you can research what people are moaning about then you can find that gap in the market to fill. It’s not as easy as other ideas to do, however, if you have a computer then you can search forums and chat rooms in a certain niche to discover what’s missing.

It could be something practical that you can create or it could come from a hidden talent if you have a creative mind. It is all up to the individual but if you wanted to do this then it will tie in nicely with idea number 1 and 2!


4) Provide a service

If creating a product is not something that is for you then how about providing a service?  If you have a hobby such as photography then why not be a mobile photographer or if you have an eye for a good photo scene sell them online? you can get your own brand and also set up an eBay or Amazon selling page!

If you like dogs offer a dog walking service, get insured and a facebook page and your good to go practically!

The key is to look around and see what people need and then you supply it!

Do people outsource many services on websites such as Fiverr, Why not you? If you want to see what you can do online check this article out: Earn money online for free

If you are good at writing or graphic design then Fiverr would be ideal. Another good business idea is if you can speak another language then you could become an interpreter.

There are so many ideas for you to choose from but you just have to stop once in a while and look around you and the answer could be staring you in the face!



5) Write a Blog for Affiliate Marketing


If you enjoy writing and expressing yourself through it then why not try running your own blog? You can make a good income by blogging but it does take work to build up a following and also if you have a website building it up through the ranks, however, once it gains traction and starts to build traffic it can be very lucrative.

This is called Affiliate marketing and is by far the best business I have undertaken as it gives me such versatility and I can choose any niche I want to blog about and drive traffic to a website such as Amazon for example and earn commission when one of my referrals buys something.

If you are not sure of Affiliate marketing you can familiarise yourself by reading my article: What is Affiliate Marketing

I learned how to set up my own affiliate business using Wealthy Affiliate, I stumbled upon a review after trying to research if matched betting was a scam and found I liked what I was reading and joined for free. I enjoyed a full access experience to the premium members club and two free websites to make a start along with step by step video instructions and support to get me on my way.

If you would like to know more about this site then I suggest you read my review: Wealthy Affiliate University as it is the best way to get set up and learn how to master the blogging world to maximize for income.


If you would like some free coaching then subscribe to my step by step email course and not only will I send you an email a week as an extra guide i will also be on hand inside to help you every step of the way.

subscribe here for Free! :


6) Start a franchise business

You may be reading this and already have a job and you are practically running the firm while others are taking the credit? If that’s the case what about your own franchise in your industry? A friend of mine opened his own insurance franchise and now has two and is doing very well for himself. It was a risk but when is something, not a risk? You can check out his business here: Coversure . I want to be transparent with you and justify what I am writing is true, What better way than to show you a live success story!

Not all Franchises have to cost a large sum of money, If you have expertise in a field and viable business plan you should be able to get a start-up business loan if that’s the avenue you wish to go down.

With a Franchise, you are setting up with a proven brand name with a proven business model. Essentially this is what you are paying for. Take a look at Subway and Macdonald’s restaurants they are. They are not all owned by the companies but by people who have brought a franchise.

You will be getting the help to grow your business by the company you have brought the franchise off!

This is the most expensive idea and one that will not be open to everyone but it is an option for some.

The Information You MUST Know To Have A Succesful Business

Whatever you choose to do if this is what suits you, you need to make sure you are fully on board with some key information.

To do this properly you need to prepare with your research before you decide on a business type and Niche.

  • Identify what suits you
  • work to your strengths
  • What fits into your lifestyle
  • How much time can you apply
  • a budget for running costs
  • Have a good plan!

Working online will have cheaper running costs than bricks and mortar business and Affiliate marketing will be easier and cheaper than an eBay, Amazon or drop shipping business and it will have greater profit margins but it requires consistency and hard work to make it work.

Drop me a comment if you have any questions or any ideas for other work at home business ideas that work and can make income as I would love to find out about your ideas and experiences.







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2 thoughts to “Work At Home Business Ideas That Work”

  1. This is just the type of thing I’ve been looking for – an article that shows how to build something online instead of mad offers that promise the world within a week!

    I’m interested in the platform you mention at the end of the article – the Wealthy Affiliate. Were they the ones who taught you how to build this website and if so, what were their tutorials like?

    I’m a newcomer to this so I’m looking for something relatively simple to follow….

    1. Hi Chris

      They were indeed! I never knew anything about building websites before I found them.

      Now I have five money generating websites as well as 5 different streams of income and all my businesses and resources are in the wealthy Affiliate Platform. I don’t have to go anywhere else for business tools as they are all under one roof.

      Also there is weekly training and many different types of support available.

      You actually get your business up and running as soon as you start the training as its they help you set up with step by step tuition.

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