how to avoid Work at home Scams

Work From Home Scams List

Work from home scams list

There are so many scams out there and what we have now especially on social media are people advertising them. Facebook is a prime example as over the last 2 years lots of selling groups have appeared as well as work from home groups and job advertisement groups.

These groups are continually bombarded with too good to be true offers that desperate people ask for info on as they are enticed by the photos of rolled up money and sunny beaches. Is it not funny that they never say upfront what the offer is but just say comment for info so they then inbox you a lovely pre-written script with a beautiful articulated video to show you how wonderful there offer is but here’s the thing!

you have to buy into it before getting access to the information and training. That is the scam as they know most people will give up trying after they realize there is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

If you want a good steady income online then its the same as a bricks and mortar business in the real world. You have to grow it and put time and effort into it. There is no difference!

I’ve tried them all and the one that stands out for me and has helped grow my business and grow my knowledge base is Wealthy Affiliate where you can try the product before subscribing to the 6 income screams it will give you step by step instructions and where they tell you first hand that it is a long term business for you to develop and grow.

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Below is a list I have of a few examples on the work from home scams list where work from home offers especially on these Facebook groups need a good level of due diligence undertaken before agreeing to join, you should not be paying for something you have not had the chance to try first or examine.

Work from Home Scams list – the top four!:

Envelope Stuffing: This is a prime example of a business that has no real product to sell or  can even be called a job. I find it hard to understand why an employer would want to pay someone who they have never met to stuff envelopes at $1/£1 an envelope which is a lot considering you have to get interviewed to gain employment where sooner or later at a desk job your going to stuff an envelope!  I mean there are companies you can outsource this to at a penny an envelope!

At-Home Assembly Work: I would not trust this either as most assembled products need quality controlling through the process on a factory floor where health and safety factors are taken into account. If companies want to keep costs down and not risk their reputation then they normally go off shore to countries with cheaper labour. I would be suspicious as you never no if these products your assembling are safe or if they are stolen.

Medical Billing or Claims Processing: It is unlawful in most countries for medical professionals to disclose patient information so surely you would question as to how the cam about this private medical information? Most doctors refuse to outsource billing services to individuals as it is unethical and unsecure so they will outsource well established companies who vigorously vet and train their employees   on site.

Refund-Recovery Business: In this work from home scam the scammers offer to sell you the software to trace and find missing, late or lost parcels with major delivery companies such as UPS, Fedex and DHL.  Apparently when you have the software you will be able to assist the shippers’ customers in helping them gain a refunds on the lost parcels. The Shipping companies however refuse to recognise these refund recovery businesses as they class them as bogus.

Always be on guard and never get taken in with these bogus offers and these are just four I have mentioned.

Questions to Ask for work at home scams

A legitimate work from home opportunity being advertised by an employer will always be willing  to answer your questions happily and will explain their industry knowledge by answering your questions about the job offer.


  • What tasks will I have to perform? ask for a job description
  • How will I be paid, will my pay be based on commission with a base salary?
  • Who pays me? the company or clients?
  • When do I get my first wage either weekly of monthly?

if your still not sure look up the company to see how well established it is and try and checkout the registered office, If its out of town then google maps is a brilliant way of obtaining a street view but also you can view inside certain buildings now!  i would advise you listen to your instincts as well, if your still feeling unsure move on to the next offer.

If your reading this and have had any experiences then please let me know below!

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