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Work From Home Ideas – My Number One Choice Why

Work From Home Ideas – My Number One Choice Why

The Number one Learning Platform for Online Business

There are so many brilliant offers on the Internet and on social media nowadays, they offer you the world and the best opportunity don’t they.

The problem the majority turn out to be schemes and not actual money generating income streams. They want money upfront before they give you the information.

How often do we see on social media groups, people trying these offers and then complain because they don’t work however there are reasons for this.

On social media groups, people trying these schemes only to complain and say that they are a scam because they don’t work.

There is two reasons for this:

1. They don’t give the program enough time to work. There is no such thing as a get-rich-quick scheme. It has probably been sold to them wrongly in the first place.

2. The advert turns out to be a scam and the aim is to get your money and in return you receive basic information that is available on search engines.

They entice you in with the sales pitch, so you sign up and pay your money for this public information.

We have all seen these schemes but today I am here to tell you about a platform that does work and is highly recommended for those of you who are ready to work for yourself and have the drive to do that but need help to find Work From Home Ideas – My Number One Choice Why is what this review is all about.

I have written a very detailed review so please bear with me as I ahve done it for you!

Before I begin, I belong to Wealthy Affiliate and yes I am a premium member. That means I pay a subscription each month to obtain the training and information to help me run my businesses and all the web hosting facilities that they provide that is all included in the subscription fee.

When, you take into account what they offer you for the membership you see that you get your moneys worth.


Free Starter Account or Premium Membership?

I’m going to give you details on what you get with the free Starter account versus what you get as a premium member and I want to explain to you why wealthy affiliate is a legitimate platform for learning and business to show you that it is a legitimate company.


Awarded the No.1 Online Work Company continuously from 2009

This article is directed to those of you who want to work from home and operate an online business but perhaps you’re not sure what you want? Maybe you’re doing your due diligence?

This is a very detailed review and longer than my normal articles but please read it all as this maybe what you have been looking for!

I’m writing this today to explain that Wealthy Affiliate does deliver, however you have to work for it there is no other way of making it work, like any other online business or any bricks and mortar business you have to work to make it successful.

There is no other way!

I will explain to you what is community about how it will train you from scratch to build a successful business online. I will demonstrate to you how Wealthy Affiliate‘s training will help you make money and show you how affiliate marketing operates.

Going through all that the training has to offer and share some success stories from fellow members’. I also want to go through the costs of premier membership as it has a lot to offer.

This review hopefully will answer all your questions and if it does not please leave comments and questions in the comment section at the bottom of the page.


Teach at Wealthy Affiliate

Comparing Wealthy Affiliate Free To Premium Membership


Regardless of your experience level, WA’s training sets you up for success. You don’t need any experience as you can start Wealthy Affiliate with no experience as training is all provided. Every minor detail is covered laying the best possible foundations for your business. You do not need a degree in computers or business or even English to write content on the website.

What you do need when you start something new and you have no experience is guidance and Wealty Affiliate gives this to you in abundance. I will be there to help you as I will be your mentor. You will also have access to the founders Kyle and Carson plus round the clock community support.

Do not feel intimidated if you have never written a website review or blog as the training will help you develop the required skills.

The Training is in Video format with written script followed up with tasks you need to complete before moving on to the next lesson. It’s a simple and effective layout designed to be easy to follow.


1) Choose an interest, 2) Build a website, 3) Get rankings and traffic, and ultimately 4) Earn

Compare free to premium membership




Meet Nadia, Wealthy Affiliate Yearly Membership holder:

And Join Nadia WA as a Premium Member

Join NadiaWP as a Premium Member

“I just want to say Thank You to the WA creators and community! To be honest, it has been a real life saver…

After having worked for Ad agencies for a number of years, I realized that I was only making someone else richer, and myself poorer. My boss was enjoying his yacht adventures every weekend, and I was working my butt off for entry level pay. I was not prepared to spend the rest of my life this way.

I joined WA and saw that the training made a lot of sense. I made a niche website following the training videos and virtual classrooms at WA. I made on my niche site for about 4 months, fully trusting that it would work, even though I was not getting any traffic for what felt like ages. But having the support of the WA community helped, as they made me realize that this is a marathon, not a sprint.

After about the 5-month mark, my visitor count took off and I was making daily sales.

I have since created another niche site, fully knowing that it would work due to following WA’s up-to-date training. When I was about 6 months into the creation of the website, everything was moving along as expected, although the sales were still pretty low. At this point, I happened to go to a WordPress meetup in my area, and spoke with an experienced web designer who had already tried affiliate marketing and failed.

I told him that my goal within the next couple of months was to make $500/month as an Amazon affiliate. He smirked and told me this was a pretty “lofty” goal. I secretly knew that it would work because I had received the proper training.

As expected, a couple of months later, I was making $500/month in passive income. Since then, my niche site has been growing and generating more income – enough that I will never work for anyone else again.

Thanks for everything WA! And I will always be a member!”
Wealthy affiliate has been around for over 13 years, and is available in 195 countries worldwide, there are over 1.2 MILLION members’ to date, and it has helped 217,530 people start their first business last year alone, including me!!!

Just take a moment to Think about that; that 195 number, that’s every single country on the planet! With 217,530 people getting a helping hand to start a business as well? That’s pretty good if you ask me!

You may have come across Wealthy Affiliate review that writes of a Wealthy Affiliate scam or Wealthy Affiliate complaint then the writer clearly hasn’t done their homework on WA’s credibility and history. there is nothing to hide here and no obligation to pay out each month either.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Wealthy Affiliate?

Unlike most offers or educational business opportunity shall we say, Wealthy Affiliate is free to join and you also get a free all access trial as a premium member would so you can see if it’s for you. It might be it might not but at the end of the day it’s free to sign up, no credit cards or asked for no payment details needed. You just join, see if it’s for you if it’s not you just close your account after the trial period or just sign out.

A Free Starter Account Is Free With No Cost and No Obligation Take It Further!

This offer was very attractive to me and for me it proved that wealthy affiliate was legitimate. They were going to let me try all areas of their platform for free for a trial period to see if I liked it and after that I was given the choice of becoming a premium member.

Can you believe it the owners of wealthy affiliate’s what trusting new members’ not to steal their information but show me them all areas of their business without leaving any credit card information or an address to be contacted can you believe that? This is a good Work From Home Idea.

The most worrying thing when trying something new is given over payment information as you don’t know where that will be stored all how about if you’re signing up for a scan with con con artists and scammers hiding behind the website.



Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?



$0 – Free To Start


Work From Home Ideas – My Number One Choice, Why? Well your free starter account gives you:

  • Live Help
  • 2 Free Websites
  • Website Backup
  • Access to the Beginner Training Course
  • Your Own Personal Affiliate Blog
  • Affiliate Boot Camp Course 1
  • Video Walkthroughs
  • 2 Training Classrooms
  • Enrollment Into Their Affiliate Program
  • The Ability to Earn While You Learn


Building State-of-the-art Websites With Wealthy Affiliate

The websites that are on offer are extremely professional and with your free starter account you actually get 2 websites for free to start your training with. You get 50 free websites when you upgrade to a premium account.

Wealthy Affiliate has made it very easy to create a website, In fact you can create a website with them in less than 30 seconds or so. Check this video to see how(please excuse the music! )



This will be done step by step in order for you to get to grips with creating the website like everything on this platform and will be mentoring you, if you decide to give it a go. In fact the hardest thing to do when creating a website is choosing a theme from the 3000 plus that are available to you!

Advantages to Wealthy Affiliate hosting Websites

Also, you will have free SSL on every website, SSL notifies your audience that all content on your website is secure at no extra cost. This service is normally an additional charge on a lot of web hosting and web building platforms. It’s a good tool and even better because it’s free as it helps your ranking in the Google search engines.

So you will get help with laying your foundations and that is just the beginning. When, you have completed this step you now start the courses that I mentioned earlier.

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018:

The Courses

So once you’ve created your website with the step-by-step tuition, you will go on to learn how to build out content and to engage readers and learn how to get your website ranked in the search engines aided by highly visual learning techniques. SEO (search engine optimization) is simply a resource in regard to search engines that allows you to get your pages ranks in search engines this is what experts use.

The courses are very detailed and easy to follow as I mentioned they follow a video lesson with written content outlining what you have gone through in the Video lesson, followed by that will be tasks for you to complete and underneath that is a comment section where you can ask your questions that experts within the community will help answer them.

The good thing about learning this way is as that you build your website and the content while you learn so you can earn at the same time.

Free Starter Account

With the free starter account, you get access to 2 free lessons. The Certification course for beginners is over 5 courses and involves 10 lessons in each course. When I completed my 2 free lesson on my trial period, I knew I wanted to learn more and I can honesty say it’s changed my life.

Your free starter account gives you full access to the Level 1 Get Started Online Certification Course which covers the following:

While Level 1 gets you started, Levels 2-5 cover every aspect of building an online business you need.

From building real traffic to turning that traffic into conversions and consistent monthly revenue, Wealthy Affiliate prepares you to succeed.

In level 2 to 5 you will learn and cover every aspect on how to build a business online so you can be successful.


  • Level 2: Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website
  • Level 3: Making Money!
  • Level 4: Mastering Social Engagement
  • Level 5: Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation

You will probably wonder like I did, how it all goes together but I ask you to persevere with the courses if you upgrade as it will all make sense from course 3 onward.

The priority in the early stages if you want to make any money with your website is focusing on content to engage your audience as without people you have nothing to sell.


Friday Night Live Video Training

In addition to the certification course there is also weekly live video training webinar each Friday evening. No matter where you are in the world you can catch the webinar on a Friday but maybe at different times because of the time zones as it is truly a global audience that tunes in.

Jay who hosts the live training is an expert marketer and it has a great skill of making complicated issues in regard to the Internet look very simple. He is a very good trainer and you will learn a lot from him.

A good perk to upgrading to premium membership is that you have full access to the live train but not only that you will have access to past training events as well in the affiliate classroom.

There is a full catalog of past webinars that Jay has undertaken if you include that in your membership that’s almost 300 hours of training and along with the beginners Certification course, this is all included in the premier membership plus your 50 free websites and hosting.

All this is included in the price of a premium membership so Keep reading and we will get into it further!!

Here’s an example of one of hundreds of live video classes you get at Wealthy Affiliate, Just by watching Jay’s training and combining it with the training from the certification courses you will grow in confidence and slowly realize that you are quite capable of operating a website and an online business.


webinar specifics



The Wealthy Affiliate Community is 24/7!

One thing I love about this platform is the community because it’s so supportive, welcoming and helpful. I can’t believe how welcome they made me when I first started as we are all encouraged to say hello or drop newcomers message on their profile page to welcome them.

There is interaction at every level from training courses and tutorials to feedback and support forums the community is second to none and unique as members’ are from all over the world so you get to speak and make friends with people from different nationalities at some point you do make friends, I have many Facebook friends from Wealthy Affiliate.

Premium Member Training

Apart from a wealth of information from the Certification courses you will also have access to the endless live training and past recordings.

Not only that but in the Affiliate classroom you will also have access to other members’ training and lessons! So if there are 1.2 million members’ and say only 10% have posted their own training then that’s a massive amount of information waiting for you!

Some are simple training sessions and others are very detailed but it’s not only on Affiliate Marketing where you will receive training. There are experts in all different fields so you get to learn about other things as well!

I have written 10 training articles myself in the year I have been a premium member. Did I mention you get paid for posting your own training!!

You can create your own training once you have completed 3 Months as a Premier member. The reason for this is so you get a chance to learn and pick up experience in what you are teaching.

Feedback Forum

The feedback feature is a very useful tool when it comes to getting advice and feedback on your website and articles. Members are encouraged to help each other and give their observations in regard to the lay out of website pages and articles. Having someone else’s perspective on your work is priceless as there may have been something you missed or they may have a better suggestion.

You can also request comments for articles that you have published on your website. It’s important to get comments on your posts to help with the ranking and interaction on a social level and also to give comments to others as well.

WA Affiliate Bootcamp – This Isn’t Just Basic Training

So far I’ve covered the basic training and the Certification course and a live webinar training that is available every Friday and also training from fellow members’.

It gets better!

When, you have finished the basic training on the certification course you can then go on to do more training at an advanced level with the wealthy affiliate Boot Camp. The idea of the Boot Camp is to bring you from a basic level to a more advanced level to show you how to make money through your online website.

It is designed for this specific niche and it will go into more details like running campaigns social media and also Google and Bing advertising.
This training will take you to an advanced level and show you more in depth knowledge then you learnt in the certification Course. You will also go more in depth on keywords for SEO.

You will also learn to add multiple streams of income to your websites through this training !

In this review we’ve covered several aspects of the training available. Before you start thinking the training is just for beginners, think again.

You will graduate to more advanced training with confidence.

Hosting & Domains


The final aspect of this review is Web hosting and how this package is unique to its competitors. There is so much going on behind the scenes at Wealthy Affiliate that we as members’ probably take for granted

Many members’ who are not affiliate marketers actually join for the service that is offered for the web hosting.

You may have websites with some popular hosting brands such as GoDaddy, 1&1, or any number of other hosting services you can save a lot of money by hosting at Wealthy Affiliate, You may have more than one website then your hosting fees are charged per website but here it is all included in the membership price with no up selling.

Remember when I said you get 50 Free websites with all hosting included? That’s included in your premium monthly subscription!

There is No up selling here! What you see when I tell you the price for premium is what you pay. You may have more than one website you could be costing yourself a lot more costs that you don’t need.

Work out how much it would cost you for a commerce website with your current company and keep reading as you will be amazed!

All the tech stuff is taking care of so you do not have to worry about it.

The Features that come with your hosting here at wealthy Affiliate are as follows:

  • WordPress optimized servers
  • The most secure hosting anywhere
  • Full redundancy
  • Daily backups
  • 24/7 website monitoring
  • Fully managed
  • Email & Forwards
  • Site health analyzing
  • Website auto login


A domain is the place your website is based or as me and you know it as the website name!

As with everything here, you will be guided through this process step by step, I’ll even Skype you and help do it while your online!

As I explained when you join with your free starter account, you will have the opportunity to have 2 free websites on the free siterubix.com domain that is the section where websites are created. Now premium members’ 25 free websites available to them but also they can have a further 25 websites on domains they own for a total of 50.

You may own a domain with another hosting company, it is very easy to transfer that over to Wealthy Affiliate.

You are able to register and buy domains in Wealthy Affiliate for only $13.99-$15.99 PER YEAR.

See how this compares to other hosting companies:

web hosting comparison prices


It is worth taking into account that other companies will offer standard SSL certificates.


Wealthy Affiliate Review : My Verdict

So my question to you is this; Why wouldn’t you pop inside and check the platform out and hang around for your free trial?

you just add a username and password and see for yourself, as I said, there is no obligation to join unless you want to and then payment details are required and certainly not before.

It is very rare for a business to grant you full access in this way and when they do you will only be given basic information.

Here you pay a one off premium membership with no further up sells unless you want to buy your Domain name through them.

For what you get for the price is more than your moneys worth.



Please Understand one thing! This is not a get-rich-quick scheme as they do not exist.

You may want to earn revenue in anything then it takes time, dedication and hard work. You need to be motivated and consistant to reach your goals.

Special Bonuses Time!!

From the life changing success I’ve experienced with Wealthy Affiliate I can give you a special offer when you join through my link.

You may join and like what you see then I can offer you your first month Subscription at 61% discount which will be $19 for your first premium month if you join within your 7 day free trial.


Free 7 day Trial
I will also be on the other side to give my personal support and mentor ship and will be on hand to answer your questions. I have helped many people from various countries and nothing gives me more pleasure than helping someone.

I’d be delighted love to be given the chance to help you to!

Here’s a link to my Profile for you to checkout! – My Profile

So What Is The Price Of Premium Membership?

Premier Monthly membership is $49/month. Yearly works out to only $29/month!

The membership will include ALL the training we have discussed today and more is added all the time as well as all the website hosting and security I have gone through.

Along with this package also you will get the 1 on 1 coaching by me and all the other members’ and 24/7 community support. This is one of the best platforms for training and support and you will not believe how welcome you are made to feel and how much knowledge and information is in the community forums alone!

I speak from experience and not only was I made to feel welcome I was made to feel wanted and a genuine desire for me to do well from other members’.

To check it out just click on the button below:

see how it works

What Are Your Thoughts?

So after my incredibly long review, what do you think with what it has to offer and do you have any questions?

You may have the drive and desire to better yourself then this is it! This is the opportunity.

Think about your passion and the knowledge you have for that passion or hobby, You are already an expert and already have a Niche!

Now learn how to develop it into a business and quit that day job.

Leave a comment below and I’ll delighted to chat with you either on here or in private emails about your Work From Home Ideas – My Number One Choice Why


Best Wishes


wealth online logo

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  1. A full and thorough review, Wealthy Affiliate looks as though it is very good place to learn something new but also the web hosting sounds very interesting.

    1. Yes indeed!

      You can operate a really good online business from this platform.

      It’s a no brainier but to try it out for free.

      The web hosting is second to one with the ability to host 50 websites for $49usd !

  2. Many people would love to work from home but unfortunately they don’t know what type of online business I would like today.

    I feel that this review on wealthy Affiliate can really help some people fulfil their dreams.

    I look forward to doing more research on this platform.

    1. Well faithfully it is probably the best platform to learn affiliate marketing online today.

      Once you’ve got to grips with how it works there should be no stopping you you could also offer a web hosting business as well as an affiliate marketing business.

  3. Excellent post. Very effective and informative and puts WA in the picture. I am a Wa Premium member and reading your post I felt I have done the right thing. Thank you for putting together such amount of information in a very engaging way. Great work.

    1. HI

      Your welcome, I wanted to bring the review up to date and have a more detailed review available.

      It’s a good point you made that although you are a wealthy Affiliate member already, my review made you more confident you chose correctly. Thats a very big compliment to me thank you

  4. Interesting! Nobody believes easily if he read this review.Because it is something different which is impossible to believe if such program exists today.People are becoming treated as a prey by scammers.Scammers are playing with peoples trust. But my people please wake up throughout the overnight get rich scheme, that is what puts you into the hands of the merciless scammers.Working from home requires hard work, trust in your self not on Autopilot, commitment, practice and learning new things.ROME IS NOT BUILT IN A DAY.Don’t forget the old saying it is immortal, still working until today, I advise you at least sign-up and see what is happening there, then you can decide what you want to be.

    Thank you again, Darren, stay blessed.

    1. Hi Abraham

      You are 100% correct. most people just want a get rich quick scheme and are not prepared to put in the effort to make something work.

      The internet is also a wash with scammers but Wealthy Affiliate lets you try before you commit and then its pay as you go with no obligation to stay as a subscriber. It’s up to the person.

      Great comments my Friend.

  5. Thanks for sharing your insight into Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve been seeing this system around everywhere and wondered why it was getting so much popularity and a good reputation. Now I see why, as it offers so much and asks for so little in return; a small monthly fee but it allows you to gain total financial freedom if you take it seriously and put in the work. Great article, giving it a share now.

    1. Hi Brandon

      Many Thanks for your comments, It is an awesome platform to run a business from and is very ideal also for web hosting, 50 free sites for just one monthly subscription plus quality training! you can’t go wrong.

  6. I’m liking this Wealthy Affiliate!

    I have spent a lot of time searching for somewhere I can learn Affiliate Marketing, so this website has caught my eye!

    Great read!

    1. Hi Daniel

      I’m really pleased you like it, give it ago and see what you think, you will not be disappointed.

  7. I’ve always been searching for some online business that will work for me. I’ve bought courses upon courses which promise success but never happened.
    However, I never gave up and recently I was offered 3 done for you niche websites which was really too good to be true.

    Anyway, I gladly took those websites jampacked with rich original content and cleverly promote Clickbank high converting products.
    I’ve had a Clickbank account from 2016 and never made a single dime until recently when I was given these niche websites. I checked my Clickbank account a few days ago, only to discover that I made 1 sale amounting to $179.00.

    At first I thought it was someone else’s account I was viewing, but it was really my account. Affiliate Marketing really works if you put the time and effort in and most of all, be coachable.

    1. Hi

      That’s awesome to read, well done on your payment, I’ve not had much luck with Clickbank so far but I will not give up.

  8. Hi Darren, 

    Thanks so much for sharing this article! I’ve certainly heard a number of ways to make money online – some good and some very very bad – but the review of Wealthy Affiliate that you provide is very comprehensive. I couldn’t think of a question that I would have had that you didn’t answer through the article, so well done on a very well written article. 

    Thanks again. 



  9. Thank you for the post.Everybody wants success when it comes to making money.Thank you for giving me some new ideas which will help me to build my online business and make money being at home.

    It asks to work hard and learn that is my key of success on this field. My platform is Wealthy Affiliate which is the best among many. I recommend it to people who need to succeed.

    Best regards

  10. On the internet there are a lot programs offering to get-rich-asap; must of them are fake sites. I liked your review about Wealthy Affiliate, it is a real program where everyone can learn to work online. Following the lessons step by step ,one day we can get what we want. This program is for those who are able to work hard and with patience and perseverance.You made a great and deep review. Thank you 🙂

    1. thank you Maria 

      I really believe in this product and I invest in advertising to get the message out there however I can only help people so far as you have to work for what you want.

      Nobody owes you nothing do they.

      I’m glad to see we share the same values and hope people realise that once they have the knowledge from this training they will be able to do what they wanted to do online.

  11. Hi Darren

    Great review and a wonderful post.

    I have been scammed before with those fake shiny object syndrome of making money quickly without any effort required. But as many will know it doesn’t work. Yes you still have to put in the effort to be successful just like you still need to learn how to do your work even in the 9-5 office type of work or anywhere else. 

    The once main thing I learnt is that if you truly want to make money online you need to learn the right way and part of the right way is to also do your own groundwork and make the effort When you do they your successful will come to fruition regardless if you want a full time income or some part time to boost the budget.

    I agree with what you mention that so many people are looking for a quick way to make money but not willing to put in the effort. That is why so many of these get quick rich schemes have given affiliate marketing a bad taste in the mouth.

    Yet at the same time there are some places that will show you proper ways and Wealthy Affiliate in one of them.

     I have been a member with them for the past 4 years going on 5 in a few months as this was the last place I tried after all the scams which I lost a lot of money to. I started with the free 7 days trial but became a premium member within 3 days after seeing all the training they have to offer which I am sure would cost many thousands of dollars to get the same training elsewhere. Even the two founders chime in and chat with many members which is not a normal type of thing to see elsewhere.

    As a result I have earned money online part time from what they taught and no more scams for me I intend to stay. 

    Without a doubt I have learnt so much for so little investment than I could have even learned from other places. This is not to be biased but I too have seen some people as I said before not willing to make the effort and give up while blaming others for their failures. 

    But that is their lost 

    Keep up the great work wishing you continue success going forward.


    1. hi Andre 

      Thank you for sharing your experiences and it seems members who share their past have similar stories. That is getting scammed over and over. 

      Glad Wealthy Affiliate is working out for you as it can for anyone if your willing to apply the training. 

      Darren u

  12. Hey Darren, thanks for sharing this website about Wealthy Affiliate. There is a lot of information. It’s somethings that people needs to know.
    I’ve done WA for 3 years now. Do you get more referrals if you make WA your niche. I’m thinking about using WA for my niche. I want to start making money in this business. I’m running into hard times right now.

    1. Hi Rog

      Thanks for your comment.

      Wealthy Affiliate has enabled me to create various income streams through affiliate marketing, I have 3 niche websites and an affiliate website where I promote WA among others.

      I like promoting WA as I know it works plus it has a very good affiliate program that pays $23.50 commission per referral per every month they subscribe to premium which is a very good return.

  13. I totally agree with you Darren, Wealthy Affiliate is the number 1 choice for working from home. Thanks for this post, a great detail about how wealthy Affiliate operates has been explained. The taste of the pudding is in the eating, I have tasted Wealthy Affiliate, it’s delicious! Everything you need to be successful in an online business is here. 

  14. I too am a member of Wealthy Affiliate.  I have found the out that the trick is to find a program that teaches a sustainable way to earn income.  WA has been around a long time and therefore has proven to be legit.  In the past I have jumped from program to program chasing the latest shiny object.  Wealthy Affiliate does not promote the latest “shiny object” but shows you how to build a sustainable online business.  It may take longer but you won’t have to worry about your income drying up, because your will have taken the time to create your income stream the correct way. 

    1. Hi 

      Yes I jumped from program to program to until I found Wealthy Affiliate. It definetly has proved its worth as it is a sustainable worthwhile program 

  15. Hey Darren, I really enjoyed your article about Wealthy Affiliate. I have been working online off and on since 2009 and
    wish I had seen this program sooner.

    Everything you mentioned about the hosting services is spot on. Hosting platforms rarely give the kind of fast thorough
    service I have experienced at WA (one of the main reasons I got a premium membership)

    One of the other very important reasons is for the security, speed and number of features for the website building
    platform. Awesome post very well done

    1. Hi ERIC

      Thank you for endorsing my review and I’m glad to see a fellow member taking the time to leave a message.

      It’s definetly a great platform that will help you sustain a credible online business.

  16. Hey Darren, great to read your article on Wealthy Affiliate as it captured quite a few of the highlightsof what is offered.

    Most folks that chase after get-rich-quick-schemes are told they don’t need a website, have to learn seo, and many other things that just happen to be in the training at WA.

    As they say there’s no elevator to success you have to take the stairs. However, I think of Wealthy Affiliatenot as an elevator but as an escalator since it provides a framework and step by step progression of info.

    Having built websites, marketing systems, and membership sites for clients over the years I can vouchfor the security and customer support-it is world-class, the absolute best of the best.

    Excellent post

  17. A very thoroughly researched and written topic. I admire your dedication and commitment to researching and writing all relevant information about Wealthy Affiliate. You mentioned all good points about this program and things that people would need to know to be able to build their businesses successfully, but you also stressed the fact that they need to work hard and follow the instructions consistently and persistently, otherwise no success going forward. The strong community support is a big plus of which I’m enticed to learn more of this affiliate program.

    Good to see it’s written from your own heart with your more detailed understanding/knowledge of this program. Cheers!

  18. Hi Darren,

    Great lot of information here and exactly what a is available at this great place,  Wealthy Affiliates.

    I am very careful about  handing over my hard earned money up front these days and the opportunity to try and for a week and be given so much information and two websites is amazing!


    1. hi Michele 

      I totally agree with you and being able to trial it for free and subscribing to premium membership in a paybas you go basis is extremely inviting 

  19. Hello Darren, 

    All I can say is – FABULOUS review on Wealthy Affiliate. You have covered just about every question that I had in mind. I especially loved the story about the lady and how she started her website and is on the ‘slow-grind’ road to success…it does not matter the pace, as long as she is comfortable with her progress and it’s making her money. I am so proud of her. I hope more people get to read your review and see the great advantages that Wealthy Affiliate offers and of course the FREE 7-day trial – this is a no-brainer.

    All the best on your journey and much success.


  20. Wow, I am currently a WA premium member and reading this makes me believe in my choice to invest in the premium membership for WA. It was almost like reading a review of some of the training.

    1. HI

      I’m glad you liked it, Its great when fellow members come across my articles online and endorse my message I’m trying to get out. With a little hard work this platform can change your lives.

  21. What a super comprehensive review! well done! I’ve been a premium member of WA for more than 5 years now, and everything I know about affiliate marketing, I’ve learnt there.

    Thanks again!

  22. I totally agree with this article. I would also encourage anyone to give this program a try. I like that they are honest and they don’t tell you that you’ll be rich over-night, but that it takes work and dedication to succeed. I was very disappointed in some youtubers who made affiliate marketing sound so easy just so that they can make money. They show fake mansions and cars and say that i’ll be easy, and they’ll even show you checks saying “I’ve been in affiliate marketing for a week and I made $5000. And That’s a complete lie. WA tells you the challenges you’ll face upfront before they take your money. So Thank you for making this article. I pray that many people could read this before following those scams. Thank you

    1. Hi Rachel

      Thank you for your comment and taking the time to write it. Your right, some make it sound so easy but in hindsight, you have to work hard, Alan Sugar, Richard Branson or Bill Gates never got success overnight. The fake mansions and fake cars are to entice people in on false hope then lure even more with upsells, I do my best to expose what I can but there is so many out there.

      Wealthy Affiliate is, transparent and honest and their ethos is to help people and that is what the business and community is all about.

  23. Hello. I’m glad that I haven’t been scammed by those programs that claim they can help make you “Get rich quick”. There really is no way to get rich quick. You really have to put real time and real effort for something to work or everyone would be doing it. Besides Wealthy Affiliate, do you know any other programs that are similar to them?

    1. You are totally correct, there are to many scams out there promising riches quickly but truth be told they just don’t work, you need to work at something to make it reality.

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